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Rugby - CONSUR Men's Sevens - 2015 - Home

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  • Argentina 7's
  • Chile 7s
  • Colombia 7s
  • Paraguay 7s
  • Peru 7s
  • Uruguay 7s
  • Venezuela 7s


CONSUR Men's Sevens - Home

ArgentinaArgentina - Santa Fé - 5th June 2015 - 7th June 2015

Teams are restricted to the players of less than 7s years.

WinnerArgentina 7'sArgentina 7's


1Argentina 7's18660030810+298
2Uruguay 7s16650114769+78
3Chile 7s14640213334+99
4Colombia 7s12630381114-33
5Paraguay 7s10620450153-103
6Venezuela 7s7601531186-155
7Peru 7s7601529213-184

Latest round

5th June 2015
Argentina 7'sArgentina 7's17 - 10Chile 7sChile 7s
Uruguay 7sUruguay 7s24 - 12Colombia 7sColombia 7s
Colombia 7sColombia 7s24 - 12Venezuela 7sVenezuela 7s
Chile 7sChile 7s27 - 0Venezuela 7sVenezuela 7s
Colombia 7sColombia 7s35 - 0Peru 7sPeru 7s
Uruguay 7sUruguay 7s40 - 5Paraguay 7sParaguay 7s
Chile 7sChile 7s41 - 0Peru 7sPeru 7s
Argentina 7'sArgentina 7's57 - 0Paraguay 7sParaguay 7s
Argentina 7'sArgentina 7's64 - 0Venezuela 7sVenezuela 7s
6th June 2015
Colombia 7sColombia 7s5 - 0Paraguay 7sParaguay 7s
Uruguay 7sUruguay 7s12 - 7Chile 7sChile 7s
Peru 7sPeru 7s14 - 14Venezuela 7sVenezuela 7s
Uruguay 7sUruguay 7s31 - 0Venezuela 7sVenezuela 7s
Chile 7sChile 7s31 - 0Paraguay 7sParaguay 7s
Uruguay 7sUruguay 7s40 - 0Peru 7sPeru 7s
Argentina 7'sArgentina 7's61 - 0Colombia 7sColombia 7s
Argentina 7'sArgentina 7's64 - 0Peru 7sPeru 7s
7th June 2015
Chile 7sChile 7s17 - 5Colombia 7sColombia 7s
Paraguay 7sParaguay 7s19 - 15Peru 7sPeru 7s
Paraguay 7sParaguay 7s26 - 5Venezuela 7sVenezuela 7s
Argentina 7'sArgentina 7's45 - 0Uruguay 7sUruguay 7s

Detail of the results

Detailed results



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