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Ice Hockey - BeNe-league  - Regular Season - 2017/2018 - Detailed results

Ice Hockey - BeNe-league - Regular Season - 2017/2018 - Detailed results

Choice of a season :

  • Amsterdam Tigers
  • Antwerp Phantoms
  • Bulldogs Liege
  • Eindhoven Kemphanen
  • Friesland Flyers Heerenveen
  • Geleen Eaters
  • Herentals HYC
  • HYS The Hague
  • IHC Leuven
  • Nijmegen Devils
  • Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Tilburg Trappers B
  • Zoetermeer Panthers



Regular Season

30th September 2017 - 20th February 2018

Round :


4th February 2018
19h00Geleen Eaters (NED)Geleen Eaters2 - 4Amsterdam TigersAmsterdam Tigers (NED)
21h00Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)Zoetermeer Panthers6 - 1Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)
9th February 2018
20h00Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)Friesland Flyers Heerenveen5 - 0Tilburg Trappers BTilburg Trappers B (NED)
20h30HYS The Hague (NED)HYS The Hague4 - 3IHC LeuvenIHC Leuven (BEL)
20h30Nijmegen Devils (NED)Nijmegen Devils5 - 0Red Eagles 's-HertogenboschRed Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)
20h45Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)Zoetermeer Panthers7 - 6 otEindhoven KemphanenEindhoven Kemphanen (NED)
21h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC3 - 4 otGeleen EatersGeleen Eaters (NED)
10th February 2018
19h00Bulldogs Liege (BEL)Bulldogs Liege12 - 4Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)
20h00IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven5 - 1Amsterdam TigersAmsterdam Tigers (NED)
20h15Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch2 - 13Zoetermeer PanthersZoetermeer Panthers (NED)
11th February 2018
14h00Tilburg Trappers B (NED)Tilburg Trappers B0 - 8HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
18h00Amsterdam Tigers (NED)Amsterdam Tigers5 - 6Herentals HYCHerentals HYC (BEL)
20h30Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)Antwerp Phantoms3 - 12Friesland Flyers HeerenveenFriesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)
13th February 2018
20h30IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven3 - 7HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
16th February 2018
20h30Nijmegen Devils (NED)Nijmegen Devils4 - 1Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)
20h30HYS The Hague (NED)HYS The Hague5 - 2Herentals HYCHerentals HYC (BEL)
17th February 2018
19h00Bulldogs Liege (BEL)Bulldogs Liege8 - 3Amsterdam TigersAmsterdam Tigers (NED)
20h00Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)Friesland Flyers Heerenveen9 - 1Nijmegen DevilsNijmegen Devils (NED)
20h15Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)Zoetermeer Panthers3 - 4HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
20h30Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)Antwerp Phantoms3 - 4Geleen EatersGeleen Eaters (NED)
18th February 2018
18h00Amsterdam Tigers (NED)Amsterdam Tigers7 - 6Eindhoven KemphanenEindhoven Kemphanen (NED)
18h15IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven6 - 5Zoetermeer PanthersZoetermeer Panthers (NED)
19h00Geleen Eaters (NED)Geleen Eaters7 - 8Bulldogs LiegeBulldogs Liege (BEL)
20h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC3 - 0Tilburg Trappers BTilburg Trappers B (NED)
20h30Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch1 - 7Friesland Flyers HeerenveenFriesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)
20th February 2018
20h00Tilburg Trappers B (NED)Tilburg Trappers B4 - 2Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)


1HYS The Hague (NED)66242031016571+94
2Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)57241814113557+78
3Bulldogs Liege (BEL)542417151159104+55
4Herentals HYC (BEL)50241526112277+45
5Nijmegen Devils (NED)46241508111395+18
6Geleen Eaters (NED)4224122829877+21
7Amsterdam Tigers (NED)3324101121105125-20
8IHC Leuven (BEL)30249012389124-35
9Eindhoven Kemphanen (NED)262480142104123-19
10Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)23247116093128-35
11Tilburg Trappers B (NED)21245215279127-48
12Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)2024521611101100
13Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)0240024022176-154






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