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Football - Soccer - English Premier League - 2023/2024 - Home

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English Premier League 2023/2024 - Home

EnglandEngland - 11 August 2023 - 19 May 2024


1Manchester City (ENG)155500143+11
2Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)135410135+8
3Liverpool FC (ENG)135410124+8
4Arsenal FC (ENG)13541094+5
5Brighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)125401157+8
6West Ham United (ENG)105311107+3
7Aston Villa (ENG)953021110+1
8Nottingham Forest (ENG)75212770
9Crystal Palace (ENG)7521267-1
10Fulham FC (ENG)75212510-5
11Brentford FC (ENG)6513186+2
12Newcastle United (ENG)6520387+1
13Manchester United (ENG)65203610-4
14Chelsea FC (ENG)55122550
15Buxton FC (ENG)3110050+5
16Braintree Town FC (ENG)3110040+4
-South Shields FC (ENG)3110040+4
-Manchester City U21 (ENG)3110040+4
19Tonbridge Angels FC (ENG)3110052+3
20Boston United FC (ENG)3110031+2
-Farnborough F.C. (ENG)3110031+2
22Bath City F.C. (ENG)3110020+2
-Brackley Town F.C. (ENG)3110020+2
24Maidstone United FC (ENG)3110032+1
-Norwich City U21 (ENG)3110032+1
26Bristol City (ENG)3110021+1
-Aveley FC (ENG)3110021+1
-Eastbourne Borough F.C. (ENG)3110021+1
-Chorley FC (ENG)3110021+1
30Southport F.C. (ENG)3110010+1
-Tamworth FC (ENG)3110010+1
-Rushall Olympic FC (ENG)3110010+1
-Taunton Town FC (ENG)3110010+1
34Bournemouth (ENG)3503248-4
35Wolverhampton Wanderers (ENG)35104511-6
36Scunthorpe United (ENG)11010220
-Alfreton Town F.C. (ENG)11010220
38Birmingham City (ENG)11010110
-Millwall (ENG)11010110
-Yeovil Town FC (ENG)11010110
-Scarborough FC (ENG)11010110
-Chelmsford City F.C. (ENG)11010110
-Gloucester City A.F.C. (ENG)11010110
-Dover Athletic F.C. (ENG)11010110
-Chippenham Town FC (ENG)11010110
-Chester FC (ENG)11010110
-Spennymoor Town FC (ENG)11010110
48Hemel Hempstead Town F.C. (ENG)11010000
-St. Albans City F.C. (ENG)11010000
-Welling United F.C. (ENG)11010000
-Truro City FC (ENG)11010000
52Sheffield United (ENG)1501459-4
53Everton FC (ENG)1501429-7
54Burnley FC (ENG)14013412-8
55Blackburn Rovers (ENG)00000000
-Leeds United (ENG)00000000
-Southampton (ENG)00000000
-Leicester City (ENG)00000000
-Middlesbrough FC (ENG)00000000
-Sunderland (ENG)00000000
-Ipswich Town (ENG)00000000
-West Bromwich Albion (ENG)00000000
-Norwich City (ENG)00000000
-Sheffield Wednesday (ENG)00000000
-Preston North End (ENG)00000000
-Queens Park Rangers (ENG)00000000
-Stoke City (ENG)00000000
-Watford (ENG)00000000
-Cardiff City FC (GAL)00000000
-Coventry City (ENG)00000000
-Hull City (ENG)00000000
-Plymouth Argyle FC (ENG)00000000
-Rotherham United (ENG)00000000
-Huddersfield Town (ENG)00000000
-Farsley AFC (ENG)00000000
-Tottenham Hotspur U21 (ENG)00000000
77Weymouth FC (ENG)0100123-1
-Leicester City U21 (ENG)0100123-1
79Swansea City (GAL)0100112-1
-Torquay United FC (ENG)0100112-1
-Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C. (ENG)0100112-1
-Bishop's Stortford (ENG)0100112-1
83Hereford United F.C. (ENG)0100101-1
-Dartford F.C. (ENG)0100101-1
-Curzon Ashton F.C. (ENG)0100101-1
-Peterborough Sports FC (ENG)0100101-1
87Blyth Spartans A.F.C. (ENG)0100113-2
-Hampton And Richmond Borough FC (ENG)0100113-2
89Havant & Waterlooville FC (ENG)0100102-2
-Warrington Town A.F.C. (ENG)0100102-2
91Slough Town FC (ENG)0100125-3
92Banbury United F.C. (ENG)0100104-4
-Worthing F.C. (ENG)0100104-4
-Newcastle United U21 (ENG)0100104-4
95Darlington 1883 (ENG)0100105-5
96Luton Town (ENG)04004210-8

