Cross Country Skiing - Nor-Am Cup - Sovereign Lake : presentation and medal winners

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Results of the last edition (2016-12-10)

Pos Name Nat Result Points
1 Julia Kern  USA
2 Elizabeth Guiney  USA
3 Kaitlynn Miller  USA
4 Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt  CAN
5 Jennie Bender  USA
6 Heather Mooney  USA
7 Becca Rorabaugh  USA
8 Erika Flowers  USA
9 Mary O'Connell  USA
10 Jessica Yeaton  AUS

Medal winners since 2016 with links to results and winners

2017  1. United StatesUnited States Julia Kern  2. United StatesUnited States Elizabeth Guiney  3. United StatesUnited States Kaitlynn Miller 
2016  1. CanadaCanada Maya Macisaac-Jones  2. CanadaCanada Andrea Dupont  3. CanadaCanada Marie Corriveau 

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