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Football - Soccer - Under 20 Elite League - 2017/2018 - Home

Football - Soccer - Under 20 Elite League - 2017/2018 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Czech Republic U-20
  • England U-20
  • Germany U-20
  • Italy U-20
  • Netherlands U-20
  • Poland U-20
  • Portugal U-20
  • Switzerland U-20


Under 20 Elite League - Home

31th August 2017 - 27th March 2018

Teams are restricted to the players of less than 20 years.

WinnerGermany U-20Germany U-20



1Germany U-20177520136+7
2England U-20167511173+14
3Czech Republic U-201474211611+5
4Italy U-20772141416-2
5Portugal U-2077214712-5
6Switzerland U-2067133610-4
7Netherlands U-206720539-6
8Poland U-2057124615-9
31th August 2017
16h00Poland U-20Poland U-200 - 0Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-20
19h00Portugal U-20Portugal U-200 - 3Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-20
19h00England U-20England U-203 - 0Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-20
4th September 2017
15h00Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-201 - 0Portugal U-20Portugal U-20
17h00Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-200 - 0England U-20England U-20
17h00Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-202 - 2Germany U-20Germany U-20
5th September 2017
14h00Italy U-20Italy U-206 - 1Poland U-20Poland U-20
5th October 2017
16h00Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-200 - 1Germany U-20Germany U-20
16h50Italy U-20Italy U-201 - 5England U-20England U-20
17h00Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-201 - 1Portugal U-20Portugal U-20
6th October 2017
14h30Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-203 - 3Poland U-20Poland U-20
9th October 2017
13h00Poland U-20Poland U-201 - 0Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-20
15h00Germany U-20Germany U-202 - 1Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-20
10th October 2017
14h00England U-20England U-204 - 0Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-20
16h00Portugal U-20Portugal U-204 - 2Italy U-20Italy U-20
9th November 2017
16h00Poland U-20Poland U-201 - 2Portugal U-20Portugal U-20
17h00Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-201 - 0Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-20
17h00Germany U-20Germany U-202 - 2Italy U-20Italy U-20
13th November 2017
17h00Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-201 - 4Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-20
14th November 2017
14h00Italy U-20Italy U-201 - 0Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-20
17h00Germany U-20Germany U-202 - 1England U-20England U-20
22th March 2018
14h30Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-201 - 0Italy U-20Italy U-20
17h00Portugal U-20Portugal U-200 - 1Germany U-20Germany U-20
18h00Poland U-20Poland U-200 - 1England U-20England U-20
27th March 2018
14h00Italy U-20Italy U-202 - 3Switzerland U-20Switzerland U-20
18h00Germany U-20Germany U-203 - 0Poland U-20Poland U-20
18h30Netherlands U-20Netherlands U-201 - 3Czech Republic U-20Czech Republic U-20
20h00England U-20England U-203 - 0Portugal U-20Portugal U-20

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