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Volleyball - Women's European clubs ranking

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This classification is inspired by UEFA coefficients and allows to rank the European championships by basing itself on the results of the last 5 seasons of the volleyball European Cups : the CEV Champions League, the CEV Cup and the Challenge Cup in this order.

Latest update: 2016-07-10

1Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR)Vakifbank Istanbul (TUR)131
2Fenerbahçe Istanbul (TUR)Fenerbahçe Istanbul (TUR)123
3Dinamo Kazan (RUS)Dinamo Kazan (RUS)101
4Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR)Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR)99
5Eczacibasi Istanbul (TUR)Eczacibasi Istanbul (TUR)96
6Dinamo Krasnodar (RUS)Dinamo Krasnodar (RUS)87
7Uralochka NTMK Ekaterinburg (RUS)Uralochka NTMK Ekaterinburg (RUS)82
8WVC Dynamo Moscow (RUS)WVC Dynamo Moscow (RUS)77
9Busto Arsizio (ITA)Busto Arsizio (ITA)71
10Schweriner SC (GER)Schweriner SC (GER)70
11Telekom Baku (AZE)Telekom Baku (AZE)65
12Voléro Zürich (SWI)Voléro Zürich (SWI)62
13Nordmeccanica Piacenza (ITA)Nordmeccanica Piacenza (ITA)62
14Trefl Sopot (POL)Trefl Sopot (POL)60
15Bursa BBSK (TUR)Bursa BBSK (TUR)60
16Azerrail Baku (AZE)Azerrail Baku (AZE)58
17Khimik Yuzhny Odessa (UKR)Khimik Yuzhny Odessa (UKR)57
18Lokomotiv Baku (AZE)Lokomotiv Baku (AZE)54
19MKS Muszyna (POL)MKS Muszyna (POL)52
20Cannes RC (FRA)Cannes RC (FRA)46
21Spes Volley Conegliano (ITA)Spes Volley Conegliano (ITA)46
22Omichka Omsk (RUS)Omichka Omsk (RUS)44
23Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE)Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE)44
24Dresdner SC (GER)Dresdner SC (GER)42
25Zarechie Odintsovo (RUS)Zarechie Odintsovo (RUS)38
26CSM Bucuresti (ROM)CSM Bucuresti (ROM)38
27Casalmaggiore (ITA)Casalmaggiore (ITA)38
28Chemik Police (POL)Chemik Police (POL)35
29LP Viesti Salo (FIN)LP Viesti Salo (FIN)34
30Asterix Kieldrecht (BEL)Asterix Kieldrecht (BEL)34
31Stiinta Bacau (ROM)Stiinta Bacau (ROM)34
32Béziers (FRA)Béziers (FRA)34
33Azeryol Baku (AZE)Azeryol Baku (AZE)32
34Nova Branik Maribor (SLO)Nova Branik Maribor (SLO)32
35Dabrowa Górnicza (POL)Dabrowa Górnicza (POL)32
36Rote Raben Vilsbiburg (GER)Rote Raben Vilsbiburg (GER)30
37Hapoel Kfar Saba (ISR)Hapoel Kfar Saba (ISR)26
38Volley Köniz (SWI)Volley Köniz (SWI)26
39Bielsko-Biala (POL)Bielsko-Biala (POL)26
40VK Prostejov (CZE)VK Prostejov (CZE)25
41Neuchâtel Université (SWI)Neuchâtel Université (SWI)24
42VT Aurubis Hamburg (GER)VT Aurubis Hamburg (GER)24
43Trabzon Idman Ocagi (TUR)Trabzon Idman Ocagi (TUR)24
