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Friendly Games U19 - Home

20th January 2016 - 14th November 2016

Teams are restricted to the players of less than 19 years.

20th January 2016
20h00Spain U-19Spain U-191 - 2Italy U-19Italy U-19
2nd February 2016
14h30Greece U-19Greece U-191 - 1Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-19
4th February 2016
14h30Greece U-19Greece U-190 - 1Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-19
11th February 2016
13h00Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-190 - 1Norway U-19Norway U-19
16h00Poland U-19Poland U-192 - 2Portugal U-19Portugal U-19
13th February 2016
13h00Portugal U-19Portugal U-191 - 1Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-19
16h00Norway U-19Norway U-192 - 3Poland U-19Poland U-19
15th February 2016
13h00Poland U-19Poland U-190 - 1Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-19
16h00Norway U-19Norway U-191 - 2Portugal U-19Portugal U-19
16h00Israel U-19Israel U-191 - 0Romania U-19Romania U-19
23th February 2016
14h30Slovenia U-19Slovenia U-190 - 0Austria U-19Austria U-19
24th February 2016
15h00Bulgaria U-19Bulgaria U-190 - 2Serbia U-19Serbia U-19
25th February 2016
12h00Slovenia U-19Slovenia U-191 - 1Austria U-19Austria U-19
14h00Turkey U-19Turkey U-192 - 3Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-19
1st March 2016
14h30Montenegro U-19Montenegro U-192 - 0Georgia U-19Georgia U-19
9th March 2016
18h00Switzerland U-19Switzerland U-193 - 0Austria U-19Austria U-19
10th March 2016
15h00Romania U-19Romania U-192 - 1Finland U-19Finland U-19
25th March 2016
12h00Estonia U-19Estonia U-191 - 1Lithuania U-19Lithuania U-19
27th March 2016
12h00Estonia U-19Estonia U-190 - 1Lithuania U-19Lithuania U-19
29th March 2016
11h00Germany U-19Germany U-191 - 0Republic of Korea U-19Republic of Korea U-19
19th April 2016
16h30Montenegro U-19Montenegro U-192 - 0Ukraine U-19Ukraine U-19
21th April 2016
16h30Montenegro U-19Montenegro U-190 - 2Ukraine U-18Ukraine U-18
27th April 2016
15h00Switzerland U-19Switzerland U-192 - 0Luxemburg U-19Luxemburg U-19
20th May 2016
13h00Republic of Korea U-19Republic of Korea U-191 - 0France U-19France U-19
8th June 2016
17h00Bulgaria U-19Bulgaria U-192 - 2Norway U-18Norway U-18
15th June 2016
09h00Japan U-19Japan U-195 - 0Croatia U-19Croatia U-19
13h00China U-19China U-190 - 0Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-19
19th June 2016
19h00Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-192 - 5Croatia U-19Croatia U-19
9th August 2016
16h00Belarus U-19Belarus U-194 - 2Armenia U-19Armenia U-19
30th August 2016
16h00Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-190 - 1Switzerland U-19Switzerland U-19
1st September 2016
12h00Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-191 - 3Switzerland U-19Switzerland U-19
16h30Macedonia U-19Macedonia U-191 - 0Cyprus U-19Cyprus U-19
17h00Israel U-19Israel U-191 - 2Ukraine U-19Ukraine U-19
17h00Serbia U-19Serbia U-192 - 1United States U-19United States U-19
2nd September 2016
15h30Georgia U-19Georgia U-191 - 1Lithuania U-19Lithuania U-19
17h00Estonia U-19Estonia U-190 - 2Belarus U-19Belarus U-19
17h00Slovenia U-19Slovenia U-190 - 0Poland U-19Poland U-19
17h00France U-19France U-192 - 0United States U-19United States U-19
17h00Israel U-19Israel U-193 - 0Hungary U-19Hungary U-19
18h00Germany U-19Germany U-190 - 1Russia U-19Russia U-19
18h00Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-192 - 1Italy U-19Italy U-19
4th September 2016
12h00Estonia U-19Estonia U-191 - 1Belarus U-19Belarus U-19
12h00Moldova U-19Moldova U-192 - 2Armenia U-19Armenia U-19
15h30Georgia U-19Georgia U-193 - 0Lithuania U-19Lithuania U-19
17h00Slovenia U-19Slovenia U-190 - 0Poland U-19Poland U-19
20h00Ireland U-19Ireland U-191 - 0Austria U-19Austria U-19
5th September 2016
16h30Latvia U-19Latvia U-191 - 2Russia U-19Russia U-19
17h00Greece U-19Greece U-190 - 1Scotland U-19Scotland U-19
18h00Germany U-19Germany U-191 - 2Netherlands U-19Netherlands U-19
6th September 2016
13h00Belgium U-19Belgium U-194 - 1Czech Republic U-19Czech Republic U-19
14h00Ireland U-19Ireland U-193 - 1Austria U-19Austria U-19
15h00Moldova U-19Moldova U-191 - 2Armenia U-19Armenia U-19
16h00Finland U-19Finland U-190 - 1Romania U-19Romania U-19
7th September 2016
11h00Latvia U-19Latvia U-191 - 5Russia U-19Russia U-19
15th September 2016
11h00Macedonia U-19Macedonia U-192 - 0Bosnia and Herzegovina U-19Bosnia and Herzegovina U-19
4th October 2016
15h00Moldova U-19Moldova U-190 - 0Cyprus U-19Cyprus U-19
6th October 2016
11h00Switzerland U-19Switzerland U-190 - 4Denmark U-19Denmark U-19
15h00Moldova U-19Moldova U-193 - 2Cyprus U-19Cyprus U-19
17h00Portugal U-19Portugal U-191 - 2Italy U-19Italy U-19
18h30Luxemburg U-19Luxemburg U-191 - 2Montenegro U-19Montenegro U-19
11th October 2016
17h00Hungary U-19Hungary U-191 - 0Greece U-19Greece U-19
9th November 2016
09h00Netherlands U-19Netherlands U-191 - 1France U-19France U-19
12h00Georgia U-19Georgia U-190 - 3Spain U-19Spain U-19
16h00Belgium U-19Belgium U-191 - 0Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-19
11th November 2016
09h00Spain U-19Spain U-192 - 1Netherlands U-19Netherlands U-19
12h00Georgia U-19Georgia U-190 - 4France U-19France U-19
16h00Slovakia U-19Slovakia U-191 - 0Poland U-19Poland U-19
14th November 2016
12h00France U-19France U-190 - 2Spain U-19Spain U-19
12h00Georgia U-19Georgia U-190 - 1Netherlands U-19Netherlands U-19

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