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Badminton - Individual statistics - Australia


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ALMAZAN, JonivaWomenAustralia  Australia
ALMAZAN, MajanWomenAustralia  Australia
AROLIVEETTIL, SubhashMenAustralia  Australia14th Mar 1991
BABENKO, VeraWomenAustralia  Australia
BAMFORD, DavidMenAustralia  Australia29th Mar 1976
BASUKI SINDORO, AjiMenAustralia  Australia
BERRY, TeganWomenAustralia  Australia
BLACKBURN, PeterMenAustralia  Australia
BREHAUT, AshleyMenAustralia  Australia18th Sep 1980
BREHAUT, StuartMenAustralia  Australia
CAMPBELL, LisaWomenAustralia  Australia
CARROLL, ErinWomenAustralia  Australia4th Apr 1986
CATOR, RhondaWomenAustralia  Australia23th Aug 1966
CAULKETT, WesleyMenAustralia  Australia11th Dec 1990
CHAN, KingstonMenAustralia  Australia29th Dec 1998
CHAU, MatthewMenAustralia  Australia9th Nov 1994
CHEN, ChamMenAustralia  Australia13th Feb 1995
CHEN, ChloeWomenAustralia  Australia2nd Nov 1999
CHEN, Hsuan-Yu WendyWomenAustralia  Australia6th Jan 1993
CHEW, Hu-WenMenAustralia  Australia
CHI HUANG, ChiaWomenAustralia  Australia
CHIM, Ho Ki VerenaWomenAustralia  Australia7th Nov 1997
CHONG, LukeMenAustralia  Australia
CHOO, LeanneWomenAustralia  Australia5th Jun 1991
CHOONG, CheesunMenAustralia  Australia
COOPER, BoydMenAustralia  Australia
COOPER, LeishaWomenAustralia  Australia
CRABTREE, JaneWomenAustralia  Australia
CUTRONI, DavidMenAustralia  Australia
DAVID, NathanMenAustralia  Australia
DEFOLKY, LukasMenAustralia  Australia
DENNEY, TravisMenAustralia  Australia19th Feb 1976
DENNY, TravisMenAustralia  Australia
FAN, DanielMenAustralia  Australia19th Oct 1995
FAN, SirinaWomenAustralia  Australia10th Jul 1996
FAN, StephanieWomenAustralia  Australia
FARIMAN, MichaelMenAustralia  Australia8th Mar 1986
FERNANDO, BuddhimaWomenAustralia  Australia
FINDLAY, JoelMenAustralia  Australia29th Jun 1989
FUNG, ZecilyWomenAustralia  Australia1st Oct 2001
GOBINATHAN, AshwantMenAustralia  Australia8th Sep 1993
GOMEZ, StuartMenAustralia  Australia15th Nov 1982
GRUNDY, LeesaWomenAustralia  Australia1st Jan 1991
GUAN, JacquelineWomenAustralia  Australia3rd Nov 1994
GUDA, DanielMenAustralia  Australia
GUO, BrentMenAustralia  Australia
HADIKUSUMO, YohanMenAustralia  Australia6th Apr 1977
HAGGERTY, BlakeMenAustralia  Australia
HAN, DimitriMenAustralia  Australia
HARDY, AmandaWomenAustralia  Australia10th Dec 1971
HE, AndrewMenAustralia  Australia
HEMANTH, MalvikaWomenAustralia  Australia
HO, EricMenAustralia  Australia
HO, TiffanyWomenAustralia  Australia6th Jan 1998
HOCKING, MurrayMenAustralia  Australia
HONESTO, BuendiaMenAustralia  Australia
HUANG, Chia-ChiWomenAustralia  Australia26th Jan 1979
JIANG, YingziWomenAustralia  Australia2nd Oct 1996
JOE, AnthonyMenAustralia  Australia2nd Apr 1996
JOE, JacintaWomenAustralia  Australia
KESSLER, VerdetWomenAustralia  Australia
KUMAR, SagarMenAustralia  Australia
KURNIAWAN, SylvinaWomenAustralia  Australia5th May 1988
KWOK, Elena Yee-ManWomenAustralia  Australia8th Nov 1990
LAI, JoyWomenAustralia  Australia18th Aug 1998
LAM, ClaudiaWomenAustralia  Australia21th Sep 1997
LANG, GordonMenAustralia  Australia
LAO, AnnaWomenAustralia  Australia7th May 1962
LAP-CHI KWOK, BoscoMenAustralia  Australia
LEE, CelesteWomenAustralia  Australia2713
LEE, ChloeWomenAustralia  Australia30th Oct 1998
LEE, JustinMenAustralia  Australia
LEUNG, Simon Wing HangMenAustralia  Australia24th Nov 1996
LIAN, TeresaWomenAustralia  Australia
LIM, LaurenWomenAustralia  Australia19th May 1999
LIU, ShinanMenAustralia  Australia
LOI, MarcusMenAustralia  Australia
LORINCZ, AliceWomenAustralia  Australia
LOW, Pit SengMenAustralia  Australia9th May 1995
LOWE, AmeliaWomenAustralia  Australia
LUCAS, KellieWomenAustralia  Australia
LUENG, Wai Chun HugoMenAustralia  Australia2nd Jul 1997
