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Football - Soccer - English League Championship - 2009/2010 - Home

Football - Soccer - English League Championship - 2009/2010 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Barnsley
  • Blackpool
  • Bristol City
  • Cardiff City FC
  • Coventry City
  • Crystal Palace
  • Derby County
  • Doncaster Rovers
  • Ipswich Town
  • Leicester City
  • Middlesbrough FC
  • Newcastle United
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Peterborough United FC
  • Plymouth Argyle FC
  • Preston North End
  • Queens Park Rangers
  • Reading FC
  • Scunthorpe United
  • Sheffield United
  • Sheffield Wednesday
  • Swansea City
  • Watford
  • West Bromwich Albion


English League Championship - Home

EnglandEngland - 10th August 2009 - 4th May 2010

WinnerNewcastle UnitedNewcastle United


Regular Season (England - 07/08/2009 - 02/05/2010)

1Newcastle United (ENG)10246301249035+55
2West Bromwich Albion (ENG)9146261378948+41
3Nottingham Forest (ENG)79462213116540+25
4Cardiff City FC (GAL)76462210147354+19
5Leicester City (ENG)76462113126145+16
6Blackpool (ENG)70461913147458+16
7Swansea City (GAL)69461718114037+3
8Sheffield United (ENG)65461714156255+7
9Reading FC (ENG)63461712176863+5
10Bristol City (ENG)63461518135665-9
11Middlesbrough FC (ENG)62461614165850+8
12Doncaster Rovers (ENG)60461515165958+1
13Queens Park Rangers (ENG)57461415175865-7
14Derby County (ENG)56461511205363-10
15Ipswich Town (ENG)56461220145061-11
16Watford (ENG)54461412206168-7
17Preston North End (ENG)54461315185873-15
18Barnsley (ENG)54461412205369-16
19Coventry City (ENG)54461315184764-17
20Scunthorpe United (ENG)52461410226284-22
21Crystal Palace (ENG)  49461417155053-3
22Sheffield Wednesday (ENG)47461114214969-20
23Plymouth Argyle FC (ENG)4146118274368-25
24Peterborough United FC (ENG)3446810284680-34
2nd May 2010
14h00Queens Park Rangers (ENG)Queens Park Rangers0 - 1Newcastle UnitedNewcastle United (ENG)
14h00Coventry City (ENG)Coventry City0 - 4WatfordWatford (ENG)
14h00Swansea City (GAL)Swansea City0 - 0Doncaster RoversDoncaster Rovers (ENG)
14h00Ipswich Town (ENG)Ipswich Town0 - 3Sheffield UnitedSheffield United (ENG)
14h00Blackpool (ENG)Blackpool1 - 1Bristol CityBristol City (ENG)
14h00Plymouth Argyle FC (ENG)Plymouth Argyle FC1 - 2Peterborough United FCPeterborough United FC (ENG)
14h00West Bromwich Albion (ENG)West Bromwich Albion1 - 1BarnsleyBarnsley (ENG)
14h00Leicester City (ENG)Leicester City2 - 0Middlesbrough FCMiddlesbrough FC (ENG)
14h00Scunthorpe United (ENG)Scunthorpe United 2 - 2Nottingham ForestNottingham Forest (ENG)
14h00Sheffield Wednesday (ENG)Sheffield Wednesday2 - 2Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace (ENG)
14h00Derby County (ENG)Derby County2 - 0Cardiff City FCCardiff City FC (GAL)
14h00Reading FC (ENG)Reading FC4 - 1Preston North EndPreston North End (ENG)

Detail of the results

Playoffs (England - 08/05/2010 - 22/05/2010)

Semi-Finals (12/05/2010)
8th May 2010
Blackpool (ENG)Blackpool2 - 1Nottingham ForestNottingham Forest (ENG)
9th May 2010
Leicester City (ENG)Leicester City0 - 1Cardiff City FCCardiff City FC (GAL)
11th May 2010
Nottingham Forest (ENG)Nottingham Forest3 - 4BlackpoolBlackpool (ENG)
12th May 2010
Cardiff City FC (GAL)Cardiff City FC2 - 3 (4 pen 3)Leicester CityLeicester City (ENG)

Final (22/05/2010)
22th May 2010
Blackpool (ENG)Blackpool3 - 2Cardiff City FCCardiff City FC (GAL)

Detail of the results

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