Motor Sport - Individual statistics (Germany)

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ABT, ChristianMenGermany  Germany8th May 1967
ABT, DanielMenGermany  Germany3rd Dec 1992
ADOLFF, KurtMenGermany  Germany5th Nov 1921
AHRENS, KurtMenGermany  Germany19th Apr 1940
ALBRECHT, SteffenMenGermany  Germany
ALT, FlorianMenGermany  Germany
ALZEN, UuweMenGermany  Germany
ALZEN, UweMenGermany  Germany18th Aug 1967
AMATO, LucaMenGermany  Germany
AMERPOHL, ReinerMenGermany  Germany
ANGLADE, PatrickMenGermany  Germany
ANKER, MartinMenGermany  Germany
ANKER, Martin JunMenGermany  Germany
ANKER MARTIN, JunMenGermany  Germany
ANSCHEIDT, Hans JoaquimMenGermany  Germany
ARNOLD, LotharMenGermany  Germany
ASCH, RolandMenGermany  Germany12th Oct 1950
BACKES, PascalMenGermany  Germany
BALTHASAR, SebastianMenGermany  Germany
BARTELS, ManuelMenGermany  Germany
BARTELS, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
BARTH, EdgarMenGermany  Germany
BASSENG, MarcMenGermany  Germany
BAUDREXL, DennisMenGermany  Germany
BAUER, ErwinMenGermany  Germany
BAUER, GüntherMenGermany  Germany
BAUER, SarahWomenGermany  Germany
BAUER, WillyMenGermany  Germany1947
BAUMANN, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
BAUMANN, RudolfMenGermany  Germany
BECHEM, GüntherMenGermany  Germany
BECKER, HaraldMenGermany  Germany
BEHR, RobertMenGermany  Germany
BEHRINGER, MathiasMenGermany  Germany
BEIRER, PitMenGermany  Germany17th Oct 1972
BEISICHT, VolkerMenGermany  Germany
BELLOF, StefanMenGermany  Germany20th Nov 1957
BERGMEISTER, JörgMenGermany  Germany13th Feb 1976
BERNHARD, TimoMenGermany  Germany24th Feb 1981
BERNHART, StefanMenGermany  Germany
BETZELBACHER, FritzMenGermany  Germany
BIELA, FrankMenGermany  Germany
BIHLMAIER, SkattyMenGermany  Germany
BILIOTTI, LeonardoMenGermany  Germany
BIRR, NiklasMenGermany  Germany
BLANK, TobiasMenGermany  Germany
BLOMEYER, StefanMenGermany  Germany
BOEDGE, SallyWomenGermany  Germany
BOLLER, AndreasMenGermany  Germany
BORCHERS, AnneWomenGermany  Germany
BORMET, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
BRADL, HelmutMenGermany  Germany
BRADL, StefanMenGermany  Germany
BRAUN, MaxMenGermany  Germany
BREI, LudwigMenGermany  Germany
BROCKEL, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
BROCKMEYER, DetiefMenGermany  Germany
BROWN, DeniseWomenGermany  Germany
BRUDES, AdolfMenGermany  Germany
BUCHHOLTZ, StefanMenGermany  Germany
BUCHNER, MarcMenGermany  Germany
BURKART, Aaron NicolaiMenGermany  Germany
BUTZ, HansjörgMenGermany  Germany
BÜTTNER, StephanMenGermany  Germany
BÄCHLE, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
BÄUML, DanielaWomenGermany  Germany
BÄUML, TheresaWomenGermany  Germany
BÖDE, SallyWomenGermany  Germany
BÖHMERT, KatharinaWomenGermany  Germany
BÖLKOW, SandraWomenGermany  Germany
BÖTTCHER, FrankMenGermany  Germany
CHITTARO, ManuelMenGermany  Germany
CHITTENHELM, SelinaWomenGermany  Germany
CORTESE, SandroMenGermany  Germany
