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CanadaCanada - Winnipeg- Founded in 1972

Winnipeg Jets is a former ice hockey team from Canada, based in Winnipeg. The club was founded in 1972 and has disappeared in 1996. Winnipeg Jets plays their home games in the Winnipeg Arena.

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Winnipeg Jets - Results

Playoffs - 1995/1996

17th April 1996
First Round
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings4 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
19th April 1996
First Round
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings4 - 0Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
21th April 1996
First Round
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 1Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings (USA)
23th April 1996
First Round
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets1 - 6Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings (USA)
26th April 1996
First Round
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings1 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
28th April 1996
First Round
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets1 - 4Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings (USA)

Regular Season - 1995/1996

General classificationPtsMPWDLGFGAdiff
Home ClassificationPtsMPWDLGFGAdiff
Away ClassificationPtsMPWDLGFGAdiff
7th October 1995
October 7th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets7 - 5Dallas StarsDallas Stars (USA)
9th October 1995
October 9th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 3Anaheim DucksAnaheim Ducks (USA)
11th October 1995
October 11th 1995
New York Rangers (USA)New York Rangers6 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
12th October 1995
October 12th 1995
New Jersey Devils (USA)New Jersey Devils4 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
15th October 1995
October 15th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 5Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings (USA)
17th October 1995
October 17th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 2Tampa Bay LightningTampa Bay Lightning (USA)
19th October 1995
October 19th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets3 - 3San Jose SharksSan Jose Sharks (USA)
22th October 1995
October 22th 1995
Anaheim Ducks (USA)Anaheim Ducks6 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
25th October 1995
October 25th 1995
San Jose Sharks (USA)San Jose Sharks1 - 6Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
27th October 1995
October 27th 1995
Edmonton Oilers (CAN)Edmonton Oilers7 - 5Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
28th October 1995
October 28th 1995
Vancouver Canucks (CAN)Vancouver Canucks1 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
30th October 1995
October 30th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets3 - 2Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings (USA)
1st November 1995
November 1st 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 4Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple Leafs (CAN)
3rd November 1995
November 3rd 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 5Colorado AvalancheColorado Avalanche (USA)
5th November 1995
November 5th 1995
Buffalo Sabres (USA)Buffalo Sabres3 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
10th November 1995
November 10th 1995
St Louis Blues (USA)St Louis Blues3 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
14th November 1995
November 14th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets6 - 5 otChicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
17th November 1995
November 17th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets6 - 3New York RangersNew York Rangers (USA)
18th November 1995
November 18th 1995
Toronto Maple Leafs (CAN)Toronto Maple Leafs2 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
21th November 1995
November 21th 1995
Boston Bruins (USA)Boston Bruins5 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
22th November 1995
November 22th 1995
Ottawa Senators (CAN)Ottawa Senators1 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
26th November 1995
November 26th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 0Edmonton OilersEdmonton Oilers (CAN)
28th November 1995
November 28th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 3Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple Leafs (CAN)
30th November 1995
November 30th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets1 - 4St Louis BluesSt Louis Blues (USA)
2nd December 1995
December 2nd 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 2Chicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
3rd December 1995
December 3rd 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 2Calgary FlamesCalgary Flames (CAN)
6th December 1995
December 6th 1995
Los Angeles Kings (USA)Los Angeles Kings6 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
7th December 1995
December 7th 1995
San Jose Sharks (USA)San Jose Sharks5 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
10th December 1995
December 10th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets1 - 6Washington CapitalsWashington Capitals (USA)
12th December 1995
December 12th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 6Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
15th December 1995
December 15th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets9 - 4Edmonton OilersEdmonton Oilers (CAN)
17th December 1995
December 17th 1995
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks3 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
19th December 1995
December 19th 1995
Tampa Bay Lightning (USA)Tampa Bay Lightning6 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
21th December 1995
December 21th 1995
Florida Panthers (USA)Florida Panthers6 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
23th December 1995
December 23th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 1St Louis BluesSt Louis Blues (USA)
28th December 1995
December 28th 1995
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks4 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
