Detailed description of the website

We can divide the site in 4 parts :


1/ Header : general links, list of the languages and search zone.

2/ Sports menu. These are grouped by category when it's necessary as the racket sports, racing sport, winter sports, water sports, the combat sports...

3/ Content zone. The home page and the home of each sport are pages that can be customized : you can move, add or delete blocks. See below for more information. These pages are saved in cookies files.

4/ Footer contains secondary links.


The menu allow to navigate of sport in sport and the pages of each sport can be separated in 3 sections :


=> In the Results section, we can access to the calendar of the season (example : motor sport calendar 2006), to the event list covered by (example : rugby events list) and to the results of these events (examples : Roland Garros 2006, English Premier League or athletics meeting Paris Gaz de France 2005). For some sport, we have the classification of the associated championship (exemple : 2006 Formula 1 World Championship).


=> In the Statistics section, we can access to page to search team or sportsman results (examples : search to a handball team, results of the football Brazil team, or results of Rafael Nadal). We have also statitics about team or sportsmen confrontations (example : confrontations between the English and the French football teams) and statistics about the more than 6000 events covered by (example : all time statistics about the Football World Cup).


=> In the Help Betting section , we can access to two different kinds of betting assistance pages : for the team sports, we can access to page presenting statistics about the teams, confrontation by confrontation (example : next round of the French division 1) and for individual sport, we access to page presenting the next events of this sport with original statistics (example : the next event of motor sport).


In the portals of each sport, you can :

=> Add blocks on your page : you have to click the link "Add content" and a frame appears on the left side of your page and you can drag and drop a block in your page :


=> To move a block, you have to seize the block by the title and to move it in the wished place.

=> To delete a block, you have to click the upper right cross of the block.

=> To modify block, you have to click the wheel : Boutons to open the popup allowing to modify the block.

=> It's possible to reduce almost all the block by clicking the triangle.