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Rugby - Rugby League World Cup - 2017 - Home

Rugby - Rugby League World Cup - 2017 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Australia XIII
  • England XIII
  • Fiji XIII
  • France XIII
  • Ireland XIII
  • Italy XIII
  • Lebanon XIII
  • New Zealand XIII
  • Papua New Guinea XIII
  • Samoa XIII
  • Scotland XIII
  • Tonga XIII
  • United States XIII
  • Wales XIII


Rugby League World Cup - Home

27th October 2017 - 2nd December 2017

Rugby League World Cup 2017 is the 15th edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 27th October till 2nd December 2017 .
Teams are restricted to the players of less than XIII years.

WinnerAustralia XIIIAustralia XIII


Group A (Australia - 27/10/2017 - 12/11/2017)

1Australia XIII6330010410+94
2England XIII432016934+35
3Lebanon XIII231023981-42
4France XIII0300330117-87
27th October 2017
11h00Australia XIIIAustralia XIII18 - 4England XIIIEngland XIII
29th October 2017
06h00Lebanon XIIILebanon XIII29 - 18France XIIIFrance XIII
3rd November 2017
10h00Australia XIIIAustralia XIII52 - 6France XIIIFrance XIII
4th November 2017
09h30England XIIIEngland XIII29 - 10Lebanon XIIILebanon XIII
11th November 2017
10h00Australia XIIIAustralia XIII34 - 0Lebanon XIIILebanon XIII
12th November 2017
11h00England XIIIEngland XIII36 - 6France XIIIFrance XIII

Detail of the results

Group B (New Zealand - 28/10/2017 - 11/11/2017)

1Tonga XIII6330011044+66
2New Zealand XIII4320113442+92
3Samoa XIII130124084-44
4Scotland XIII1301224138-114
28th October 2017
09h10New Zealand XIIINew Zealand XIII38 - 8Samoa XIIISamoa XIII
29th October 2017
07h15Tonga XIIITonga XIII50 - 4Scotland XIIIScotland XIII
4th November 2017
05h00New Zealand XIIINew Zealand XIII74 - 6Scotland XIIIScotland XIII
07h30Tonga XIIITonga XIII32 - 18Samoa XIIISamoa XIII
11th November 2017
05h00Tonga XIIITonga XIII28 - 22New Zealand XIIINew Zealand XIII
07h10Samoa XIIISamoa XIII14 - 14Scotland XIIIScotland XIII

Detail of the results

Group C (Papua New Guinea - 28/10/2017 - 12/11/2017)

1Papua New Guinea XIII422006412+52
2Ireland XIII221014020+20
3Wales XIII020021284-72
28th October 2017
07h00Papua New Guinea XIIIPapua New Guinea XIII50 - 6Wales XIIIWales XIII
5th November 2017
07h00Papua New Guinea XIIIPapua New Guinea XIII14 - 6Ireland XIIIIreland XIII
12th November 2017
08h30Ireland XIIIIreland XIII34 - 6Wales XIIIWales XIII

Detail of the results

Group D (Australia - 28/10/2017 - 10/11/2017)

1Fiji XIII422009622+74
2Italy XIII221015638+18
3United States XIII0200212104-92
28th October 2017
11h40Fiji XIIIFiji XIII58 - 12United States XIIIUnited States XIII
5th November 2017
07h00Italy XIIIItaly XIII46 - 0United States XIIIUnited States XIII
10th November 2017
09h40Fiji XIIIFiji XIII38 - 10Italy XIIIItaly XIII

Detail of the results

Group C/D (Australia - 29/10/2017 - 12/11/2017)

1Fiji XIII31100726+66
2Papua New Guinea XIII31100640+64
3Ireland XIII311003612+24
4Italy XIII110011236-24
5United States XIII11001064-64
6Wales XIII11001672-66
29th October 2017
06h00Ireland XIIIIreland XIII36 - 12Italy XIIIItaly XIII
5th November 2017
09h30Fiji XIIIFiji XIII72 - 6Wales XIIIWales XIII
12th November 2017
06h00Papua New Guinea XIIIPapua New Guinea XIII64 - 0United States XIIIUnited States XIII

Detail of the results

Final Round (17/11/2017 - 02/12/2017)

Quarter-Finals (19/11/2017)
17th November 2017
10h30Australia XIIIAustralia XIII46 - 0Samoa XIIISamoa XIII
18th November 2017
05h00Tonga XIIITonga XIII24 - 22Lebanon XIIILebanon XIII
07h30Fiji XIIIFiji XIII4 - 2New Zealand XIIINew Zealand XIII
19th November 2017
06h00England XIIIEngland XIII36 - 6Papua New Guinea XIIIPapua New Guinea XIII

Semi-Finals (25/11/2017)
24th November 2017
10h00Australia XIIIAustralia XIII54 - 6Fiji XIIIFiji XIII
25th November 2017
06h00England XIIIEngland XIII20 - 18Tonga XIIITonga XIII

Final (02/12/2017)
2nd December 2017
10h00Australia XIIIAustralia XIII6 - 0England XIIIEngland XIII

Detail of the results

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