29th December 1995
December 29th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 3New Jersey DevilsNew Jersey Devils (USA)
31th December 1995
December 31th 1995
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets3 - 5Boston BruinsBoston Bruins (USA)
3rd January 1996
January 3rd 1996
Los Angeles Kings (USA)Los Angeles Kings4 - 5Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
5th January 1996
January 5th 1996
Dallas Stars (USA)Dallas Stars5 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
8th January 1996
January 8th 1996
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings4 - 6Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
10th January 1996
January 10th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 1Buffalo SabresBuffalo Sabres (USA)
12th January 1996
January 12th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 3Hartford WhalersHartford Whalers (USA)
14th January 1996
January 14th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 6Anaheim DucksAnaheim Ducks (USA)
16th January 1996
January 16th 1996
Washington Capitals (USA)Washington Capitals1 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
17th January 1996
January 17th 1996
Toronto Maple Leafs (CAN)Toronto Maple Leafs2 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
24th January 1996
January 24th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 6St Louis BluesSt Louis Blues (USA)
27th January 1996
January 27th 1996
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens4 - 1Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
29th January 1996
January 29th 1996
Dallas Stars (USA)Dallas Stars1 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
1st February 1996
February 1st 1996
Colorado Avalanche (USA)Colorado Avalanche6 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
4th February 1996
February 4th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 4Vancouver CanucksVancouver Canucks (CAN)
8th February 1996
February 8th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets6 - 2Ottawa SenatorsOttawa Senators (CAN)
10th February 1996
February 10th 1996
Calgary Flames (CAN)Calgary Flames2 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
13th February 1996
February 13th 1996
Vancouver Canucks (CAN)Vancouver Canucks5 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
16th February 1996
February 16th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets0 - 1Pittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh Penguins (USA)
18th February 1996
February 18th 1996
St Louis Blues (USA)St Louis Blues3 - 0Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
21th February 1996
February 21th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets3 - 5Vancouver CanucksVancouver Canucks (CAN)
23th February 1996
February 23th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets1 - 0 otChicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
26th February 1996
February 26th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 3Los Angeles KingsLos Angeles Kings (USA)
28th February 1996
February 28th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 3Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple Leafs (CAN)
1st March 1996
March 1st 1996
Hartford Whalers (USA)Hartford Whalers2 - 5Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
3rd March 1996
March 3rd 1996
New York Islanders (USA)New York Islanders5 - 7Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
5th March 1996
March 5th 1996
Pittsburgh Penguins (USA)Pittsburgh Penguins9 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
7th March 1996
March 7th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 3Florida PanthersFlorida Panthers (USA)
9th March 1996
March 9th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 4New York IslandersNew York Islanders (USA)
10th March 1996
March 10th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 5Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings (USA)
12th March 1996
March 12th 1996
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings5 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
13th March 1996
March 13th 1996
Toronto Maple Leafs (CAN)Toronto Maple Leafs3 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
16th March 1996
March 16th 1996
Philadelphia Flyers (USA)Philadelphia Flyers3 - 0Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
20th March 1996
March 20th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets1 - 7San Jose SharksSan Jose Sharks (USA)
22th March 1996
March 22th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 1Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia Flyers (USA)
24th March 1996
March 24th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets2 - 5Colorado AvalancheColorado Avalanche (USA)
26th March 1996
March 26th 1996
Dallas Stars (USA)Dallas Stars2 - 8Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
27th March 1996
March 27th 1996
Colorado Avalanche (USA)Colorado Avalanche1 - 3Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
29th March 1996
March 29th 1996
Edmonton Oilers (CAN)Edmonton Oilers3 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
31th March 1996
March 31th 1996
Calgary Flames (CAN)Calgary Flames1 - 4Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
3rd April 1996
April 3rd 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets3 - 1Dallas StarsDallas Stars (USA)
6th April 1996
April 6th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets4 - 3Calgary FlamesCalgary Flames (CAN)
8th April 1996
April 8th 1996
St Louis Blues (USA)St Louis Blues2 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
10th April 1996
April 10th 1996
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings5 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
12th April 1996
April 12th 1996
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets5 - 3Los Angeles KingsLos Angeles Kings (USA)
14th April 1996
April 14th 1996
Anaheim Ducks (USA) (17)Anaheim Ducks5 - 2Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets (18)


Prize list

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