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Football - Soccer - Costa Rican Primera División - 2020/2021 - Home

Football - Soccer - Costa Rican Primera División - 2020/2021 - Home

Choice of a season :

Costa Rica
  • AD San Carlos
  • C.D. Saprissa
  • C.S. Cartaginés
  • C.S. Herediano
  • Guadalupe FC
  • Jicaral Sercoba
  • L.D. Alajuelense
  • Limón FC
  • Municipal Grecia
  • Municipal Pérez Zeledón
  • Santos de Guápiles
  • Sporting San José FC


Costa Rican Primera División 2020/2021 - Home

Costa RicaCosta Rica

WinnerL.D. Alajuelense : L.D. Alajuelense

Invierno (Costa Rica - 15/08/2020 - 06/12/2020)

1L.D. Alajuelense371612133618+18
2C.D. Saprissa30169342916+13
3C.S. Cartaginés29169253216+16
4C.S. Herediano26167542719+8
5AD San Carlos23166551415-1
6Limón FC23166551524-9
7Guadalupe FC21166372527-2
8Jicaral Sercoba18164661415-1
9Sporting San José FC18165382024-4
10Municipal Pérez Zeledón15164392034-14
11Santos de Guápiles14162861224-12
12Municipal Grecia101624101426-12


5 December 2020
21h00Jicaral SercobaJicaral Sercoba0 - 0C.S. HeredianoC.S. Herediano
21h00Sporting San José FCSporting San José FC3 - 1Santos de GuápilesSantos de Guápiles
6 December 2020
01h00L.D. AlajuelenseL.D. Alajuelense4 - 1Limón FCLimón FC
22h00Municipal GreciaMunicipal Grecia0 - 3C.D. SaprissaC.D. Saprissa
22h00Municipal Pérez ZeledónMunicipal Pérez Zeledón1 - 4C.S. CartaginésC.S. Cartaginés
22h00Guadalupe FCGuadalupe FC3 - 0AD San CarlosAD San Carlos

Detail of the results

Invierno Playoffs (Costa Rica - 10/12/2020 - 21/12/2020)

10 December 2020
03h00C.S. HeredianoC.S. Herediano3 - 0C.D. SaprissaC.D. Saprissa
22h00C.S. CartaginésC.S. Cartaginés2 - 3L.D. AlajuelenseL.D. Alajuelense
13 December 2020
01h00L.D. AlajuelenseL.D. Alajuelense1 - 1C.S. CartaginésC.S. Cartaginés
23h00C.D. SaprissaC.D. Saprissa1 - 1C.S. HeredianoC.S. Herediano

17 December 2020
03h00C.S. HeredianoC.S. Herediano0 - 1L.D. AlajuelenseL.D. Alajuelense
21 December 2020
03h00L.D. AlajuelenseL.D. Alajuelense1 - 0C.S. HeredianoC.S. Herediano

Detail of the results

Verano (Costa Rica - 13/01/2021 - 09/05/2021)

1AD San Carlos8422053+2
2L.D. Alajuelense7321051+4
3Santos de Guápiles6320131+2
4C.S. Cartaginés6320143+1
5Jicaral Sercoba5312053+2
6Sporting San José FC43111440
7Municipal Grecia33030220
8Municipal Pérez Zeledón3310225-3
9C.D. Saprissa22020220
10C.S. Herediano1301246-2
11Guadalupe FC0200213-2
12Limón FC0200204-4


24 January 2021
00h00Sporting San José FCSporting San José FC0 - 1Santos de GuápilesSantos de Guápiles
02h00L.D. AlajuelenseL.D. Alajuelense1 - 1AD San CarlosAD San Carlos
21h00Municipal GreciaMunicipal Grecia - Municipal Pérez ZeledónMunicipal Pérez Zeledón
22h00C.S. CartaginésC.S. Cartaginés - Limón FCLimón FC
22h00Guadalupe FCGuadalupe FC - C.D. SaprissaC.D. Saprissa
22h00Jicaral SercobaJicaral Sercoba - C.S. HeredianoC.S. Herediano

Detail of the results

Verano Playoffs (Costa Rica - 14/06/2021 - 30/06/2021)



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