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Basketball - Women's NBA - 2015 - Home

Basketball - Women's NBA - 2015 - Home

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United States
  • Atlanta Dream
  • Chicago Sky
  • Connecticut Sun
  • Indiana Fever
  • Los Angeles Sparks
  • Minnesota Lynx
  • New York Liberty
  • Phoenix Mercury
  • San Antonio Stars
  • Seattle Storm
  • Tulsa Shock
  • Washington Mystics


Women's NBA - Home

United StatesUnited States

WinnerMinnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx


Regular Season (United States - 05/06/2015 - 13/09/2015)

Eastern Conference

1New York Liberty0.67634231125292416+113
2Chicago Sky0.61834211328182680+138
3Indiana Fever0.58834201426412577+64
4Washington Mystics0.52934181625012422+79
5Connecticut Sun0.44134151925502605-55
6Atlanta Dream0.44134151926452712-67

Western Conference

1Minnesota Lynx0.64734221225662439+127
2Phoenix Mercury0.58834201425552458+97
3Tulsa Shock0.52934181626422620+22
4Los Angeles Sparks0.41234142025032535-32
5Seattle Storm0.29434102423942586-192
6San Antonio Stars0.2353482623142608-294
11th September 2015
Atlanta DreamAtlanta Dream67 - 75Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
13th September 2015
Seattle StormSeattle Storm58 - 59San Antonio StarsSan Antonio Stars
19h00Connecticut SunConnecticut Sun86 - 75Chicago SkyChicago Sky
22h00Washington MysticsWashington Mystics71 - 73Atlanta DreamAtlanta Dream
22h30Tulsa ShockTulsa Shock91 - 87Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
23h00Indiana FeverIndiana Fever81 - 76New York LibertyNew York Liberty

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Playoffs (United States - 17/09/2015 - 15/10/2015)

Conference Semi-Finals (23/09/2015)
17th September 2015
Chicago SkyChicago Sky77 - 72Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury88 - 55Tulsa ShockTulsa Shock
18th September 2015
Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx67 - 65Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks
New York LibertyNew York Liberty83 - 86 otWashington MysticsWashington Mystics
19th September 2015
Tulsa ShockTulsa Shock67 - 91Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
Indiana FeverIndiana Fever89 - 82Chicago SkyChicago Sky
20th September 2015
19h00Washington MysticsWashington Mystics68 - 86New York LibertyNew York Liberty
21h00Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks81 - 71Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
21th September 2015
Chicago SkyChicago Sky89 - 100Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
23th September 2015
01h00New York LibertyNew York Liberty79 - 74Washington MysticsWashington Mystics
03h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx91 - 80Los Angeles SparksLos Angeles Sparks

Conference Finals (30/09/2015)
24th September 2015
01h00New York LibertyNew York Liberty84 - 67Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
25th September 2015
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx67 - 60Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury
27th September 2015
19h00Indiana FeverIndiana Fever70 - 64New York LibertyNew York Liberty
21h00Phoenix MercuryPhoenix Mercury71 - 72Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
30th September 2015
01h00New York LibertyNew York Liberty51 - 66Indiana FeverIndiana Fever

Final (15/10/2015)
4th October 2015
21h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx69 - 75Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
7th October 2015
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx77 - 71Indiana FeverIndiana Fever
10th October 2015
02h00Indiana FeverIndiana Fever77 - 80Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
12th October 2015
02h30Indiana FeverIndiana Fever75 - 69Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx
15th October 2015
02h00Minnesota LynxMinnesota Lynx69 - 52Indiana FeverIndiana Fever

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