DALHEIMER, SimonMenGermany  Germany
DAMASCHKE, JürgenMenGermany  Germany
DANNER, ChristianMenGermany  Germany4th Apr 1958
DANZ, VanessaWomenGermany  Germany
DEGENHART, JosephMenGermany  Germany
DELLING, DMenGermany  Germany
DEPPING, JaninaWomenGermany  Germany
DORSCH, MarcoMenGermany  Germany
DRESSELHAUSS, ManfredMenGermany  Germany
DUCHENE, DMenGermany  Germany
DÜMMEL, RalfMenGermany  Germany
DÖHLA, KathrinWomenGermany  Germany
ECK, Lisa MarieWomenGermany  Germany
ECKENBACH, BerndMenGermany  Germany
ECKER, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
ECKHARDT, Hans WalterMenGermany  Germany
EILERS, DieterMenGermany  Germany
ENGEL, MaroMenGermany  Germany
ENGSTLER, FranzMenGermany  Germany
ESS, DieterMenGermany  Germany
FAUSTMANN, MarcelMenGermany  Germany
FEUCHTNER, ManuelMenGermany  Germany
FINSTERBUSCH, ToniMenGermany  Germany
FISCHER, KnutMenGermany  Germany
FISCHER, ManfredMenGermany  Germany
FISHER, GeroldMenGermany  Germany
FITZAU, TheoMenGermany  Germany
FOLGER, JonasMenGermany  Germany
FORSTER, GerhardMenGermany  Germany
FRANKE, MariaWomenGermany  Germany
FRANSOO, NataschaWomenGermany  Germany
FRENTZEN, Heinz-HaraldMenGermany  Germany18th May 1967
FRIEDRICH, StefenMenGermany  Germany
FRITSCHE, UweMenGermany  Germany
FRITZ, MarvinMenGermany  Germany
FROEHLICH, GeorgMenGermany  Germany
FUCHS, JurgenMenGermany  Germany
GALL, TassiloMenGermany  Germany
GAMPERL, ErnstMenGermany  Germany
GARHAMMER, TobiasMenGermany  Germany
GASSNER JR., HermannMenGermany  Germany29th Nov 1988
GEITZ, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
GEMMEL, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
GIERLINGER, PeterMenGermany  Germany
GIESELER, TimoMenGermany  Germany
GIUSEPPETTI, DarioMenGermany  Germany
GLOCK, TimoMenGermany  Germany18th Mar 1982
GOEBEL, AMenGermany  Germany
GOTTIG, StefanMenGermany  Germany
GRAU, AlexanderMenGermany  Germany
GREINER, HansMenGermany  Germany
GRIEBEL, MarijanMenGermany  Germany
GRIEBEL, MarijanMenGermany  Germany
GRÜNWALD, LucaMenGermany  Germany
GSCHWENDER, ErnstMenGermany  Germany
GUTTENBERGER, WolfgangMenGermany  Germany
GÜRCH, UweMenGermany  Germany
GÜRCK, UweMenGermany  Germany
GÄRNER, MaxMenGermany  Germany
GÖRIG, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
HAAF, FranzMenGermany  Germany
HADERLEIN, RolandMenGermany  Germany
HAGER, HansMenGermany  Germany
HAHN, ReinerMenGermany  Germany
HAHNE, HubertMenGermany  Germany28th Mar 1935
HANUS, KevinMenGermany  Germany
HAPPICH, MarkoMenGermany  Germany
HAUPT, AlexandraWomenGermany  Germany
HAUPT, HubertMenGermany  Germany
HEEKS, WilliMenGermany  Germany
HEFENBROCK, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
HEGER, AltfridMenGermany  Germany24th Jan 1959
HEGEWALD, TobiasMenGermany  Germany
HEIDBERDER, HeikoMenGermany  Germany
HEIDECKE, AgnusMenGermany  Germany
HEIDFELD, NickMenGermany  Germany10th May 1977
HEIDGER, FMenGermany  Germany
HEIDOLF, DirkMenGermany  Germany
