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IrelandIreland - 2nd April 2016 - 6th November 2016

WinnerCork CityCork City


First Round (24/04/2016)
2nd April 2016
St John Bosco FC (IRL)St John Bosco FC2 - 4Janesboro FCJanesboro FC (IRL)
3rd April 2016
Carrigaline United AFC (IRL)Carrigaline United AFC0 - 5Bluebell United FCBluebell United FC (IRL)
Pike Rovers FC (IRL)Pike Rovers FC1 - 0Rockmount FC CorkRockmount FC Cork (IRL)
Killester United (IRL)Killester United1 - 1Cherry Orchard FCCherry Orchard FC (IRL)
10th April 2016
Portmarnock AFC (IRL)Portmarnock AFC1 - 1Letterkenny Rovers FCLetterkenny Rovers FC (IRL)
12th April 2016
Crumlin United F.C. (IRL)Crumlin United F.C.1 - 0Greystones United FCGreystones United FC (IRL)
16th April 2016
St Peters FC (IRL)St Peters FC2 - 1Leeside AFCLeeside AFC (IRL)
21th April 2016
Bandon AFC (IRL)Bandon AFC1 - 1Ringmahon Rangers FCRingmahon Rangers FC (IRL)
23th April 2016
Ringmahon Rangers FC (IRL)Ringmahon Rangers FC2 - 2 (5 pen 4)Bandon AFCBandon AFC (IRL)
24th April 2016
Cherry Orchard FC (IRL)Cherry Orchard FC1 - 0Killester UnitedKillester United (IRL)
Letterkenny Rovers FC (IRL)Letterkenny Rovers FC2 - 1Portmarnock AFCPortmarnock AFC (IRL)

Round of 32 (24/05/2016)
20th May 2016
20h45Waterford United (IRL)Waterford United0 - 2Longford Town FCLongford Town FC (IRL)
20h45Derry City (IRN)Derry City1 - 1Drogheda UTDDrogheda UTD (IRL)
20h45Bohemians Dublin (IRL)Bohemians Dublin2 - 0Galway United FCGalway United FC (IRL)
20h45Dundalk FC (IRL)Dundalk FC2 - 0FC ShelbourneFC Shelbourne (IRL)
20h45Cork City (IRL)Cork City4 - 0St Peters FCSt Peters FC (IRL)
20h45University College Dublin (IRL)University College Dublin4 - 3Bray WanderersBray Wanderers (IRL)
21h00Firhouse Clover FC (IRL)Firhouse Clover FC0 - 3Wexford YouthsWexford Youths (IRL)
21h00Shamrock Rovers (IRL)Shamrock Rovers4 - 0Midleton FCMidleton FC (IRL)
21th May 2016
15h00Ringmahon Rangers FC (IRL)Ringmahon Rangers FC2 - 1Glebe North FCGlebe North FC (IRL)
15h00Bluebell United FC (IRL)Bluebell United FC2 - 5Limerick FCLimerick FC (IRL)
15h30Cobh Ramblers (IRL)Cobh Ramblers2 - 1Cherry Orchard FCCherry Orchard FC (IRL)
16h00St Patrick's Athletic (IRL)St Patrick's Athletic8 - 0Pike Rovers FCPike Rovers FC (IRL)
20h45Athlone Town (IRL)Athlone Town0 - 0Letterkenny Rovers FCLetterkenny Rovers FC (IRL)
20h45Sligo Rovers (IRL)Sligo Rovers3 - 0Cabinteely FCCabinteely FC (IRL)
21h00Finn Harps (IRL)Finn Harps0 - 1Crumlin United F.C.Crumlin United F.C. (IRL)
22th May 2016
16h00Janesboro FC (IRL)Janesboro FC2 - 1Sheriff YCSheriff YC (IRL)
24th May 2016
19h00Letterkenny Rovers FC (IRL)Letterkenny Rovers FC0 - 1 otAthlone TownAthlone Town (IRL)
20h45Drogheda UTD (IRL)Drogheda UTD1 - 2Derry CityDerry City (IRN)

Round of 16 (30/08/2016)
19th August 2016
20h45Athlone Town (IRL)Athlone Town0 - 5Shamrock RoversShamrock Rovers (IRL)
20h45Bohemians Dublin (IRL)Bohemians Dublin0 - 2Derry CityDerry City (IRN)
20h45St Patrick's Athletic (IRL)St Patrick's Athletic2 - 0Limerick FCLimerick FC (IRL)
21h00Wexford Youths (IRL)Wexford Youths2 - 1Sligo RoversSligo Rovers (IRL)
20th August 2016
19h00Ringmahon Rangers FC (IRL)Ringmahon Rangers FC1 - 4Cobh RamblersCobh Ramblers (IRL)
20h00University College Dublin (IRL)University College Dublin3 - 1Janesboro FCJanesboro FC (IRL)
20h30Longford Town FC (IRL)Longford Town FC1 - 4Cork CityCork City (IRL)
30th August 2016
20h45Crumlin United F.C. (IRL)Crumlin United F.C.0 - 5Dundalk FCDundalk FC (IRL)

Quarter-Finals (10/09/2016)
9th September 2016
20h45Shamrock Rovers (IRL)Shamrock Rovers0 - 5Cork CityCork City (IRL)
20h45University College Dublin (IRL)University College Dublin0 - 1Dundalk FCDundalk FC (IRL)
21h00Wexford Youths (IRL)Wexford Youths1 - 3Derry CityDerry City (IRN)
10th September 2016
17h00St Patrick's Athletic (IRL)St Patrick's Athletic3 - 2Cobh RamblersCobh Ramblers (IRL)

Semi-Finals (04/10/2016)
2nd October 2016
14h45Dundalk FC (IRL)Dundalk FC2 - 2Derry CityDerry City (IRN)
16h55St Patrick's Athletic (IRL)St Patrick's Athletic1 - 3Cork CityCork City (IRL)
4th October 2016
20h45Derry City (IRN)Derry City1 - 2Dundalk FCDundalk FC (IRL)

Final (06/11/2016)
6th November 2016
16h40Cork City (IRL)Cork City1 - 0 otDundalk FCDundalk FC (IRL)

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