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Football - Soccer - Copa Argentina - 2018 - Home

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Copa Argentina - Home

ArgentinaArgentina - 9th May 2018 - 29th November 2018

Round of 64 (03/08/2018)
9th May 2018
20h40Argentinos JuniorsArgentinos Juniors2 - 1CA Independiente ChivilcoyCA Independiente Chivilcoy
15th May 2018
23h00Chacarita JuniorsChacarita Juniors0 - 3Club Deportivo MaipúClub Deportivo Maipú
17th May 2018
22h10Unión de Santa FeUnión de Santa Fe2 - 0Juventud Unida de GualeguaychúJuventud Unida de Gualeguaychú
18th May 2018
02h10Racing ClubRacing Club0 - 1CA Sarmiento ResistenciaCA Sarmiento Resistencia
21h00C.S.D. Defensa y JusticiaC.S.D. Defensa y Justicia1 - 0Club Atlético MitreClub Atlético Mitre
19th May 2018
02h10Newell's Old BoysNewell's Old Boys2 - 0Deportivo RincónDeportivo Rincón
21th May 2018
00h10Belgrano de CórdobaBelgrano de Córdoba0 - 1CA PlatenseCA Platense
26th May 2018
18h30Arsenal de SarandíArsenal de Sarandí0 - 0 (2 pen 3)Club CipollettiClub Cipolletti
16th July 2018
21h00Club Agropecuario ArgentinoClub Agropecuario Argentino0 - 1Club LujánClub Luján
17th July 2018
02h10San Lorenzo de AlmagroSan Lorenzo de Almagro1 - 0Racing de CórdobaRacing de Córdoba
21h00Vélez SársfieldVélez Sársfield1 - 1 (3 pen 4)Central Córdoba de Santiago del EsteroCentral Córdoba de Santiago del Estero
18th July 2018
02h10Villa DálmineVilla Dálmine0 - 0 (4 pen 3)UAI UrquizaUAI Urquiza
19th July 2018
03h00Club Atlético BanfieldClub Atlético Banfield1 - 1 (2 pen 3)General LamadridGeneral Lamadrid
20th July 2018
19h30CA TigreCA Tigre1 - 0Guillermo Brown de Puerto MadrynGuillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn
22h10Olimpo Bahia BlancaOlimpo Bahia Blanca1 - 1 (2 pen 1)Club Atlético AldosiviClub Atlético Aldosivi
21th July 2018
02h10CA IndependienteCA Independiente8 - 0Central BallesterCentral Ballester
20h00San Martín de San JuanSan Martín de San Juan0 - 0 (4 pen 5)Brown de AdroguéBrown de Adrogué
22h30Gimnasia La PlataGimnasia La Plata1 - 0Sportivo BelgranoSportivo Belgrano
22th July 2018
01h10Colón de Santa FéColón de Santa Fé1 - 1 (4 pen 3)Club Deportivo MorónClub Deportivo Morón
20h00Club Atlético TucumánClub Atlético Tucumán1 - 0CSD Tristán SuárezCSD Tristán Suárez
23h00River PlateRiver Plate7 - 0Central NorteCentral Norte
24th July 2018
02h10Godoy CruzGodoy Cruz1 - 1 (2 pen 4)Defensores UnidosDefensores Unidos
22h10Atlético de RafaelaAtlético de Rafaela4 - 1Defensores de BelgranoDefensores de Belgrano
25th July 2018
02h10Estudiantes de La PlataEstudiantes de La Plata4 - 0Central Córdoba de RosarioCentral Córdoba de Rosario
26th July 2018
02h10Club Atlético HuracánClub Atlético Huracán1 - 0Victoriano ArenasVictoriano Arenas
27th July 2018
02h10Patronato de ParanáPatronato de Paraná1 - 2San Martin TucumanSan Martin Tucuman
22h10CA TemperleyCA Temperley1 - 0Estudiantes de Buenos AiresEstudiantes de Buenos Aires
29th July 2018
23h00Club AlmagroClub Almagro1 - 0Gimnasia JujuyGimnasia Jujuy
31th July 2018
02h10Club Atlético LanúsClub Atlético Lanús1 - 1 (4 pen 2)Douglas HaigDouglas Haig
1st August 2018
02h10Talleres de CórdobaTalleres de Córdoba2 - 1Ferrocarril MidlandFerrocarril Midland
2nd August 2018
00h15Boca JuniorsBoca Juniors6 - 0Alvarado de Mar del PlataAlvarado de Mar del Plata
3rd August 2018
02h10Rosario CentralRosario Central6 - 0Juventud AntonianaJuventud Antoniana