HEINZE, JürgenMenGermany  Germany
HEITMANN, NilsMenGermany  Germany
HELFRICH, TheoMenGermany  Germany
HEMMERLE, LuisMenGermany  Germany
HENKEL, NilsMenGermany  Germany
HENZLER, WolfMenGermany  Germany5th Apr 1975
HERBOLD, FelixMenGermany  Germany
HERFURTNER, JosefMenGermany  Germany
HERRMANN, HansMenGermany  Germany
HESTER, HansMenGermany  Germany
HEYER, HansMenGermany  Germany16th Mar 1943
HICKETHIER, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
HOCK, KurtMenGermany  Germany
HOFFMAN, HorstMenGermany  Germany
HOFFMAN, JanMenGermany  Germany
HOFFMAN, MatthiasMenGermany  Germany
HOFFMANN, HorstMenGermany  Germany
HOFFMANN, LorenzMenGermany  Germany
HOFFMANN, UlrichMenGermany  Germany
HOFMANN, AlexMenGermany  Germany
HOFMANN, AlexanderMenGermany  Germany25th May 1980
HOFMANN, AndreasMenGermany  Germany
HOFMANN, MatthiasMenGermany  Germany
HOHLHEIMER, JürgenMenGermany  Germany
HOLZ, ArminMenGermany  Germany
HOLZER, MarcoMenGermany  Germany30th Jul 1988
HOLZER, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
HOPFENGÄRTNER, HorstMenGermany  Germany
HORN, MoritzMenGermany  Germany
HUBER, KarlheinzMenGermany  Germany
HUBERT, GeraldMenGermany  Germany
HUTER, JürgenMenGermany  Germany
HÜLKENBERG, NicoMenGermany  Germany19th Aug 1987
HÜSEMANN, RolfMenGermany  Germany
HÖING, JensMenGermany  Germany
IHLE, Wolf-DieterMenGermany  Germany
INA, WildeWomenGermany  Germany
IRMGARTZ, KimWomenGermany  Germany
JACOBI, HenryMenGermany  Germany
JAHREIS, EmilMenGermany  Germany
JANKER, HannesMenGermany  Germany
JELL, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
JENKNER, SteveMenGermany  Germany
JENSTER, JürgenMenGermany  Germany
JERZENBECK, BMenGermany  Germany
JESSICA, WulfWomenGermany  Germany
JUBERT, AntonieWomenGermany  Germany
JUNKLEWITZ, JanMenGermany  Germany
JÄGER, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
KAAS, NinaWomenGermany  Germany
KADLEC, FranzMenGermany  Germany
KAFFER, PierreMenGermany  Germany
KAFFL, JosephMenGermany  Germany
KAHLE, MatthiasMenGermany  Germany
KAHLFUSS, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
KAMMEL, WielfriedMenGermany  Germany
KANSTINGER, AndiMenGermany  Germany
KAPELLEN, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
KAPPLER, MaximilianMenGermany  Germany
KARCH, OswaldMenGermany  Germany
KARTHEININGER, DanielMenGermany  Germany
KASPAR, PeterMenGermany  Germany
KEIL, KonstantinMenGermany  Germany
KEITEL, RonaldMenGermany  Germany
KERSCHBAUMER, StefanMenGermany  Germany
KINDSVOGEL, AndreasMenGermany  Germany
KIPP, MarcusMenGermany  Germany
KIRCHHÖFER, MarvinMenGermany  Germany19th Mar 1994
KIRSCHBAUM, VolkerMenGermany  Germany
KIRST, NorbertMenGermany  Germany
KIST, NorbertMenGermany  Germany
KITTEL, SMenGermany  Germany
KLEINSCHMIDT, JuttaMenGermany  Germany29th Aug 1962
KLENK, HansMenGermany  Germany
KLING, KarlMenGermany  Germany
KLODWIG, ErnstMenGermany  Germany
KNIEPER, TMenGermany  Germany
KNOF, PhilippMenGermany  Germany
