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Rugby - Men's African Cup - 2017 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Botswana 7s
  • Ghana 7s
  • Madagascar 7s
  • Mauritius 7s
  • Morocco 7s
  • Senegal 7s
  • Tunisia 7s
  • Uganda 7's
  • Zambia 7s
  • Zimbabwe 7s


Men's African Cup - Home

UgandaUganda - Kampala - 6th October 2017 - 7th October 2017

Men's African Cup 2017 is the 1st edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 6th October till 7th October 2017 in Kampala in Uganda.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 7s years.
This event is a part of qualifying events for: Rugby World Cup Sevens (2018)

WinnerUganda 7'sUganda 7's

Group A (Uganda - 06/10/2017)

1Uganda 7's12440014329+114
2Zambia 7s1043015773-16
3Tunisia 7s741127187-16
4Morocco 7s641036995-26
5Ghana 7s540133490-56
6th October 2017
Zambia 7sZambia 7s12 - 5Ghana 7sGhana 7s
Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s19 - 19Ghana 7sGhana 7s
Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s19 - 14Morocco 7sMorocco 7s
Zambia 7sZambia 7s21 - 14Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s
Zambia 7sZambia 7s24 - 19Morocco 7sMorocco 7s
Morocco 7sMorocco 7s26 - 10Ghana 7sGhana 7s
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's33 - 0Ghana 7sGhana 7s
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's33 - 19Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's35 - 0Zambia 7sZambia 7s
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's42 - 10Morocco 7sMorocco 7s

Detail of the results

Group B (Uganda - 06/10/2017)

1Madagascar 7s12440010929+80
2Zimbabwe 7s1043017138+33
3Senegal 7s842025362-9
4Botswana 7s540134083-43
5Mauritius 7s540133899-61
6th October 2017
Botswana 7sBotswana 7s14 - 14Mauritius 7sMauritius 7s
Zimbabwe 7sZimbabwe 7s17 - 5Senegal 7sSenegal 7s
Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s19 - 12Zimbabwe 7sZimbabwe 7s
Zimbabwe 7sZimbabwe 7s21 - 7Mauritius 7sMauritius 7s
Zimbabwe 7sZimbabwe 7s21 - 7Botswana 7sBotswana 7s
Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s24 - 7Botswana 7sBotswana 7s
Senegal 7sSenegal 7s24 - 12Botswana 7sBotswana 7s
Senegal 7sSenegal 7s24 - 7Mauritius 7sMauritius 7s
Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s26 - 0Senegal 7sSenegal 7s
Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s40 - 10Mauritius 7sMauritius 7s

Detail of the results

Final Round (Uganda - 06/10/2017 - 07/10/2017)

Quarter-Finals (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Zimbabwe 7sZimbabwe 7s17 - 12Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's33 - 0Botswana 7sBotswana 7s
Zambia 7sZambia 7s33 - 21Senegal 7sSenegal 7s
Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s33 - 15Morocco 7sMorocco 7s

Places 5-8 (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s14 - 10Morocco 7sMorocco 7s
Senegal 7sSenegal 7s27 - 12Botswana 7sBotswana 7s

Semi-Finals (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Zimbabwe 7sZimbabwe 7s21 - 10Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's38 - 12Zambia 7sZambia 7s

Place 9 (06/10/2017)
6th October 2017
Mauritius 7sMauritius 7s12 - 7Ghana 7sGhana 7s
Ghana 7sGhana 7s26 - 0Mauritius 7sMauritius 7s

Place 7 (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Morocco 7sMorocco 7s10 - 0Botswana 7sBotswana 7s

Place 5 (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Tunisia 7sTunisia 7s35 - 12Senegal 7sSenegal 7s

Third Place Match (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Madagascar 7sMadagascar 7s26 - 7Zambia 7sZambia 7s

Final (07/10/2017)
7th October 2017
Uganda 7'sUganda 7's10 - 7Zambia 7sZambia 7s

Detail of the results






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