Equestrian - World Show Jumping Championships Women : presentation and medal winners

Information and history

First edition1965 (Defunct Event)
Editions3 (including 1974)
First winnerGreat BritainGreat Britain Marion Coakes
Most winsFranceFrance Janou Tissot-Lefèbvre (2)
Most recent winnerFranceFrance Janou Tissot-Lefèbvre

Results of the last edition (1974-00-00)

Medal winners since 1965 with links to results and winners

1974 (Host Country : FranceHost Country : France)   1. FranceFrance Janou Tissot-Lefèbvre  2. United StatesUnited States Michele Mcevoy  3. CanadaCanada Barbara Simpson-Kerr 
1970 (Host Country : DenmarkHost Country : Denmark)   1. FranceFrance Janou Tissot-Lefèbvre  2. Great BritainGreat Britain Marion Mould-Coakes  3. Great BritainGreat Britain Annelie Drummond-Hay 
1965 (Host Country : Great BritainHost Country : Great Britain)   1. Great BritainGreat Britain Marion Coakes  2. United StatesUnited States Kathy Kusner  3. Great BritainGreat Britain Alison Westwood 

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