Le champion en titre du championnat est Manchester City, qui a devancé en 2022/2023, FC Arsenal et Manchester United. Les équipes promues l'année précédente, qui jouent donc nouvellement dans ce championnat, sont : Buxton FC, Braintree Town FC, South Shields FC, Manchester City U21, Tonbridge Angels FC, Boston United FC, Farnborough F.C., Bath City F.C., Brackley Town F.C., Maidstone United FC, Norwich City U21, Bristol City, Aveley FC, Eastbourne Borough F.C., Chorley FC, Southport F.C., Tamworth FC, Rushall Olympic FC, Taunton Town FC, Scunthorpe United , Alfreton Town F.C., Birmingham City, Millwall, Yeovil Town FC, Scarborough FC, Chelmsford City F.C., Gloucester City A.F.C., Dover Athletic F.C., Chippenham Town FC, Chester FC, Spennymoor Town FC, Hemel Hempstead Town F.C., St. Albans City F.C., Welling United F.C., Truro City FC, Sheffield United, Burnley FC, Blackburn Rovers, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Ipswich Town, West Bromwich Albion, Norwich City, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston North End, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke City, Watford, Cardiff City FC, Coventry City, Hull City, Plymouth Argyle , Rotherham United, Huddersfield Town, Farsley AFC, Tottenham Hotspur U21, Weymouth FC, Leicester City U21, Swansea City, Torquay United FC, Weston-Super-Mare A.F.C., Bishop's Stortford, Hereford United F.C., Dartford F.C., Curzon Ashton F.C., Peterborough Sports FC, Blyth Spartans A.F.C., Hampton And Richmond Borough FC, Havant & Waterlooville FC, Warrington Town A.F.C., Slough Town FC, Banbury United F.C., Worthing F.C., Newcastle United U21, Darlington 1883, Luton Town.

Last matches

16 September 2023
13h30Wolverhampton Wanderers (ENG)Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 - 3Liverpool FCLiverpool FC (ENG)
16h00Manchester United (ENG)Manchester United1 - 3Brighton & Hove Albion FCBrighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)
16h00Fulham FC (ENG)Fulham FC1 - 0Luton TownLuton Town (ENG)
16h00West Ham United (ENG)West Ham United1 - 3Manchester CityManchester City (ENG)
16h00Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)Tottenham Hotspur FC2 - 1Sheffield UnitedSheffield United (ENG)
16h00Aston Villa (ENG)Aston Villa3 - 1Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace (ENG)
18h30Newcastle United (ENG)Newcastle United1 - 0Brentford FCBrentford FC (ENG)
17 September 2023
15h00Bournemouth (ENG)Bournemouth0 - 0Chelsea FCChelsea FC (ENG)
17h30Everton FC (ENG)Everton FC0 - 1Arsenal FCArsenal FC (ENG)
18 September 2023
20h45Nottingham Forest (ENG)Nottingham Forest1 - 1Burnley FCBurnley FC (ENG)

