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Basketball - Women's Wheelchair European Championships - 2017 - Home

Basketball - Women's Wheelchair European Championships - 2017 - Home

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  • France wheelchair
  • Germany wheelchair
  • Great Britain wheelchair
  • Netherlands wheelchair
  • Spain wheelchair
  • Turkey wheelchair


Women's Wheelchair European Championships - Home

SpainSpain - Tenerife - 21th June 2017 - 26th June 2017

Women's Wheelchair European Championships 2017 is the 2nd edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 21th June till 26th June 2017 in Tenerife in Spain.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than Wheel years.

WinnerNetherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair


Round Robin (Spain - Tenerife - 21/06/2017 - 26/06/2017)

1Germany wheelchair10550286193+93
2Netherlands wheelchair9541330171+159
3Great Britain wheelchair8532271222+49
4France wheelchair7523231282-51
5Spain wheelchair6514235258-23
6Turkey wheelchair5505113340-227
21th June 2017
Spain wheelchairSpain wheelchair82 - 10Turkey wheelchairTurkey wheelchair
22th June 2017
Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair43 - 45Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair
Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair59 - 30France wheelchairFrance wheelchair
23th June 2017
Turkey wheelchairTurkey wheelchair17 - 81Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair
Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair49 - 35Spain wheelchairSpain wheelchair
France wheelchairFrance wheelchair52 - 56Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair
24th June 2017
Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair35 - 63Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair
Spain wheelchairSpain wheelchair50 - 56France wheelchairFrance wheelchair
Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair57 - 21Turkey wheelchairTurkey wheelchair
25th June 2017
France wheelchairFrance wheelchair39 - 74Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair
Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair66 - 22Turkey wheelchairTurkey wheelchair
Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair72 - 28Spain wheelchairSpain wheelchair
26th June 2017
Spain wheelchairSpain wheelchair40 - 71Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair
Turkey wheelchairTurkey wheelchair43 - 54France wheelchairFrance wheelchair
Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair61 - 55Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair

Detail of the results

Final Round (Spain - Tenerife - 28/06/2017 - 30/06/2017)

Semi-Finals (28/06/2017)
28th June 2017
16h45Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair69 - 42Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair
17h45Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair46 - 33France wheelchairFrance wheelchair

Place 5 (29/06/2017)
29th June 2017
20h00Spain wheelchairSpain wheelchair94 - 29Turkey wheelchairTurkey wheelchair

Third Place Match (30/06/2017)
30th June 2017
10h00Great Britain wheelchairGreat Britain wheelchair68 - 37France wheelchairFrance wheelchair

Final (30/06/2017)
30th June 2017
16h00Netherlands wheelchairNetherlands wheelchair42 - 31Germany wheelchairGermany wheelchair

Detail of the results

Detailed results




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