Judo - Pan American Games : presentation and medal winners

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Results of the last edition (2011-10-29)

class="pos">1 class="nom">Paula Pareto class="pays"> ARG class="pos">2 class="nom">Dayaris Mestre class="pays"> CUB class="pos">3 class="nom">Angela Woosley class="pays"> USA class="pos">3 class="nom">Sarah Menezes class="pays"> BRA class="pos">5 class="nom">Luz Alvarez class="pays"> COL class="pos">5 class="nom">Edna Carrillo class="pays"> MEX class="pos">7 class="nom">Diana Belen Cobos Morales class="pays"> ECU class="pos">7 class="nom">Antonieta Galleguillos class="pays"> CHI
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Medal winners since 2011 with links to results and winners

2011  1. ArgentinaArgentina Paula Pareto  2. CubaCuba Dayaris Mestre  3. United StatesUnited States Angela Woosley 
3. BrazilBrazil Sarah Menezes 

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