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Basketball - 3x3 Men's World Championship - 2017 - Home

Basketball - 3x3 Men's World Championship - 2017 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Andorra 3x3
  • Egypt 3x3
  • El Salvador 3x3
  • Estonia 3x3
  • France 3x3
  • Indonesia 3x3
  • Netherlands 3x3
  • New Zealand 3x3
  • Philippines 3x3
  • Poland 3x3
  • Puerto Rico 3x3
  • Qatar 3x3
  • Republic of Korea 3x3
  • Romania 3x3
  • Russia 3x3
  • Serbia 3x3
  • Slovenia 3x3
  • Sri Lanka 3x3
  • Ukraine 3x3
  • United States 3x3


3x3 Men's World Championship - Home

FranceFrance - Nantes - 17th June 2017 - 21th June 2017

3x3 Men's World Championship 2017 is the 4th edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 17th June till 21th June 2017 in Nantes in France.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 3x3 years.

WinnerSerbia 3x3Serbia 3x3


Group A (France - Nantes - 17/06/2017 - 19/06/2017)

1Serbia 3x384408059+21
2Russia 3x374317366+7
3Puerto Rico 3x364227371+2
4Andorra 3x354135579-24
5Egypt 3x344046268-6
17th June 2017
18h00Russia 3x3Russia 3x319 - 17Puerto Rico 3x3Puerto Rico 3x3
19h30Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x317 - 15Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x3
20h00Puerto Rico 3x3Puerto Rico 3x321 - 12Andorra 3x3Andorra 3x3
20h50Andorra 3x3Andorra 3x315 - 14Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x3
21h50Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x320 - 17Russia 3x3Russia 3x3
19th June 2017
19h35Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x322 - 13Andorra 3x3Andorra 3x3
19h55Puerto Rico 3x3Puerto Rico 3x321 - 19Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x3
20h30Russia 3x3Russia 3x322 - 15Andorra 3x3Andorra 3x3
21h45Russia 3x3Russia 3x315 - 14Egypt 3x3Egypt 3x3
22h15Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x321 - 14Puerto Rico 3x3Puerto Rico 3x3

Detail of the results

Group B (France - Nantes - 18/06/2017 - 20/06/2017)

1Slovenia 3x384408259+23
2France 3x374318147+34
3Philippines 3x364226772-5
4Romania 3x354136176-15
5El Salvador 3x344044885-37
18th June 2017
18h00Philippines 3x3Philippines 3x321 - 15Romania 3x3Romania 3x3
19h10Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x321 - 12Romania 3x3Romania 3x3
19h30France 3x3France 3x321 - 5El Salvador 3x3El Salvador 3x3
20h50Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x321 - 16El Salvador 3x3El Salvador 3x3
21h10France 3x3France 3x322 - 11Philippines 3x3Philippines 3x3
20th June 2017
18h00Romania 3x3Romania 3x322 - 13El Salvador 3x3El Salvador 3x3
18h40Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x319 - 17France 3x3France 3x3
19h40Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x321 - 14Philippines 3x3Philippines 3x3
21h00Philippines 3x3Philippines 3x321 - 14El Salvador 3x3El Salvador 3x3
21h25France 3x3France 3x321 - 12Romania 3x3Romania 3x3

Detail of the results

Group C (France - Nantes - 18/06/2017 - 20/06/2017)

1Ukraine 3x384408655+31
2Qatar 3x374317951+28
3Poland 3x364227263+9
4Estonia 3x354135462-8
5Sri Lanka 3x344042585-60
18th June 2017
14h40Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x322 - 9Sri Lanka 3x3Sri Lanka 3x3
15h00Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x320 - 9Estonia 3x3Estonia 3x3
16h10Estonia 3x3Estonia 3x321 - 2Sri Lanka 3x3Sri Lanka 3x3
16h30Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x321 - 15Poland 3x3Poland 3x3
17h40Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x319 - 17Poland 3x3Poland 3x3
20th June 2017
14h40Poland 3x3Poland 3x318 - 13Estonia 3x3Estonia 3x3
15h00Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x321 - 20Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x3
16h10Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x322 - 11Estonia 3x3Estonia 3x3
16h30Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x320 - 4Sri Lanka 3x3Sri Lanka 3x3
17h40Poland 3x3Poland 3x322 - 10Sri Lanka 3x3Sri Lanka 3x3

Detail of the results

Group D (France - Nantes - 17/06/2017 - 19/06/2017)

1Netherlands 3x384408242+40
2United States 3x374317537+38
3New Zealand 3x354134669-23
4Indonesia 3x354134166-25
5Republic of Korea 3x354133565-30
17th June 2017
14h40Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x322 - 6Republic of Korea 3x3Republic of Korea 3x3
15h00Indonesia 3x3Indonesia 3x315 - 12New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x3
16h10New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x315 - 13Republic of Korea 3x3Republic of Korea 3x3
16h30Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x319 - 12United States 3x3United States 3x3
17h40United States 3x3United States 3x321 - 8Indonesia 3x3Indonesia 3x3
19th June 2017
14h50United States 3x3United States 3x321 - 6New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x3
15h15Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x321 - 11Indonesia 3x3Indonesia 3x3
16h10Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x320 - 13New Zealand 3x3New Zealand 3x3
16h30Republic of Korea 3x3Republic of Korea 3x312 - 7Indonesia 3x3Indonesia 3x3
17h40United States 3x3United States 3x321 - 4Republic of Korea 3x3Republic of Korea 3x3

Detail of the results

Final Round (France - Nantes - 21/06/2017)

Quarter-Finals (21/06/2017)
21th June 2017
14h00Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x317 - 14United States 3x3United States 3x3
14h20France 3x3France 3x320 - 12Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x3
15h55Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x318 - 15Qatar 3x3Qatar 3x3
16h20Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x315 - 13Russia 3x3Russia 3x3

Semi-Finals (21/06/2017)
21th June 2017
17h45Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x322 - 11France 3x3France 3x3
18h05Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x313 - 12Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x3

Third Place Match (21/06/2017)
21th June 2017
19h30France 3x3France 3x318 - 17Slovenia 3x3Slovenia 3x3

Final (21/06/2017)
21th June 2017
21h20Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x321 - 18Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x3

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