Maia : presentation and medal winners

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Results of the last edition (2014-03-09)

 Pos  Team  Nat  Result   Points 
 1  Belgium (Eline Smedt, Nikki Snel BEL  28,395    
 2  France (Claire Philouze, Lea Roussel FRA  27,86    
 3  Russia (Elizaveta Dubrovina, Valentina Kim RUS  27,77    
 4  Belarus (Marharyta Bartashevich, Viktoria Mikhnovich BLR  27,33    

Medal winners since 2013 with links to results and winners

2014  1. BelgiumBelgium Belgium  2. FranceFrance  France3. RussiaRussia  Russia
2013  1. BelgiumBelgium Belgium  2. Great BritainGreat Britain  Great Britain3. BelarusBelarus  Belarus

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