44Minchanka Minsk (BLR)Minchanka Minsk (BLR)23
45Békéscsabai RSE (HUN)Békéscsabai RSE (HUN)23
46Ilbank SK Ankara (TUR)Ilbank SK Ankara (TUR)22
47OK Calcit Volleyball (SLO)OK Calcit Volleyball (SLO)22
48Mulhouse ASPTT (FRA)Mulhouse ASPTT (FRA)22
49Impel Wroclaw (POL)Impel Wroclaw (POL)22
50SK UP Olomouc (CZE)SK UP Olomouc (CZE)22
51Stod Volley Steinkjer (NOR)Stod Volley Steinkjer (NOR)20
52Igtisadchi Baku (AZE)Igtisadchi Baku (AZE)20
53LJ Volley Modena (ITA)LJ Volley Modena (ITA)20
54NaturHouse Logroño (SPA)NaturHouse Logroño (SPA)20
55Le Cannet-Rocheville (FRA)Le Cannet-Rocheville (FRA)20
56Partizan Vizura Beograd (SCG)Partizan Vizura Beograd (SCG)20
57MTV Stuttgart (GER)MTV Stuttgart (GER)18
58Besiktas Istanbul (TUR)Besiktas Istanbul (TUR)18
59Hämeenlinna HPK (FIN)Hämeenlinna HPK (FIN)17
60Red Star Beograd (SCG)Red Star Beograd (SCG)16
61SF Paris St-Cloud (FRA)SF Paris St-Cloud (FRA)16
62Yenisei Krasnoyarsk (RUS)Yenisei Krasnoyarsk (RUS)16
63Alba Blaj CSV (ROM)Alba Blaj CSV (ROM)16
64Sliedrecht Sport (NED)Sliedrecht Sport (NED)14
65IG Novara Trecate (ITA)IG Novara Trecate (ITA)14
66Charleroi Volley (BEL)Charleroi Volley (BEL)14
67VDK Gent Dames (BEL)VDK Gent Dames (BEL)14
68Stella E.S. Calais (FRA)Stella E.S. Calais (FRA)12
69Dinamo Bucarest (ROM)Dinamo Bucarest (ROM)12
70Jedinstvo Stara Pazova (SCG)Jedinstvo Stara Pazova (SCG)12
71Villa Cortese (ITA)Villa Cortese (ITA)12
72Vasas Budapest (HUN)Vasas Budapest (HUN)12
73SG VB NÖ Sokol/Post SV (AUT)SG VB NÖ Sokol/Post SV (AUT)10
74ZOK Jedinstvo Brcko (BIH)ZOK Jedinstvo Brcko (BIH)10
75VFM Franches-Montagnes (SWI)VFM Franches-Montagnes (SWI)10
76Královo Pole Brno (CZE)Královo Pole Brno (CZE)10
77Sm'Aesch Pfeffingen (SWI)Sm'Aesch Pfeffingen (SWI)10
78Maritza Plovdiv (BUL)Maritza Plovdiv (BUL)10
79AEL Limassol (CYP)AEL Limassol (CYP)10
80Kangasala LP (FIN)Kangasala LP (FIN)10
81Budowlani Lódz (POL)Budowlani Lódz (POL)10
82Kanti Schaffhausen (SWI)Kanti Schaffhausen (SWI)10
83Nantes Volley-Ball (FRA)Nantes Volley-Ball (FRA)10
84ASKÖ Linz, Steg (AUT)ASKÖ Linz, Steg (AUT)10
85TEVA Gödöllöi RC (HUN)TEVA Gödöllöi RC (HUN)10
86Baku VK (AZE)Baku VK (AZE)8
87Pannaxiakos Naxos (GRE)Pannaxiakos Naxos (GRE)8
88Volei 2004 Constanta (ROM)Volei 2004 Constanta (ROM)8
89VK Slavia Bratislava (SVK)VK Slavia Bratislava (SVK)8
90CSU Târgu Mures (ROM)CSU Târgu Mures (ROM)8
91Doprastav Bratislava (SVK)Doprastav Bratislava (SVK)8
92VV Alterno Apeldoorn (NED)VV Alterno Apeldoorn (NED)8
93Orbita Zaporozhye (UKR)Orbita Zaporozhye (UKR)8
94TJ Mittal Ostrava (CZE)TJ Mittal Ostrava (CZE)8
95AEK Athens (GRE)AEK Athens (GRE)8
96Hermes Oostende (BEL)Hermes Oostende (BEL)8
97Wiesbaden VC (GER)Wiesbaden VC (GER)8
