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Rugby - French Rugby League Championship - 2017/2018 - Home

Rugby - French Rugby League Championship - 2017/2018 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Albi RL XIII
  • AS Carcassonne XIII
  • FC Lézignan XIII
  • Palau Broncos XIII
  • RC Saint-Gaudens XIII
  • Saint-Estève XIII catalan
  • SO Avignon XIII
  • Toulouse Jules-Julien XIII
  • Villeneuve XIII
  • XIII Limouxin


French Rugby League Championship - Home


WinnerSO Avignon XIIISO Avignon XIII


Regular Season (France - 02/12/2017 - 03/06/2018)

1Saint-Estève XIII catalan48191504650266+384
2XIII Limouxin45191405565369+196
3FC Lézignan XIII39191108495418+77
4SO Avignon XIII38191108540419+121
5AS Carcassonne XIII34191009410394+16
6Albi RL XIII33198011487402+85
7RC Saint-Gaudens XIII28197012354509-155
8Palau Broncos XIII27197012413591-178
9Villeneuve XIII24197012338535-197
10Toulouse Jules-Julien XIII19195014370719-349
2nd June 2018
15h00Toulouse Jules-Julien XIIIToulouse Jules-Julien XIII12 - 42AS Carcassonne XIIIAS Carcassonne XIII
18h00SO Avignon XIIISO Avignon XIII58 - 14XIII LimouxinXIII Limouxin
19h00Albi RL XIIIAlbi RL XIII24 - 14Saint-Estève XIII catalanSaint-Estève XIII catalan
3rd June 2018
15h00Palau Broncos XIIIPalau Broncos XIII22 - 48FC Lézignan XIIIFC Lézignan XIII
16h00RC Saint-Gaudens XIIIRC Saint-Gaudens XIII18 - 24Villeneuve XIIIVilleneuve XIII

Detail of the results

Final Round (France - 16/06/2018 - 01/07/2018)

Quarter-Finals (17/06/2018)
16th June 2018
15h00SO Avignon XIIISO Avignon XIII18 - 16AS Carcassonne XIIIAS Carcassonne XIII
17th June 2018
15h00FC Lézignan XIIIFC Lézignan XIII16 - 8Albi RL XIIIAlbi RL XIII

Semi-Finals (23/06/2018)
23th June 2018
15h00Saint-Estève XIII catalanSaint-Estève XIII catalan23 - 16SO Avignon XIIISO Avignon XIII
15h00XIII LimouxinXIII Limouxin30 - 10FC Lézignan XIIIFC Lézignan XIII

Final (01/07/2018)
1st July 2018
16h00SO Avignon XIIISO Avignon XIII34 - 28XIII LimouxinXIII Limouxin

Detail of the results

Detailed results




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