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Baseball - European U-18 Championships - 2016 - Home

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  • Czech Republic U-18
  • France U-18
  • Germany U-18
  • Great Britain U-18
  • Italy U-18
  • Lithuania U-18
  • Netherlands U-18
  • Russia U-18
  • Spain U-18
  • Sweden U-18


European U-18 Championships - Home

SpainSpain - Gijón - 11th July 2016 - 18th July 2016

European U-18 Championships 2016 is the 6th edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 11th July till 18th July 2016 in Gijón in Spain.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 18 years.

WinnerNetherlands U-18Netherlands U-18

Group A (Spain - 11/07/2016 - 15/07/2016)

1Italy U-181.0004403811+27
2Germany U-180.7504313217+15
3France U-180.5004221912+7
4Great Britain U-180.2504131337-24
5Sweden U-180.0004041540-25
11th July 2016
Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-181 - 11Germany U-18Germany U-18
Italy U-18Italy U-1812 - 2Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
12th July 2016
France U-18France U-181 - 2Germany U-18Germany U-18
Sweden U-18Sweden U-184 - 7Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-18
13th July 2016
Italy U-18Italy U-183 - 0France U-18France U-18
Germany U-18Germany U-1811 - 6Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
14th July 2016
France U-18France U-188 - 4Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-18
Germany U-18Germany U-188 - 9Italy U-18Italy U-18
15th July 2016
Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-181 - 14Italy U-18Italy U-18
Sweden U-18Sweden U-183 - 10France U-18France U-18

Detail of the results

Group B (Spain - 11/07/2016 - 15/07/2016)

1Netherlands U-181.0004405112+39
2Czech Republic U-180.7504314621+25
3Spain U-180.2504133431+3
4Russia U-180.2504131846-28
5Lithuania U-180.2504131554-39
11th July 2016
Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-1810 - 9Russia U-18Russia U-18
Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-1810 - 5Spain U-18Spain U-18
12th July 2016
Spain U-18Spain U-1813 - 1Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-18
Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-1815 - 0Russia U-18Russia U-18
13th July 2016
Russia U-18Russia U-187 - 5Spain U-18Spain U-18
Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-189 - 2Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-18
14th July 2016
Russia U-18Russia U-182 - 16Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-18
Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-1816 - 1Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-18
15th July 2016
Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-183 - 16Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-18
Spain U-18Spain U-1811 - 13Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-18

Detail of the results

Classification Group (Spain - 16/07/2016 - 17/07/2016)

1Great Britain U-180.6673212513+12
2Lithuania U-180.6673212017+3
3Sweden U-180.6673211715+2
4Russia U-180.0003031633-17
16th July 2016
10h00Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-183 - 7Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-18
11h00Russia U-18Russia U-185 - 8Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
17th July 2016
10h30Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-183 - 5Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
11h00Russia U-18Russia U-182 - 15Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-18

Detail of the results

Final Round (Spain - 16/07/2016 - 17/07/2016)

Semi-Finals (16/07/2016)
16th July 2016
14h00Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-186 - 2Germany U-18Germany U-18
17h30Italy U-18Italy U-188 - 3Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-18

Place 5 (16/07/2016)
16th July 2016
17h00Spain U-18Spain U-182 - 13France U-18France U-18

Third Place Match (17/07/2016)
17th July 2016
14h30Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-184 - 6Germany U-18Germany U-18

Final (17/07/2016)
17th July 2016
16h00Italy U-18Italy U-183 - 7Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-18

Detail of the results

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