Ice Hockey - Event statistics

In this section, you have the possibility of seeing the pages of statistics by event. For every event, you have the list of the winners, the number of winners, the second, third, finalists or semifinalists by team and possibly by country and by city.

You also have access to all the particular statistics of every event for every participating team : the number of appearances, wins, losses, ties per team; the number of matches, wins, losses, ties per appearance; and the number of wins, losses, ties per games played.

A historic classification basing itself on all the present results on is supplied.

Finally, it is possible to see the detailed statistics of an edition of the event with statistics for this season or year and the classification basing itself on all the played matches.

Events with available statistics:
  1.         =>  Magnus League
  2.         =>  Switzerland - LNA
  3.         =>  NHL
  4.         =>  World Championship
  5.         =>  World Cup of Hockey
  6.         =>  Women's World Championships - Division V
  7.         =>  Women's World Championships - Division IV
  8.         =>  Women's World Championships - Division III
  9.         =>  World Championships Division III
  10.         =>  Women's World Championships Division II B
  11.         =>  Women's World Championships Division II
  12.         =>  World Championships Division II B
  13.         =>  World Championships Division II
  14.         =>  Women's World Championships Division I B
  15.         =>  Women's World Championships - Division I
  16.         =>  World Championship Division I-B
  17.         =>  World Championship Division I-A
  18.         =>  Women World Championship
  19.         =>  Women's Olympic Games
  20.         =>  Men's Olympic Games
  21.         =>  World U-18 Women's Championship
  22.         =>  World U-20 Championship
  23.         =>  World U-18 Championship

The list of all the available events is on the menu to the left.