Next matches

19 August 2023
16h00Luton Town (ENG)Luton TownPostponedBurnley FCBurnley FC (ENG)
22 September 2023
21h00Birmingham City (ENG)Birmingham City - Queens Park RangersQueens Park Rangers (ENG)
23 September 2023
16h00Crystal Palace (ENG)Crystal Palace - Fulham FCFulham FC (ENG)
16h00Manchester City (ENG)Manchester City - Nottingham ForestNottingham Forest (ENG)
16h00Luton Town (ENG)Luton Town - Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers (ENG)
18h30Brentford FC (ENG)Brentford FC - Everton FCEverton FC (ENG)
21h00Burnley FC (ENG)Burnley FC - Manchester UnitedManchester United (ENG)
24 September 2023
15h00Arsenal FC (ENG)Arsenal FC - Tottenham Hotspur FCTottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)
15h00Liverpool FC (ENG)Liverpool FC - West Ham UnitedWest Ham United (ENG)
15h00Brighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)Brighton & Hove Albion FC - BournemouthBournemouth (ENG)
15h00Chelsea FC (ENG)Chelsea FC - Aston VillaAston Villa (ENG)
17h30Sheffield United (ENG)Sheffield United - Newcastle UnitedNewcastle United (ENG)
30 September 2023
13h30Aston Villa (ENG)Aston Villa - Brighton & Hove Albion FCBrighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)
16h00Newcastle United (ENG)Newcastle United - Burnley FCBurnley FC (ENG)
16h00Bournemouth (ENG)Bournemouth - Arsenal FCArsenal FC (ENG)
16h00West Ham United (ENG)West Ham United - Sheffield UnitedSheffield United (ENG)
16h00Everton FC (ENG)Everton FC - Luton TownLuton Town (ENG)
16h00Manchester United (ENG)Manchester United - Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace (ENG)
16h00Wolverhampton Wanderers (ENG)Wolverhampton Wanderers - Manchester CityManchester City (ENG)
18h30Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)Tottenham Hotspur FC - Liverpool FCLiverpool FC (ENG)
1 October 2023
15h00Nottingham Forest (ENG)Nottingham Forest - Brentford FCBrentford FC (ENG)
2 October 2023
21h00Fulham FC (ENG)Fulham FC - Chelsea FCChelsea FC (ENG)
7 October 2023
16h00Crystal Palace (ENG)Crystal Palace - Nottingham ForestNottingham Forest (ENG)
16h00Fulham FC (ENG)Fulham FC - Sheffield UnitedSheffield United (ENG)
16h00Luton Town (ENG)Luton Town - Tottenham Hotspur FCTottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)
16h00Manchester United (ENG)Manchester United - Brentford FCBrentford FC (ENG)
16h00West Ham United (ENG)West Ham United - Newcastle UnitedNewcastle United (ENG)
16h00Burnley FC (ENG)Burnley FC - Chelsea FCChelsea FC (ENG)
16h00Brighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)Brighton & Hove Albion FC - Liverpool FCLiverpool FC (ENG)
16h00Arsenal FC (ENG)Arsenal FC - Manchester CityManchester City (ENG)
16h00Wolverhampton Wanderers (ENG)Wolverhampton Wanderers - Aston VillaAston Villa (ENG)
16h00Everton FC (ENG)Everton FC - BournemouthBournemouth (ENG)
21 October 2023
16h00Sheffield United (ENG)Sheffield United - Manchester UnitedManchester United (ENG)
16h00Brentford FC (ENG)Brentford FC - Burnley FCBurnley FC (ENG)
16h00Chelsea FC (ENG)Chelsea FC - Arsenal FCArsenal FC (ENG)
16h00Bournemouth (ENG)Bournemouth - Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers (ENG)
16h00Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)Tottenham Hotspur FC - Fulham FCFulham FC (ENG)
16h00Aston Villa (ENG)Aston Villa - West Ham UnitedWest Ham United (ENG)
16h00Nottingham Forest (ENG)Nottingham Forest - Luton TownLuton Town (ENG)
16h00Newcastle United (ENG)Newcastle United - Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace (ENG)
16h00Manchester City (ENG)Manchester City - Brighton & Hove Albion FCBrighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)
16h00Liverpool FC (ENG)Liverpool FC - Everton FCEverton FC (ENG)
28 October 2023
16h00Manchester United (ENG)Manchester United - Manchester CityManchester City (ENG)
16h00Liverpool FC (ENG)Liverpool FC - Nottingham ForestNottingham Forest (ENG)
16h00Crystal Palace (ENG)Crystal Palace - Tottenham Hotspur FCTottenham Hotspur FC (ENG)
16h00Chelsea FC (ENG)Chelsea FC - Brentford FCBrentford FC (ENG)
16h00Brighton & Hove Albion FC (ENG)Brighton & Hove Albion FC - Fulham FCFulham FC (ENG)
16h00Aston Villa (ENG)Aston Villa - Luton TownLuton Town (ENG)

Detail of the results


  • General statistics
    • Number of events : 1
    • Number of rounds : 38
    • Matches : 76
    • Home victories : 33 (43 %)
    • Away victories : 26 (34 %)
    • Drawn matches : 17 (23 %)
    • Best round in goals : 4th (117 goals)
    • Average of goals per match : 2.99
    • Goals scored average at home : 1.64
    • Goals scored average: away games : 1.34
    • Total number of goals : 227
    • Average goals per round : 5.97
  • Various statistics

    1Manchester City5
    2Arsenal FC4
    3Brighton & Hove Albion.4
    4Liverpool FC4
    5Tottenham Hotspur FC4
    6Aston Villa3
    Drawn matches
    2Brentford FC3
    3Chelsea FC2
    4Alfreton Town F.C.1
    5Arsenal FC1
    6Birmingham City1
    1Everton FC4
    2Luton Town4
    3Sheffield United4
    4Wolverhampton Wanderers 4
    5Burnley FC3
    6Manchester United3

    Home victories
    1Arsenal FC2
    2Aston Villa2
    3Brighton & Hove Albion.2
    4Liverpool FC2
    5Manchester City2
    6Manchester United2
    Tie games at home
    1Brentford FC3
    3Alfreton Town F.C.1
    4Arsenal FC1
    5Birmingham City1
    6Chelsea FC1
    Losses at home
    1Burnley FC3
    2Everton FC3
    3Sheffield United2
    4Wolverhampton Wanderers 2
    6Brighton & Hove Albion.1

    Away victories
    1Manchester City3
    2Arsenal FC2
    3Brighton & Hove Albion.2
    4Liverpool FC2
    5Tottenham Hotspur FC2
    6West Ham United2
    Tie games: away
    2Burnley FC1
    3Chelmsford City F.C.1
    4Chelsea FC1
    5Chester FC1
    6Chippenham Town FC1
    Losses: Away
    1Luton Town3
    2Aston Villa2
    3Manchester United2
    4Newcastle United2
    5Nottingham Forest2
    6Sheffield United2
  • Game/match scores

    1-1912 %0-1811 %3-179 %
    2-168 %1-068 %2-257 %
    1-357 %1-245 %4-034 %
    2-034 %0-034 %5-123 %
    3-223 %3-023 %2-523 %
    2-323 %0-323 %5-011 %
    4-111 %1-411 %0-411 %
    0-211 %

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