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  • American Samoa 7s
  • Australia 7's
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  • Fiji 7's
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  • New Caledonia 7s
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Men's Oceania Sevens - Home

FijiFiji - Suva - 10th November 2017 - 11th November 2017

Men's Oceania Sevens 2017 is the 1st edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 10th November till 11th November 2017 in Suva in Fiji.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 7s years.
This event is a part of qualifying events for: Rugby World Cup Sevens (2018)

WinnerFiji 7'sFiji 7's

Group A (Fiji - 10/11/2017)

1Fiji 7's62200595+54
2American Samoa 7s320111938-19
3New Caledonia 7s320111449-35
10th November 2017
01h40American Samoa 7sAmerican Samoa 7s14 - 14New Caledonia 7sNew Caledonia 7s
04h40Fiji 7'sFiji 7's35 - 0New Caledonia 7sNew Caledonia 7s
07h40Fiji 7'sFiji 7's24 - 5American Samoa 7sAmerican Samoa 7s

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Group B (Fiji - 10/11/2017)

1New Zealand 7's62200820+82
2Cook Islands 7s421012736-9
3Nauru 7s22002073-73
10th November 2017
01h20Cook Islands 7sCook Islands 7s27 - 0Nauru 7sNauru 7s
04h20New Zealand 7'sNew Zealand 7's46 - 0Nauru 7sNauru 7s
07h20New Zealand 7'sNew Zealand 7's36 - 0Cook Islands 7sCook Islands 7s

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Group C (Fiji - 10/11/2017)

1Australia 7's62200757+68
2Tonga 7s421011424-10
3Solomon Islands 7s22002058-58
10th November 2017
01h00Tonga 7sTonga 7s7 - 0Solomon Islands 7sSolomon Islands 7s
04h00Australia 7'sAustralia 7's51 - 0Solomon Islands 7sSolomon Islands 7s
07h00Australia 7'sAustralia 7's24 - 7Tonga 7sTonga 7s

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Group D (Fiji - 10/11/2017)

1Samoa 7's9330012114+107
2Papua New Guinea 7's732017341+32
3Vanuatu 7s531022485-61
4Tuvalu 7s3300322100-78
10th November 2017
00h20Papua New Guinea 7'sPapua New Guinea 7's26 - 10Tuvalu 7sTuvalu 7s
00h40Samoa 7'sSamoa 7's40 - 0Vanuatu 7sVanuatu 7s
03h20Papua New Guinea 7'sPapua New Guinea 7's33 - 0Vanuatu 7sVanuatu 7s
03h40Samoa 7'sSamoa 7's50 - 0Tuvalu 7sTuvalu 7s
06h20Vanuatu 7sVanuatu 7s24 - 12Tuvalu 7sTuvalu 7s
06h40Samoa 7'sSamoa 7's31 - 14Papua New Guinea 7'sPapua New Guinea 7's

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Final Round (Fiji - 10/11/2017 - 11/11/2017)

Places 9-12 (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
00h20Solomon Islands 7sSolomon Islands 7s19 - 0Vanuatu 7sVanuatu 7s
00h40New Caledonia 7sNew Caledonia 7s34 - 10Nauru 7sNauru 7s

Quarter-Finals (11/11/2017)
10th November 2017
23h00Australia 7'sAustralia 7's22 - 21Papua New Guinea 7'sPapua New Guinea 7's
23h20New Zealand 7'sNew Zealand 7's58 - 0American Samoa 7sAmerican Samoa 7s
23h40Samoa 7'sSamoa 7's45 - 0Tonga 7sTonga 7s
11th November 2017
00h00Fiji 7'sFiji 7's57 - 0Cook Islands 7sCook Islands 7s

Places 5-8 (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
02h20Papua New Guinea 7'sPapua New Guinea 7's22 - 7American Samoa 7sAmerican Samoa 7s
02h40Cook Islands 7sCook Islands 7s12 - 5Tonga 7sTonga 7s

Semi-Finals (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
03h00New Zealand 7'sNew Zealand 7's31 - 0Australia 7'sAustralia 7's
03h20Fiji 7'sFiji 7's17 - 7Samoa 7'sSamoa 7's

Place 11 (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
04h06Vanuatu 7sVanuatu 7sPostponedNauru 7sNauru 7s

Place 9 (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
04h26Solomon Islands 7sSolomon Islands 7sPostponedNew Caledonia 7sNew Caledonia 7s

Place 7 (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
04h46American Samoa 7sAmerican Samoa 7sPostponedTonga 7sTonga 7s

Place 5 (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
05h26Papua New Guinea 7'sPapua New Guinea 7's32 - 0Cook Islands 7sCook Islands 7s

Third Place Match (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
06h06Australia 7'sAustralia 7'sPostponedSamoa 7'sSamoa 7's

Final (11/11/2017)
11th November 2017
06h46Fiji 7'sFiji 7's26 - 0New Zealand 7'sNew Zealand 7's

Detail of the results

Detailed results



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