Cyclo-Cross - GP Groenendaal : presentation and medal winners

Results of the last edition (2014-01-04)

class="pos">1 class="nom">Thalita De Jong class="pays"> NED class="pos">2 class="nom">Reza Ravenstijn-Hormes class="pays"> NED class="pos">3 class="nom">Bianca Van Den Hoek class="pays"> NED class="pos">4 class="nom">Veerle Goossens class="pays"> NED class="pos">5 class="nom">Lizzy Witlox class="pays"> NED class="pos">6 class="nom">Maud Kaptheijns class="pays"> NED class="pos">7 class="nom">Manon Bakker class="pays"> NED class="pos">8 class="nom">Inge Van Der Heijden class="pays"> NED class="pos">9 class="nom">Lotte Eikelenboom (Drc De Mol) class="pays"> NED class="pos">10 class="nom">Jeanne Korevaar class="pays"> NED
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Medal winners since 2011 with links to results and winners

2013/2014  1. NetherlandsNetherlands Thalita De Jong  2. NetherlandsNetherlands Reza Ravenstijn-Hormes  3. NetherlandsNetherlands Bianca Van Den Hoek 
2011/2012  1. NetherlandsNetherlands Marianne Vos  2. NetherlandsNetherlands Reza Ravenstijn-Hormes  3. NetherlandsNetherlands Sabrina Stultiens 

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