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To contact the webmaster, send an email to the following address:

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22 rue des Boutons d'Or, 88000 Épinal


If you are the webmaster of a site for sports, on-site betting or statistics, may be interested in a partnership (link exchange, banners). If this interests you, send an email to the following address:


Maintaining a web site like this is a lot of work! If you find any errors in the data or translation, please email me at:


Thank to Polo, Luc, Djé, Seb, Lionel and others to have made remarks on the site and I hope that they will continue.
Thank to Polo for its assistance in the translation, considering my English is not so good. Thank to Luc also for the update for the data of the site when I was on a journey to Nepal.
Thank finally to all the people who send me an email or who leave a post on the forum (which is no longer online) when they found an error in the data.

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