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Dominican Republic U-20

Handball - Dominican Republic U-20 (Women)

Dominican RepublicDominican Republic

The Dominican Republic women's national handball under-20 team represents the Dominican Republic in the international under-20 handball competitions. The governing body is the Federacion Dominicana De Balonmano.

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Dominican Republic U-20 - Results

Women's Friendly Games U20 - 2021

24 November 2021 - 01h40
Women's Friendly Games U20
Paraguay U-20Paraguay U-2049 - 26Dominican Republic U-20Dominican Republic U-20
25 November 2021 - 21h40
Women's Friendly Games U20
Cuba U-20Cuba U-2043 - 27Dominican Republic U-20Dominican Republic U-20
26 November 2021 - 16h00
Women's Friendly Games U20
Brazil U-20Brazil U-2040 - 14Dominican Republic U-20Dominican Republic U-20
27 November 2021 - 17h40
Women's Friendly Games U20
Mexico U-20Mexico U-2032 - 28Dominican Republic U-20Dominican Republic U-20
28 November 2021 - 15h00
Women's Friendly Games U20
Colombia U-20Colombia U-2032 - 31Dominican Republic U-20Dominican Republic U-20


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