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Ice Hockey - BeNe-league  - Regular Season - 2017/2018 - Detailed results

Ice Hockey - BeNe-league - Regular Season - 2017/2018 - Detailed results

Choice of a season :

  • Amsterdam Capitals
  • Antwerp Phantoms
  • Bulldogs Liege
  • Eindhoven Kemphanen
  • Friesland Flyers Heerenveen
  • Geleen Eaters
  • Herentals HYC
  • HYS The Hague
  • IHC Leuven
  • Nijmegen Devils
  • Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Tilburg Trappers B
  • Zoetermeer Panthers


Detailed results

Regular Season

30th September 2017 - 18th February 2018

Round :


5th January 2018
20h30HYS The Hague (NED)HYS The Hague8 - 5Nijmegen DevilsNijmegen Devils (NED)
6th January 2018
20h00IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven4 - 7Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)
20h15Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)Zoetermeer Panthers3 - 7Bulldogs LiegeBulldogs Liege (BEL)
20h30Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)Friesland Flyers Heerenveen9 - 1Amsterdam CapitalsAmsterdam Capitals (NED)
21h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC8 - 5Eindhoven KemphanenEindhoven Kemphanen (NED)
7th January 2018
17h00Eindhoven Kemphanen (NED)Eindhoven Kemphanen5 - 6IHC LeuvenIHC Leuven (BEL)
18h30Bulldogs Liege (BEL)Bulldogs Liege6 - 3Herentals HYCHerentals HYC (BEL)
19h00Geleen Eaters (NED)Geleen Eaters0 - 4Friesland Flyers HeerenveenFriesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)
20h30Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch0 - 17HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
20h30Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)Antwerp Phantoms7 - 3Tilburg Trappers BTilburg Trappers B (NED)
12th January 2018
20h30Nijmegen Devils (NED)Nijmegen Devils6 - 4Herentals HYCHerentals HYC (BEL)
20h30HYS The Hague (NED)HYS The Hague7 - 6Eindhoven KemphanenEindhoven Kemphanen (NED)
13th January 2018
19h00Bulldogs Liege (BEL)Bulldogs Liege6 - 7 otHYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
20h00IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven3 - 1Red Eagles 's-HertogenboschRed Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)
20h15Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)Zoetermeer Panthers5 - 1Tilburg Trappers BTilburg Trappers B (NED)
20h15Eindhoven Kemphanen (NED)Eindhoven Kemphanen7 - 4Geleen EatersGeleen Eaters (NED)
20h30Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)Antwerp Phantoms4 - 6Amsterdam CapitalsAmsterdam Capitals (NED)
14th January 2018
18h00Amsterdam Capitals (NED)Amsterdam Capitals4 - 1Zoetermeer PanthersZoetermeer Panthers (NED)
19h00Geleen Eaters (NED)Geleen Eaters1 - 2Nijmegen DevilsNijmegen Devils (NED)
19h00Tilburg Trappers B (NED)Tilburg Trappers B3 - 5IHC LeuvenIHC Leuven (BEL)
20h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC8 - 2Friesland Flyers HeerenveenFriesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)
20h30Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch1 - 10Bulldogs LiegeBulldogs Liege (BEL)
19th January 2018
20h30HYS The Hague (NED)HYS The Hague6 - 5 otTilburg Trappers BTilburg Trappers B (NED)
20h30Nijmegen Devils (NED)Nijmegen Devils8 - 5Eindhoven KemphanenEindhoven Kemphanen (NED)
20th January 2018
18h00Amsterdam Capitals (NED)Amsterdam Capitals4 - 5HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
20h00Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)Friesland Flyers Heerenveen3 - 2 otGeleen EatersGeleen Eaters (NED)
20h15Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch1 - 5IHC LeuvenIHC Leuven (BEL)
20h15Eindhoven Kemphanen (NED)Eindhoven Kemphanen3 - 8Bulldogs LiegeBulldogs Liege (BEL)
20h30Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)Antwerp Phantoms7 - 6Zoetermeer PanthersZoetermeer Panthers (NED)
21th January 2018
18h15IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven2 - 3 otBulldogs LiegeBulldogs Liege (BEL)
19h00Geleen Eaters (NED)Geleen Eaters4 - 0Red Eagles 's-HertogenboschRed Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)
19h00Tilburg Trappers B (NED)Tilburg Trappers B4 - 3 otNijmegen DevilsNijmegen Devils (NED)
20h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC5 - 3Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)
25th January 2018
20h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC - Red Eagles 's-HertogenboschRed Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)
26th January 2018
20h30Nijmegen Devils (NED)Nijmegen Devils - HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)
20h45Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)Zoetermeer Panthers - Friesland Flyers HeerenveenFriesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)
27th January 2018
18h00Amsterdam Capitals (NED)Amsterdam Capitals - Antwerp PhantomsAntwerp Phantoms (BEL)
19h00Bulldogs Liege (BEL)Bulldogs Liege - Nijmegen DevilsNijmegen Devils (NED)
20h00IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven - Herentals HYCHerentals HYC (BEL)
20h15Eindhoven Kemphanen (NED)Eindhoven Kemphanen - Tilburg Trappers BTilburg Trappers B (NED)
20h30Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)Friesland Flyers Heerenveen - Zoetermeer PanthersZoetermeer Panthers (NED)
28th January 2018
19h00Geleen Eaters (NED)Geleen Eaters - Eindhoven KemphanenEindhoven Kemphanen (NED)
20h00Herentals HYC (BEL)Herentals HYC - Bulldogs LiegeBulldogs Liege (BEL)
20h30Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)Antwerp Phantoms - IHC LeuvenIHC Leuven (BEL)
20h30Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch - Amsterdam CapitalsAmsterdam Capitals (NED)
30th January 2018
18h15IHC Leuven (BEL)IHC Leuven - HYS The HagueHYS The Hague (NED)


1HYS The Hague (NED)48181431012960+69
2Nijmegen Devils (NED)4019130519869+29
3Friesland Flyers Heerenveen (NED)3918121419648+48
4Bulldogs Liege (BEL)39191215111982+37
5Herentals HYC (BEL)3717112409058+32
6Geleen Eaters (NED)3419101627757+20
7Eindhoven Kemphanen (NED)2520801118698-12
8IHC Leuven (BEL)241870836892-24
9Amsterdam Capitals (NED)231771907592-17
10Antwerp Phantoms (BEL)1816601006878-10
11Tilburg Trappers B (NED)15193212268105-37
12Zoetermeer Panthers (NED)1217311217285-13
13Red Eagles 's-Hertogenbosch (NED)0190019019141-122





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