Greco-roman wrestling - World Championships : presentation and medal winners

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Results of the last edition (2011-09-13)

class="pos">1 class="nom">Rovshan Bayramov class="pays"> AZE class="pos">2 class="nom">Elbek Tazhyieu class="pays"> BLR class="pos">3 class="nom">Shujin Li class="pays"> CHN class="pos">3 class="nom">Bekhan Mankiev class="pays"> RUS class="pos">5 class="nom">Won Chol Yun class="pays"> PRK class="pos">5 class="nom">Peter Modos class="pays"> HUN class="pos">7 class="nom">Gyu-Jin Choi class="pays"> KOR class="pos">8 class="nom">Kohei Hasegawa class="pays"> JAP class="pos">9 class="nom">Roman Amoyan class="pays"> ARM class="pos">10 class="nom">Vyugar Ragymov class="pays"> UKR
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Medal winners since 2006 with links to results and winners

2011 (Host Country : TurkeyHost Country : Turkey)   1. AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Rovshan Bayramov  2. BelarusBelarus Elbek Tazhyieu  3. RussiaRussia Bekhan Mankiev 
3. ChinaChina Shujin Li 
2010 (Host Country : RussiaHost Country : Russia)   1. IranIran Hamid Mohammad Soryan Reihanpour  2. Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea Gyu-Jin Choi  3. RussiaRussia Nazyr Mankiev 
3. ArmeniaArmenia Roman Amoyan 
2009 (Host Country : DenmarkHost Country : Denmark)   1. IranIran Hamid Soryan Reihanpour  2. ArmeniaArmenia Roman Amoyan  3. DenmarkDenmark Hakan Nyblom 
3. AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Rovshan Bayramov 
2007 (Host Country : AzerbaijanHost Country : Azerbaijan)   1. IranIran Hamid Soryan Reihanpour  2. Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea Eun-chul Park  3. RussiaRussia Nazyr Mankiev 
3. SerbiaSerbia Kristijan Fris 
2006 (Host Country : ChinaHost Country : China)   1. IranIran Hamid Soryan Reihanpour  2. AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Rovshan Bayramov  3. United StatesUnited States Lindsey Durlacher 
3. Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea Eun-chul Park 

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