KOB, MenGermany  Germany
KOGELHEIDE, ReinerMenGermany  Germany
KOPETSKI, RalfMenGermany  Germany
KORNFELD, Hans JoaquimMenGermany  Germany
KOSOWSKI, JosephMenGermany  Germany
KRAHNSTÖVER, FelixMenGermany  Germany
KRAUSE, RudolfMenGermany  Germany
KREGELOH, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
KREIM, FabianMenGermany  Germany
KREMER, ArminMenGermany  Germany4th Dec 1968
KRETZER, AndréMenGermany  Germany
KROHER, HansMenGermany  Germany
KRY, NiklasMenGermany  Germany
KRÄMER, IrisWomenGermany  Germany
KRÄMER, UteWomenGermany  Germany
KUHLMANN, ThorstenMenGermany  Germany
KULOT, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
KÖNIG, VeitMenGermany  Germany
LA ROSA, DanielMenGermany  Germany
LACHER, DitmarMenGermany  Germany
LAFFIN, KiraWomenGermany  Germany
LAIER, StephanieWomenGermany  Germany
LAISER, FreddyMenGermany  Germany
LAMMERT, DominicMenGermany  Germany
LANG, HermannMenGermany  Germany
LANG, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
LASSER, RobinMenGermany  Germany
LAY, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
LEHMANN, JaninaWomenGermany  Germany
LEHMANN, JanninaWomenGermany  Germany
LEOTTA, RositaWomenGermany  Germany
LESCHHORN, NicoMenGermany  Germany
LETTENBICHLER, AndreasMenGermany  Germany
LEWANDOWSKI, UdoMenGermany  Germany
LIEB, MarcMenGermany  Germany4th Jul 1980
LIEBEHENSCHEL, DarkMenGermany  Germany
LIEBL, WilliMenGermany  Germany
LINZ, WernerMenGermany  Germany
LOBSTEIN, MaikMenGermany  Germany
LOHFINK, FranziskaWomenGermany  Germany
LOHR, EllenMenGermany  Germany
LOOF, ErnstMenGermany  Germany
LOTTERER, AndréMenGermany  Germany19th Nov 1981
LUDWIG, KlausMenGermany  Germany5th Oct 1949
LUHR, LucasMenGermany  Germany22th Jul 1979
LUNNEBACH, PeterMenGermany  Germany
LÖFFLER, Hans JoachimMenGermany  Germany
LÖHNING, VolkerMenGermany  Germany
MAISCH, HansMenGermany  Germany
MAMEROW, PeterMenGermany  Germany
MANG, AntonMenGermany  Germany
MARK, UdoMenGermany  Germany
MASS, JochenMenGermany  Germany30th Sep 1946
MATEJAT, HorstMenGermany  Germany
MAYERBÜCHLER, FranzMenGermany  Germany
MAYLÄNDER, BerndMenGermany  Germany
MAYR, ManfredMenGermany  Germany
MEINZER, JoachimMenGermany  Germany
MENZEL, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
MEYER, AloisMenGermany  Germany
MITTER, GerhardMenGermany  Germany
MITTERMEIER, DanielMenGermany  Germany
MOHE, CarstenMenGermany  Germany
MORCH, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
MOSER, MarcMenGermany  Germany
MULLER, Gunter GeorgMenGermany  Germany
MÜCKE, StefanMenGermany  Germany22th Nov 1981
MÜHL, WernerMenGermany  Germany
MÜLLER, AlexMenGermany  Germany20th Jan 1979
MÜLLER, DirkMenGermany  Germany18th Nov 1975
MÜLLER, JarnoMenGermany  Germany
MÜLLER, JörgMenGermany  Germany3rd Sep 1969
MÜLLER, RolfMenGermany  Germany
MÜLLER, StefanMenGermany  Germany
MÜLLER, VictoriaWomenGermany  Germany
MÜLLER-WENDE, JoachimMenGermany  Germany
MÜNNICH, ReneMenGermany  Germany
