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Archery : Prize list of the big competitions

You can access to the results of every competition by clicking the year. You have access to the detailed prize list by clicking the title of the competition. You can also obtain the prize list of all the events of the site by choosing an event in the left menu and by going on the tab prize list.

Olympic Games - Men's Recurve

2016  Bon-chan Ku
2012  Jin Hyek Oh
2008  Viktor Ruban
2004  Marco Galiazzo
2000  Simon Fairweather
1996  Justin Huish
1992  Sebastien Flute
1988  Jay Barrs
1984  Darrell Pace
1980  Tomi Poikolainen
1976  Darrell Pace
1972  John Williams

Olympic Games - Women's Recurve

2016  Hye-jin Chang
2012  Bo Bae Ki
2008  Juanjuan Zhang
2004  Sung-hyun Park
2000  Mi-jin Yun
1996  Kim Gyeong-Uk
1992  Youn-jeong Cho
1988  Soo-nyung Kim
1984  Hyang-soon Seo
1980  Keto Losaberidze
1976  Luann Ryon
1972  Doreen Wilber

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