Round of 32 (11/09/2018)
29th July 2018
00h10River PlateRiver Plate3 - 1Villa DálmineVilla Dálmine
20h10Gimnasia La PlataGimnasia La Plata1 - 0Olimpo Bahia BlancaOlimpo Bahia Blanca
4th August 2018
02h00Club Atlético HuracánClub Atlético Huracán0 - 2Club Atlético TucumánClub Atlético Tucumán
5th August 2018
02h15Central Córdoba de Santiago del EsteroCentral Córdoba de Santiago del Estero2 - 0CA TigreCA Tigre
22h05Newell's Old BoysNewell's Old Boys3 - 0Defensores UnidosDefensores Unidos
6th August 2018
00h10Argentinos JuniorsArgentinos Juniors0 - 0 (4 pen 3)C.S.D. Defensa y JusticiaC.S.D. Defensa y Justicia
9th August 2018
02h15General LamadridGeneral Lamadrid0 - 1CA PlatenseCA Platense
17th August 2018
22h00Club Deportivo MaipúClub Deportivo Maipú0 - 4CA TemperleyCA Temperley
19th August 2018
20h10Club CipollettiClub Cipolletti0 - 2Club AlmagroClub Almagro
23th August 2018
01h00Club Atlético LanúsClub Atlético Lanús1 - 2Atlético de RafaelaAtlético de Rafaela
6th September 2018
20h40Estudiantes de La PlataEstudiantes de La Plata0 - 0 (4 pen 1)Club LujánClub Luján
7th September 2018
02h10Rosario CentralRosario Central0 - 0 (5 pen 3)Talleres de CórdobaTalleres de Córdoba
23h00Boca JuniorsBoca Juniors2 - 0San Martin TucumanSan Martin Tucuman
8th September 2018
02h10San Lorenzo de AlmagroSan Lorenzo de Almagro2 - 2 (3 pen 1)Colón de Santa FéColón de Santa Fé
10th September 2018
01h10CA Sarmiento ResistenciaCA Sarmiento Resistencia2 - 1Unión de Santa FeUnión de Santa Fe
11th September 2018
02h10CA IndependienteCA Independiente1 - 1 (3 pen 4)Brown de AdroguéBrown de Adrogué

Round of 16 (04/10/2018)
8th September 2018
18h15Newell's Old BoysNewell's Old Boys0 - 0 (5 pen 3)Club Atlético TucumánClub Atlético Tucumán
9th September 2018
20h10Argentinos JuniorsArgentinos Juniors0 - 2CA TemperleyCA Temperley
13th September 2018
01h10River PlateRiver Plate2 - 0CA PlatenseCA Platense
27th September 2018
02h10Central Córdoba de RosarioCentral Córdoba de Rosario1 - 0Brown de AdroguéBrown de Adrogué
28th September 2018
02h10Boca JuniorsBoca Juniors0 - 1Gimnasia La PlataGimnasia La Plata
3rd October 2018
00h00CA Sarmiento ResistenciaCA Sarmiento Resistencia2 - 0Atlético de RafaelaAtlético de Rafaela
23h30Estudiantes de La PlataEstudiantes de La Plata1 - 3San Lorenzo de AlmagroSan Lorenzo de Almagro
4th October 2018
02h30Rosario CentralRosario Central1 - 1 (5 pen 4)Club AlmagroClub Almagro

Quarter-Finals (01/11/2018)
7th October 2018
20h30River PlateRiver Plate3 - 1CA Sarmiento ResistenciaCA Sarmiento Resistencia
13th October 2018
20h00Central Córdoba de Santiago del EsteroCentral Córdoba de Santiago del Estero1 - 1 (3 pen 4)Gimnasia La PlataGimnasia La Plata
1st November 2018
19h30Newell's Old BoysNewell's Old Boys1 - 2Rosario CentralRosario Central
23h00San Lorenzo de AlmagroSan Lorenzo de Almagro1 - 1 (1 pen 4)CA TemperleyCA Temperley

Semi-Finals (18/11/2018)
18th November 2018
21h10CA TemperleyCA Temperley - Rosario CentralRosario Central
29th November 2018
01h10River PlateRiver Plate - Gimnasia La PlataGimnasia La Plata


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