MÄHNER, KurtMenGermany  Germany
MÖHNER, KurtMenGermany  Germany
NABERT, BMenGermany  Germany
NACKE, BerndMenGermany  Germany
NAGL, MaximilianMenGermany  Germany7th Aug 1987
NAU, CMenGermany  Germany
NEBEL, SMenGermany  Germany
NEBEL, TorbenMenGermany  Germany
NEUKIRCHEN, MatthiasMenGermany  Germany
NEUKIRCHEN, MichelleWomenGermany  Germany
NEUKIRCHNER, LotharMenGermany  Germany
NEUKIRCHNER, MaxMenGermany  Germany
NEUMANN, EgbertMenGermany  Germany
NEUMANN, MarcMenGermany  Germany
NEUMAYR, AnselmMenGermany  Germany
NIEBUHR, MartinMenGermany  Germany
NIEDERMAIER, MaxMenGermany  Germany
NIEDERMAYR, HelmutMenGermany  Germany
NIEGEL, FlorianMenGermany  Germany
NIKULIN, VyacheslavMenGermany  Germany
NITTEL, UweMenGermany  Germany
NOFFZ, RonMenGermany  Germany
NOMMENSEN, RalfMenGermany  Germany
NUEKIRCHEN, MatthiasMenGermany  Germany
NÖHLES, KlausMenGermany  Germany
OBER, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
OBERST, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
OESTERLE, WilliMenGermany  Germany
OETTL, PhilippMenGermany  Germany
OHLSCHMID, HelmutMenGermany  Germany
OLDEKAMP, LarsMenGermany  Germany
OSTER, TimonMenGermany  Germany
OTTE, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
OTTE, UdoMenGermany  Germany
OTTENSCHLÄGER, SMenGermany  Germany
PAASCH, SebastianMenGermany  Germany
PAPENMEIER-PICOTO, LarissaWomenGermany  Germany
PECK, ShaniceMenGermany  Germany
PEKAREK, MonaWomenGermany  Germany
PETERS, JanMenGermany  Germany
PETERS, JosefMenGermany  Germany
PFEIFFER, AndreasMenGermany  Germany
PFEIFFER, BerndMenGermany  Germany
PFEIFFER, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
PFEIFFER, JessicaWomenGermany  Germany
PICKL, ClausMenGermany  Germany
PIETSCH, PaulMenGermany  Germany
PLETSCHACHER, HMenGermany  Germany
PLETSCHACHER, StefanMenGermany  Germany
POENSGEN, KMenGermany  Germany
POENSGEN, KatjaMenGermany  Germany
POMMER, MarkusMenGermany  Germany27th Jan 1991
PRINZ, NinaMenGermany  Germany
PRITZL, RobertMenGermany  Germany
RAST, RenéMenGermany  Germany26th Oct 1986
RATHS, NiklasMenGermany  Germany
REHN, Karl HeinzMenGermany  Germany
REINER, GustavMenGermany  Germany
REINKEMEIER, UweMenGermany  Germany
REITERBERGER, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
REITZE, AliciaWomenGermany  Germany
REUTER, ManuelMenGermany  Germany6th Dec 1961
RICHTER, AxelMenGermany  Germany
RIED, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
RIEDEMANN, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
RIESS, FritzMenGermany  Germany
ROCKENFELLER, MikeMenGermany  Germany31th Oct 1983
ROCZEN, KenMenGermany  Germany29th Apr 1994
RONZHEIMER, OliverMenGermany  Germany
ROSBERG, NicoMenGermany  Germany27th Jun 1985
ROSCHER, MikeMenGermany  Germany
ROTH, ReinholdMenGermany  Germany
RUDOLPH, PaulMenGermany  Germany
RUDROFF, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
RUPPERT, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
