Cross Country Skiing - Alpen Cup - Goms : presentation and medal winners

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Results of the last edition (2016-12-16)

Pos Name Nat Result Points
1 Natalia Matveeva  RUS
2 Laurien Van Der Graaff  SWI
3 Nadine Fähndrich  SWI
4 Francesca Baudin  ITA
5 Hanna Kolb  GER
6 Justyna Kowalczyk  POL
7 Sofie Krehl  GER
8 Laura Gimmler  GER
9 Vesna Fabjan  SLO
10 Caterina Ganz  ITA

Medal winners since 2017 with links to results and winners

2017  1. RussiaRussia Natalia Matveeva  2. SwitzerlandSwitzerland Laurien Van Der Graaff  3. SwitzerlandSwitzerland Nadine Fähndrich 

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