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Triathlon - Calgary 70.3 - 2013

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Results Women

Calgary 70.3 - Results Women 2013

CanadaCanada - 28 July 2013

Women's Ironman - 28 July 2013

1CANHeather Wurtele (CAN)04:11:42
2CANRachel Mcbride (CAN)04:13:49
3USAMandy Mclane (USA)04:14:11
4NEDLisa Mensink (NED)04:18:36
5CANTenille Hoogland (CAN)04:24:02
6UKROlesya Prystayko (UKR)04:26:41
7NZLAnna Cleaver (NZL)04:32:42
8CANBlaire Kniaziew Gervais (CAN)04:37:45
9CANSharon Styles (CAN)04:38:51
10CANAlexandra Gordichuk (CAN)04:39:31
11NZLHeather Peal (NZL)04:45:43
12GERAnnett Kamenz (GER)04:46:51
13CANSelina Humnycki (CAN)04:48:48
14USASuzanne Endsley (USA)04:51:49
15CANTracey Roemmele (CAN)04:52:44
16CANLenore Torrie (CAN)04:52:48
17CANAilsa MacDonald (CAN)04:53:17
18CANTeam S And M (CAN)04:53:35
19CANSteph Neufeld (CAN)04:53:53
20CANJulie Anderson (CAN)04:55:15
21CANMegan Macdonald (CAN)04:55:21
22CANTeam Tough Old Broads (CAN)04:56:54
23ARGBrenda Spasiuk (ARG)04:58:23
24CANChelsea Duran (CAN)04:59:36
25CANSarah Latonas (CAN)05:00:36
26CANDawn Arseneault (CAN)05:01:12
27CANTeam Flying Edamames (CAN)05:02:41
28CANLisa Solomchuk (CAN)05:02:53
29FRAMathilde Batailler (FRA)05:03:24
30USAJulie Zickovich (USA)05:04:26
31USAMaureen Needham (USA)05:04:57
32CANSandra Mcdonald (CAN)05:05:03
33CANAlex Bell (CAN)05:05:12
34CANBoni Griffith (CAN)05:05:45
35CANRebecca Morley (CAN)05:06:17
36CANAlice Sherwin (CAN)05:07:20
37CANAmanda Adcock (CAN)05:09:58
38HKGLaura Walsh (HKG)05:10:08
39CANNienke Lindeboom (CAN)05:11:51
40CANLouise Taylor (CAN)05:12:26
41CANTeam Parental Guidance 5 (CAN)05:12:59
42CANMallory Troup (CAN)05:14:37
43CANMarla Moncrieff (CAN)05:14:41
44CANLaurelee Nelson (CAN)05:15:24
45CANShawna Yam (CAN)05:15:54
46CANErin Wilson (CAN)05:16:04
47USATamera Finley (USA)05:17:51
48CANTracy Leishman (CAN)05:18:01
49CANDianne Woodward (CAN)05:18:07
50CANNicole Rach (CAN)05:19:16
51CANKilah Ivany (CAN)05:19:28
52CANLeslie Achtem (CAN)05:20:07
53CANKalie Boot (CAN)05:20:32
54CANRenee Stuckel (CAN)05:21:06
55CANNadia Sparrow (CAN)05:21:42
56CANTeam Two Damaged Chicks! (CAN)05:22:11
57CANTeam Pandahaus (CAN)05:22:22
58CANMelissa Kerby (CAN)05:22:24
59CANRaina Cockburn (CAN)05:23:07
60CANHilary Germsheid (CAN)05:23:39
61CANLeah White (CAN)05:24:03
62CANLesley Miller (CAN)05:25:01
63CANKristen Cannon (CAN)05:25:30
64CANKrista Wells (CAN)05:26:26
65CANHillie Schurer-Vantklooster (CAN)05:27:26
66USASteph Pacitto (USA)05:27:45
67MEXPaola Gomez (MEX)05:28:18
68CANBarbara Polehoykie (CAN)05:28:21
69CANTeam Banffsters (CAN)05:28:23
70CANJulie Land (CAN)05:28:55
71CANCarolyn Hiles (CAN)05:29:12
72CANPamela Leier (CAN)05:29:32
73CANDawn Locker (CAN)05:29:51
74CANCatherine Huot (CAN)05:30:24
75CANKaren Nelson (CAN)05:31:14
76CANJennifer Petersen (CAN)05:31:20
77CANHilary Donaldson (CAN)05:31:33
78CANTara Chahl (CAN)05:32:09
79CANSheila Nykwist (CAN)05:32:32
80AUSNicole Wilson (AUS)05:33:09
81CANJill Tenning (CAN)05:34:33
82CANKatie Mclean (CAN)05:34:37
83CANJennifer Bonar (CAN)05:35:14
84CANChanel Ohlson (CAN)05:36:50
85USAChristine Ligocki (USA)05:37:08
86CANAndrea Macdonald (CAN)05:37:21
87CANCathy Stanford (CAN)05:37:34
88CANCheri Onushko (CAN)05:38:04
89CANTeam Wilson Wannabe's (CAN)05:38:11
90USAJennifer Watson (USA)05:38:34
91CANNancy Trigg (CAN)05:38:39
92CANTeam Fit Hits The Shan (CAN)05:39:30
93CANKelly Yorston (CAN)05:39:32
94CANKristen Pauch-Nolin (CAN)05:40:01
95CANHilary Schmitt (CAN)05:40:44
96CANChrista Cabaj (CAN)05:40:56
97USAJodi Plante (USA)05:40:56
98USAMelissa Worden (USA)05:41:14
99CANSofia Murillo De Gagne (CAN)05:41:18
100CANNancy Heimbecker (CAN)05:41:31

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