LUIZ, TaniaWomenAustralia  Australia24th Aug 1983
LUK, EdwinMenAustralia  Australia
MA, LouisaWomenAustralia  Australia26th Nov 1994
MA, MarcoMenAustralia  Australia
MAK, VinningWomenAustralia  Australia
MANIAM, KugashanmuganMenAustralia  Australia
MAPASA, SetyanaWomenAustralia  Australia15th Aug 1995
MARK EDISON, KeithMenAustralia  Australia
MCDONALD, DarrenMenAustralia  Australia
MIDDLETON, RobinMenAustralia  Australia8th Feb 1985
MIN, WeijinWomenAustralia  Australia
NA, VictoriaWomenAustralia  Australia
NEVETT, MatthewMenAustralia  Australia
NG, AlphonsusMenAustralia  Australia
NGIAM, GraceWomenAustralia  Australia
NICHOLS, MarkMenAustralia  Australia
NJOTO, Albertus SusantoMenAustralia  Australia27th Oct 1976
ONG, Beng TeongMenAustralia  Australia29th May 1962
OON, Hoe KeatMenAustralia  Australia
OON, NelsonMenAustralia  Australia
OON HOE, KeatMenAustralia  Australia
PAYBODY, JamesMenAustralia  Australia
PERMANA, LennyWomenAustralia  Australia1st Aug 1975
PHAM, TinMenAustralia  Australia
PILVEN, TaraWomenAustralia  Australia
PONG, EricaWomenAustralia  Australia
PONSONBY, WilliamMenAustralia  Australia
RATTAN, SpoortiWomenAustralia  Australia
SAUNDERS, TaliaWomenAustralia  Australia
SAY, YsabelWomenAustralia  Australia
SCHUELER, JacobMenAustralia  Australia17th Feb 1998
SELLADURAI, AthiMenAustralia  Australia
SENANAYAKE, HimeliWomenAustralia  Australia
SENG HONG LEE, DavidMenAustralia  Australia
SERASINGHE, RuwindiWomenAustralia  Australia20th Mar 1995
SERASINGHE, SawanMenAustralia  Australia21th Feb 1994
SHARP, NatashaWomenAustralia  Australia
SHEN, YangMenAustralia  Australia
SHINNERS, WendyWomenAustralia  Australia
SING, RaymondMenAustralia  Australia27th Sep 1996
SLEE, Ann-LouiseWomenAustralia  Australia
SMITH, MichaelaWomenAustralia  Australia
SMITH, RossMenAustralia  Australia11th Apr 1985
SOMERVILLE, GronyaWomenAustralia  Australia10th May 1995
STAIGHT, PaulMenAustralia  Australia
STEVENSON, PaulMenAustralia  Australia
SUN, JonathanMenAustralia  Australia19th Mar 1993
SUN, MelindaWomenAustralia  Australia23th Feb 1995
SZE, YuMenAustralia  Australia30th Sep 1962
TAK MENG FONG, VincentMenAustralia  Australia
TAM, JenniferWomenAustralia  Australia27th May 1996
TAM, MichelleWomenAustralia  Australia
TAM, RaymondMenAustralia  Australia20th Oct 1986
TANAKA, EugeniaWomenAustralia  Australia9th Mar 1987
TANG, He TianWomenAustralia  Australia23th Dec 1975
TANG, HuaidongMenAustralia  Australia21th Mar 1998
TANG, NathanMenAustralia  Australia26th Aug 1990
TEOH, Kai ChenMenAustralia  Australia1st Nov 2000
THE HUNG PHAM, LeMenAustralia  Australia
THO, JeffMenAustralia  Australia14th Apr 1988
TIAN YI ZHANG, IsabelleWomenAustralia  Australia
TIEU, BrendanMenAustralia  Australia20th Dec 1993
VEERAN, RajMenAustralia  Australia
VEERAN, RenugaWomenAustralia  Australia20th Jun 1986
VEGA, JodeeWomenAustralia  Australia
VITHI, Veeran RenugaWomenAustralia  Australia
VUONG, EricMenAustralia  Australia21th Jun 1995
WANG, LewisMenAustralia  Australia18th May 1991
WANG, SusanWomenAustralia  Australia
WARFE, GlennMenAustralia  Australia19th Jan 1984
WHELLER, MitchellMenAustralia  Australia
WIELTSCHNIG, IngeWomenAustralia  Australia
WILSON-SMITH, KateWomenAustralia  Australia9th Jan 1979
WONG, Chun-BongMenAustralia  Australia
WONG, JonathanMenAustralia  Australia2909
WONG, SarahWomenAustralia  Australia
WONG, TobyMenAustralia  Australia21th Apr 1995
WONG, Yip MingMenAustralia  Australia27th May 1995
WU, AliceWomenAustralia  Australia
WU, ValenciaWomenAustralia  Australia20th Oct 2000
XU, KellyWomenAustralia  Australia
YAN, PeterMenAustralia  Australia2218
YANG, SongWomenAustralia  Australia
YEN KHOO, LeeWomenAustralia  Australia
YIET LEE, JooWomenAustralia  Australia
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