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Football - Soccer - Taiwan Premier League - Statistics

Football - Soccer - Taiwan Premier League - Statistics

Choice of a season :

  • CPC Corporation FC
  • FC Taicheng Lions
  • Hang Yuen FC
  • Hasus TSU FC
  • Taichung Futuro FC
  • Taiwan Power Company FC
  • Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan City FC
  • Tatung FC


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Taiwan Premier League - Statistics

  • Summary by team since 2017
    TeamVictoriesFirst VictoryLast Victory
    Tatung FCTatung FC320172019
    Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan City FCTaiwan Steel FC - Tainan City FC120202020
  • All podiums since 2017
  • Podiums by city since 2017
    LocationWinnersSecond placeThird place
    Kaohsiung City40
    New Taipei City3
  • Various statistics since 2020

    Number of appearances
    1FC Taicheng Lions2
    2Hang Yuen FC2
    3Hasus TSU FC2
    4Taichung Futuro FC2
    5Taiwan Power Company FC2
    6Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.2
    7Tatung FC2
    8CPC Corporation FC1
    9Ming Chuan University FC1
    Number of matches
    1Tatung FC21
    2Taiwan Power Company FC21
    3Hang Yuen FC21
    4Taichung Futuro FC21
    5Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.21
    6FC Taicheng Lions21
    7Hasus TSU FC21
    8Ming Chuan University FC21
    9Ming Chuan University FC1
    Games per appearance
    1Ming Chuan University FC21
    2FC Taicheng Lions10.5
    3Hang Yuen FC10.5
    4Hasus TSU FC10.5
    5Taichung Futuro FC10.5
    6Taiwan Power Company FC10.5
    7Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.10.5
    8Tatung FC10.5
    9Ming Chuan University FC1

    1Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.16
    2Taiwan Power Company FC14
    3Taichung Futuro FC12
    4Tatung FC12
    5Hang Yuen FC9
    6Hasus TSU FC6
    7FC Taicheng Lions2
    8Ming Chuan University FC2
    9Ming Chuan University FC1
    Number of wins in games played
    1Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.76 %
    2Taiwan Power Company FC67 %
    3Taichung Futuro FC57 %
    4Tatung FC57 %
    5Hang Yuen FC43 %
    6Hasus TSU FC29 %
    7FC Taicheng Lions10 %
    8Ming Chuan University FC10 %
    9Ming Chuan University FC1
    Drawn matches
    1Hang Yuen FC6
    2Taiwan Power Company FC4
    3FC Taicheng Lions3
    4Taichung Futuro FC3
    5Hasus TSU FC2
    6Ming Chuan University FC2
    7Tatung FC2
    8Ming Chuan University FC1
    9Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.0

    1Ming Chuan University FC17
    2FC Taicheng Lions16
    3Hasus TSU FC13
    4Tatung FC7
    5Hang Yuen FC6
    6Taichung Futuro FC6
    7Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.5
    8Taiwan Power Company FC3
    9Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.0
    Number of losses in games played
    1Ming Chuan University FC81 %
    2FC Taicheng Lions76 %
    3Hasus TSU FC62 %
    4Tatung FC33 %
    5Hang Yuen FC29 %
    6Taichung Futuro FC29 %
    7Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.24 %
    8Taiwan Power Company FC14 %
    9Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.0
    Number of ties in games played
    1Hang Yuen FC29 %
    2Taiwan Power Company FC19 %
    3FC Taicheng Lions14 %
    4Taichung Futuro FC14 %
    5Hasus TSU FC10 %
    6Ming Chuan University FC10 %
    7Tatung FC10 %
    8Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.0 %
    9Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan C.0
  • All time table since 2020

    (Based on W=3 pts, D=1 pts and L=0 pts)

    1Taiwan Steel FC - Tainan City FCTaiwan Steel FC - Tainan City FC220201st482116055826+32
    2Taiwan Power Company FCTaiwan Power Company FC220202nd462114434127+14
    3Taichung Futuro FCTaichung Futuro FC220203rd392112363317+16
    4Tatung FCTatung FC220204th382112274724+23
    5Hang Yuen FCHang Yuen FC220205th33219662420+4
    6Hasus TSU FCHasus TSU FC220206th202162132750-23
    7FC Taicheng LionsFC Taicheng Lions220207th92123161958-39
    8Ming Chuan University FCMing Chuan University FC120208th82122172148-27


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