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Baseball - European U-18 Championships - 2016 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Czech Republic U-18
  • France U-18
  • Germany U-18
  • Great Britain U-18
  • Italy U-18
  • Lithuania U-18
  • Netherlands U-18
  • Russia U-18
  • Spain U-18
  • Sweden U-18


European U-18 Championships - Home

SpainSpain - Gijón - 11th July 2016 - 18th July 2016

Teams are restricted to the players of less than 18 years.

WinnerNetherlands U-18Netherlands U-18

Group A (Spain - 11/07/2016 - 15/07/2016)

1Italy U-181.0004403811+27
2Germany U-180.7504313217+15
3France U-180.5004221912+7
4Great Britain U-180.2504131337-24
5Sweden U-180.0004041540-25
11th July 2016
Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-181 - 11Germany U-18Germany U-18
Italy U-18Italy U-1812 - 2Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
12th July 2016
France U-18France U-181 - 2Germany U-18Germany U-18
Sweden U-18Sweden U-184 - 7Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-18
13th July 2016
Italy U-18Italy U-183 - 0France U-18France U-18
Germany U-18Germany U-1811 - 6Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
14th July 2016
France U-18France U-188 - 4Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-18
Germany U-18Germany U-188 - 9Italy U-18Italy U-18
15th July 2016
Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-181 - 14Italy U-18Italy U-18
Sweden U-18Sweden U-183 - 10France U-18France U-18

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Group B (Spain - 11/07/2016 - 15/07/2016)

1Netherlands U-181.0004405112+39
2Czech Republic U-180.7504314621+25
3Spain U-180.2504133431+3
4Russia U-180.2504131846-28
5Lithuania U-180.2504131554-39
11th July 2016
Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-1810 - 9Russia U-18Russia U-18
Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-1810 - 5Spain U-18Spain U-18
12th July 2016
Spain U-18Spain U-1813 - 1Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-18
Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-1815 - 0Russia U-18Russia U-18
13th July 2016
Russia U-18Russia U-187 - 5Spain U-18Spain U-18
Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-189 - 2Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-18
14th July 2016
Russia U-18Russia U-182 - 16Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-18
Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-1816 - 1Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-18
15th July 2016
Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-183 - 16Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-18
Spain U-18Spain U-1811 - 13Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-18

Detail of the results

Classification Group (Spain - 16/07/2016 - 17/07/2016)

1Great Britain U-180.6673212513+12
2Lithuania U-180.6673212017+3
3Sweden U-180.6673211715+2
4Russia U-180.0003031633-17
16th July 2016
10h00Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-183 - 7Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-18
11h00Russia U-18Russia U-185 - 8Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
17th July 2016
10h30Lithuania U-18Lithuania U-183 - 5Sweden U-18Sweden U-18
11h00Russia U-18Russia U-182 - 15Great Britain U-18Great Britain U-18

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Final Round (Spain - 16/07/2016 - 17/07/2016)

Semi-Finals (16/07/2016)
16th July 2016
14h00Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-186 - 2Germany U-18Germany U-18
17h30Italy U-18Italy U-188 - 3Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-18

Place 5 (16/07/2016)
16th July 2016
17h00Spain U-18Spain U-182 - 13France U-18France U-18

Third Place Match (17/07/2016)
17th July 2016
14h30Czech Republic U-18Czech Republic U-184 - 6Germany U-18Germany U-18

Final (17/07/2016)
17th July 2016
16h00Italy U-18Italy U-183 - 7Netherlands U-18Netherlands U-18

Detail of the results

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