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Basketball - Women's Asian Championships 3x3 - 2017 - Home

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  • Australia 3x3
  • China 3x3
  • India 3x3
  • Kazakhstan 3x3
  • Kyrgyzstan 3x3
  • Malaysia 3x3
  • Mongolia 3x3
  • New Zealand 3x3
  • Qatar 3x3
  • Sri Lanka 3x3
  • Taiwan 3x3
  • Turkmenistan 3x3


Women's Asian Championships 3x3 - Home

MongoliaMongolia - Ulaanbaatar - 27th October 2017 - 29th October 2017

Women's Asian Championships 3x3 2017 is the 1st edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 27th October till 29th October 2017 in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 3x3 years.

WinnerAustralia 3x3Australia 3x3

Group A (Mongolia - 27/10/2017)

1Australia 3x342204126+15
2Kazakhstan 3x332113433+1
3Taiwan 3x322022541-16
27th October 2017
Kazakhstan 3x3Kazakhstan 3x313 - 21Australia 3x3Australia 3x3
Taiwan 3x3Taiwan 3x313 - 20Australia 3x3Australia 3x3
Kazakhstan 3x3Kazakhstan 3x321 - 12Taiwan 3x3Taiwan 3x3

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Group B (Mongolia - 28/10/2017)

1Mongolia 3x342203824+14
2China 3x332113225+7
3Sri Lanka 3x322021940-21
28th October 2017
China 3x3China 3x318 - 9Sri Lanka 3x3Sri Lanka 3x3
10h10China 3x3China 3x314 - 16Mongolia 3x3Mongolia 3x3
11h55Sri Lanka 3x3Sri Lanka 3x310 - 22Mongolia 3x3Mongolia 3x3

Detail of the results

Group C (Mongolia - 28/10/2017)

1Malaysia 3x342203815+23
2Turkmenistan 3x332113227+5
3Qatar 3x322021240-28
28th October 2017
Turkmenistan 3x3Turkmenistan 3x321 - 8Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x3
09h50Malaysia 3x3Malaysia 3x319 - 4Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x3
11h35Turkmenistan 3x3Turkmenistan 3x311 - 19Malaysia 3x3Malaysia 3x3

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Group D (Mongolia - 27/10/2017)

1New Zealand 3x342203724+13
2India 3x332113528+7
3Kyrgyzstan 3x322022141-20
27th October 2017
Kyrgyzstan 3x3Kyrgyzstan 3x39 - 21New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x3
Kyrgyzstan 3x3Kyrgyzstan 3x312 - 20India 3x3India 3x3
New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x316 - 15India 3x3India 3x3

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Final Round (Mongolia - 29/10/2017)

Quarter-Finals (29/10/2017)
29th October 2017
06h00Australia 3x3Australia 3x321 - 17Turkmenistan 3x3Turkmenistan 3x3
06h20New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x312 - 18China 3x3China 3x3
07h40Mongolia 3x3Mongolia 3x314 - 16India 3x3India 3x3
08h00Malaysia 3x3Malaysia 3x315 - 13Kazakhstan 3x3Kazakhstan 3x3

Semi-Finals (29/10/2017)
29th October 2017
08h20Australia 3x3Australia 3x321 - 16China 3x3China 3x3
08h45India 3x3India 3x313 - 19Malaysia 3x3Malaysia 3x3

Third Place Match (29/10/2017)
29th October 2017
10h15China 3x3China 3x321 - 16India 3x3India 3x3

Final (29/10/2017)
29th October 2017
11h25Australia 3x3Australia 3x321 - 15Malaysia 3x3Malaysia 3x3

Detail of the results

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