RÖHRL, WalterMenGermany  Germany7th Mar 1947
RÖSINGER, EckartMenGermany  Germany
SACHT, OlafMenGermany  Germany
SAGEL, Heinz-OttoMenGermany  Germany
SANN, OrtwinMenGermany  Germany
SATTLER, BerntMenGermany  Germany
SCHALLER, MaikMenGermany  Germany
SCHATZ, AlfredMenGermany  Germany
SCHEIDER, TimoMenGermany  Germany10th Nov 1978
SCHEIDHAMMER, AloisMenGermany  Germany
SCHELLE, NikiMenGermany  Germany
SCHESCHOWITSCH, StefanMenGermany  Germany
SCHIFFER, MarcusMenGermany  Germany
SCHITTENHELM, SelinaWomenGermany  Germany
SCHLEEF, PeterMenGermany  Germany
SCHMID, HorstMenGermany  Germany
SCHMITT, BenjaminMenGermany  Germany
SCHMITT, FelixMenGermany  Germany
SCHMITT, PaulineWomenGermany  Germany
SCHMITZ, HerbertMenGermany  Germany
SCHMITZ, RolfMenGermany  Germany
SCHNEIDER, BerndMenGermany  Germany20th Jul 1964
SCHOTT, StephanMenGermany  Germany
SCHRODER, JurgenMenGermany  Germany
SCHRÖTER, DennisMenGermany  Germany
SCHRÖTTER, MarcelMenGermany  Germany
SCHUH, UdoMenGermany  Germany
SCHULZ, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
SCHUMACHER, FlorianMenGermany  Germany
SCHUMACHER, MichaelMenGermany  Germany3rd Jan 1969
SCHUMACHER, RalfMenGermany  Germany30th Jun 1975
SCHUTZ, HelmutMenGermany  Germany
SCHWAMM, FriedrichMenGermany  Germany
SCHWARZ, ArminMenGermany  Germany16th Jul 1963
SCHWEGLER, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
SCHWEIGERT, Hans GMenGermany  Germany
SCHWINN, SebastianMenGermany  Germany
SCHÄFER, JochenMenGermany  Germany
SCHÖNHEER, BerntMenGermany  Germany
SEIDEL, WolfgangMenGermany  Germany
SEIDENBERG, JennyWomenGermany  Germany
SEIDLITZ, JohannesMenGermany  Germany
SENZ, SilvioMenGermany  Germany
SIEGL, DanielMenGermany  Germany
SIMON, HolgerMenGermany  Germany
SKACH, OMenGermany  Germany
SMOLINSKI, MartinMenGermany  Germany6th Dec 1984
SOGL, HaraldMenGermany  Germany
SOLLER, LauraWomenGermany  Germany
SPECK, LucasMenGermany  Germany
STAHLSCHMIDT, MartinMenGermany  Germany
STALLER, RudolfMenGermany  Germany
STANGER, FrankMenGermany  Germany
STANIK, HelmutMenGermany  Germany
STEFFENS, CharlotteWomenGermany  Germany
STEINHAUSEN, JörgMenGermany  Germany
STEINMANN, RalfMenGermany  Germany
STEINMETZ, BMenGermany  Germany
STEPHAN, JörgMenGermany  Germany
STERNBERG, StefanMenGermany  Germany
STILLER, ReinhardMenGermany  Germany
STIPPEL, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
STIPPLER, FrankMenGermany  Germany9th Apr 1975
STOLBERG, VolkerMenGermany  Germany
STOMMELEN, RolfMenGermany  Germany11th Jul 1943
STORZ, ThiemoMenGermany  Germany
STRANGHÖNER, CarstenMenGermany  Germany
STRYCEK, VolkerMenGermany  Germany
STUCK, Hans JoachimMenGermany  Germany
STUCKMANN, MartinMenGermany  Germany
STURM, RobertMenGermany  Germany
SULZINGER, RaffaelMenGermany  Germany
SUTIL, AdrianMenGermany  Germany11th Jan 1983
TANNERT, JuliusMenGermany  Germany
TER, JungjensMenGermany  Germany
TER JUNG, JensMenGermany  Germany
TERTING, PeterMenGermany  Germany