98Kolubara Lazarevac (SCG)Kolubara Lazarevac (SCG)8
99Universal Modena (ITA)Universal Modena (ITA)6
100Spartak Subotica (SCG)Spartak Subotica (SCG)6
101Kontynium Volyn Lutsk (UKR)Kontynium Volyn Lutsk (UKR)6
102Atlant Baranovichi (BLR)Atlant Baranovichi (BLR)6
103Çanakkale Belediyespor (TUR)Çanakkale Belediyespor (TUR)4
104Mladost Zagreb (CRO)Mladost Zagreb (CRO)4
105Apollon Limassol (CYP)Apollon Limassol (CYP)4
106Eurosped - TVT Almelo (NED)Eurosped - TVT Almelo (NED)4
107Maccabi XT Haifa (ISR)Maccabi XT Haifa (ISR)4
108TI-P Innsbruck (AUT)TI-P Innsbruck (AUT)4
109Bialystok (POL)Bialystok (POL)4
110TS Volley Düdingen (SWI)TS Volley Düdingen (SWI)4
111WoVo Rovaniemi (FIN)WoVo Rovaniemi (FIN)4
112VC Weert (NED)VC Weert (NED)4
113Robur Tiboni Urbino (ITA)Robur Tiboni Urbino (ITA)4
114RSR Walferdange (LUX)RSR Walferdange (LUX)4
115OK Marina Kastela (CRO)OK Marina Kastela (CRO)4
116Kohila VK (EST)Kohila VK (EST)4
117OK Porec (CRO)OK Porec (CRO)4
118VC Sneek (NED)VC Sneek (NED)4
119Zoersel GHA (BEL)Zoersel GHA (BEL)4
120VC Tirol Innsbruck (AUT)VC Tirol Innsbruck (AUT)2
121Luka Bar (MNE)Luka Bar (MNE)2
122Tent Obrenovac (SCG)Tent Obrenovac (SCG)2
123Saint-Raphaël (FRA)Saint-Raphaël (FRA)2
124VV Peelpush Meijel (NED)VV Peelpush Meijel (NED)2
125BVK Bratislava (SVK)BVK Bratislava (SVK)2
126OrPo Orivesi (FIN)OrPo Orivesi (FIN)2
127USC Münster (GER)USC Münster (GER)2
128CSM Târgoviste (ROM)CSM Târgoviste (ROM)2
129OPE Rethymno (GRE)OPE Rethymno (GRE)2
130TED Ankara Kolejliler (TUR)TED Ankara Kolejliler (TUR)2
131CV Haris Tenerife (SPA)CV Haris Tenerife (SPA)2
132Lindesberg Volley (SWE)Lindesberg Volley (SWE)0
133Randaberg IL (NOR)Randaberg IL (NOR)0
134Fatum Nyíregyháza (HUN)Fatum Nyíregyháza (HUN)0
135ZOK Braslovce (SLO)ZOK Braslovce (SLO)0
136TSV Hartberg (AUT)TSV Hartberg (AUT)0
137KV Drita Gjilan (KOS)KV Drita Gjilan (KOS)0
138Anorthosis Famagusta (CYP)Anorthosis Famagusta (CYP)0
139KV Skënderaj (KOS)KV Skënderaj (KOS)0
140AVC Famalicão (POR)AVC Famalicão (POR)0
141VC Oudegem (BEL)VC Oudegem (BEL)0
142Sparkasse Klagenfurt (AUT)Sparkasse Klagenfurt (AUT)0
143PSvBG Salzburg (AUT)PSvBG Salzburg (AUT)0
144ZOK Gacko (BIH)ZOK Gacko (BIH)0
145VC Mamer (LUX)VC Mamer (LUX)0
146ZOK Split 1700 (CRO)ZOK Split 1700 (CRO)0
147Severodonchanka Severodonetsk (UKR)Severodonchanka Severodonetsk (UKR)0
148Aliansa Sempeter (SLO)Aliansa Sempeter (SLO)0
149AO Thiras (GRE)AO Thiras (GRE)0
150Minatori Rreshen (ALB)Minatori Rreshen (ALB)0
151Levski Siconco Sofia (BUL)Levski Siconco Sofia (BUL)0
152Barcelona (SPA)Barcelona (SPA)0
153ZOK Rijeka (CRO)ZOK Rijeka (CRO)0
154UVC Graz (AUT)UVC Graz (AUT)0
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