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Artistic Swimming - Olympic Games - 1992

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Results Women

Olympic Games - Results Women 1992

SpainSpain - Barcelona - 6th August 1992

Women's Solo - 6th August 1992

1USAKristen Babb-Sprague (USA)191.848
1CANSylvie Fréchette (CAN)187.056
3JPNFumiko Okuno (JPN)185.106
4RUSOlga Sedakova (RUS)182.449
5FRAAnne Capron (FRA)180.244
6URSKhristina Falasinidi (URS)179.839
7GBRKenny Shacklock (GBR)179.354
8NEDMarjolijn Both (NED)

Actual 2nd Sylvie Fréchette was awarded a share of the gold in 1993 after it was ruled there was a judging error.

Women's Duet - 7th August 1992

1USA United States (Karen Josephson, Sarah Josephson)192.175
2CAN Canada (Penny Vilagos, Vicky Vilagos)189.394
3JPN Japan (Fumiko Okuno, Aki Takayama)186.868
4EUN Community of Independent States (Anna Kozlova, Olga Sedakova)184.083
5FRA France (Marianne Aeschbacher, Anne Capron)181.795
6GBR Great Britain (Kenny Shacklock, Laila Vakil)179.366
7NED Netherlands (Marjolijn Both, Tamara Zwart)179.345
8CHN China (Guan Zewen, Wang Xiaojie)177.843




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