TEUCHERT, JörgMenGermany  Germany27th Feb 1970
THEOBALD, JohannesMenGermany  Germany
THEOBALD, JulianMenGermany  Germany
THERESA, BäumlWomenGermany  Germany
THOMA, AloïsMenGermany  Germany
THOMA, GeorgMenGermany  Germany
THOMA, MaxMenGermany  Germany
TIEMANN, MarcelMenGermany  Germany
TODE, ArneMenGermany  Germany
TOMCZYK, MartinMenGermany  Germany7th Dec 1981
TRÉLUYER, BenoîtMenGermany  Germany12th Jul 1976
TRÖSCH, MartinMenGermany  Germany
UHLIG, NickMenGermany  Germany
ULLRICH, DennisMenGermany  Germany
ULMEN, ToniMenGermany  Germany
ULRICH, DennisMenGermany  Germany
URBANUS, HMenGermany  Germany
VAN OMMEN, JörgMenGermany  Germany
VETTEL, SebastianMenGermany  Germany7th Mar 1987
VIETORIS, ChristianMenGermany  Germany1st Apr 1989
VOGT, GerhardtMenGermany  Germany
VON OW, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
VON STUCK, HansMenGermany  Germany
VON TRIPS, WolfgangMenGermany  Germany4th May 1928
VOSS, JensMenGermany  Germany
WAHR, KevinMenGermany  Germany
WALDMANN, RalfMenGermany  Germany
WALLENWEIN, EveWomenGermany  Germany
WALLENWEIN, MarkMenGermany  Germany
WALLENWEIN, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
WALTER, BernhartMenGermany  Germany
WALTER, GernotMenGermany  Germany
WALTER, MartinMenGermany  Germany
WALZ, KlausMenGermany  Germany
WARMBOLD, AntonyMenGermany  Germany28th Jul 1978
WASSERMANN, ChristianMenGermany  Germany
WEBER, HansMenGermany  Germany
WEBER, JohannMenGermany  Germany
WECKER, JosefMenGermany  Germany
WEHRLEIN, PascalMenGermany  Germany
WEIGERT, TimoMenGermany  Germany
WEIHING, RobertMenGermany  Germany
WEIL, AdolfMenGermany  Germany25th Dec 1938
WEINDL, SabrinaWomenGermany  Germany
WEINMANN, Anna-LenaWomenGermany  Germany
WEISE, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
WEISS, EdithWomenGermany  Germany17th Jul 1964
WEISS, HelmutMenGermany  Germany
WELEGE, HerbertMenGermany  Germany
WELKE, ReinhardMenGermany  Germany
WENNIGER, HaraldMenGermany  Germany
WERNER, DirkMenGermany  Germany
WERNER, MarcoMenGermany  Germany
WERNER, MühlMenGermany  Germany
WESSNER, KonradMenGermany  Germany
WEYMANN, MMenGermany  Germany
WIEFARM, OttoMenGermany  Germany
WIEGAND, SeppMenGermany  Germany
WIEGAND, TinaWomenGermany  Germany
WILDE, InaWomenGermany  Germany
WINKELHOCK, JoachimMenGermany  Germany
WINKELHOCK, ManfredMenGermany  Germany6th Oct 1951
WINKELHOCK, MarkusMenGermany  Germany
WINKLER, AndreasMenGermany  Germany
WINTER, Josef SebastianMenGermany  Germany
WINTER, SebastianMenGermany  Germany
WIRSING, TonyMenGermany  Germany
WISNIEWSKI, BjörnMenGermany  Germany
WITTEBÖRN, JorgMenGermany  Germany
WITTHOFT, ThomasMenGermany  Germany
WITTMANN, MarcoMenGermany  Germany24th Nov 1989
WOLFGRUBER, JosephMenGermany  Germany
WOLTERS, MichaelMenGermany  Germany
WOTZKA, ThiloMenGermany  Germany
WULF, JessicaWomenGermany  Germany
ZELLER, WalterMenGermany  Germany11th Sep 1927
ZIMMERMANN, RobertMenGermany  Germany
ZOLLER, JürgenMenGermany  Germany