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Basketball - Women's African Championships 3x3 - 2017 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Egypt 3x3
  • Gambia 3x3
  • Ghana 3x3
  • Ivory Coast 3x3
  • Mali 3x3
  • Mauritania 3x3
  • Niger 3x3
  • Nigeria 3x3
  • Togo 3x3
  • Uganda 3x3


Women's African Championships 3x3 - Home

TogoTogo - Lomé - 3rd November 2017 - 5th November 2017

Women's African Championships 3x3 2017 is the 1st edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 3rd November till 5th November 2017 in Lomé in Togo.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 3x3 years.

WinnerMali 3x3Mali 3x3


Group A (Togo - 04/11/2017)

1Uganda 3x384407126+45
2Ivory Coast 3x374314630+16
3Ghana 3x364225259-7
4Niger 3x354134243-1
5Gambia 3x344041669-53
4th November 2017
Gambia 3x3Gambia 3x33 - 21Uganda 3x3Uganda 3x3
Niger 3x3Niger 3x34 - 8Ivory Coast 3x3Ivory Coast 3x3
Gambia 3x3Gambia 3x38 - 17Ghana 3x3Ghana 3x3
Ivory Coast 3x3Ivory Coast 3x310 - 12Uganda 3x3Uganda 3x3
Ivory Coast 3x3Ivory Coast 3x311 - 2Gambia 3x3Gambia 3x3
Ghana 3x3Ghana 3x312 - 17Ivory Coast 3x3Ivory Coast 3x3
Ghana 3x3Ghana 3x315 - 13Niger 3x3Niger 3x3
Uganda 3x3Uganda 3x317 - 5Niger 3x3Niger 3x3
Niger 3x3Niger 3x320 - 3Gambia 3x3Gambia 3x3
Uganda 3x3Uganda 3x321 - 8Ghana 3x3Ghana 3x3

Detail of the results

Group B (Togo - 03/11/2017)

1Mali 3x384406432+32
2Nigeria 3x374316929+40
3Egypt 3x364225862-4
4Togo 3x354134450-6
5Mauritania 3x344041779-62
3rd November 2017
Mauritania 3x3Mauritania 3x32 - 21Mali 3x3Mali 3x3
Mauritania 3x3Mauritania 3x33 - 15Togo 3x3Togo 3x3
Togo 3x3Togo 3x37 - 21Nigeria 3x3Nigeria 3x3
Mali 3x3Mali 3x39 - 7Togo 3x3Togo 3x3
Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x312 - 20Mali 3x3Mali 3x3
Mali 3x3Mali 3x314 - 11Nigeria 3x3Nigeria 3x3
Togo 3x3Togo 3x315 - 17Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x3
Nigeria 3x3Nigeria 3x316 - 7Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x3
Nigeria 3x3Nigeria 3x321 - 1Mauritania 3x3Mauritania 3x3
Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x322 - 11Mauritania 3x3Mauritania 3x3

Detail of the results

Final Round (Togo - 05/11/2017)

Semi-Finals (05/11/2017)
5th November 2017
14h40Uganda 3x3Uganda 3x37 - 12Nigeria 3x3Nigeria 3x3
15h00Mali 3x3Mali 3x321 - 12Ivory Coast 3x3Ivory Coast 3x3

Third Place Match (05/11/2017)
5th November 2017
16h20Uganda 3x3Uganda 3x316 - 13Ivory Coast 3x3Ivory Coast 3x3

Final (05/11/2017)
5th November 2017
17h00Nigeria 3x3Nigeria 3x311 - 12Mali 3x3Mali 3x3

Detail of the results

Detailed results




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