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Cycling - Joe Martin Stage Race - 2017 - Detailed results

Cycling - Joe Martin Stage Race - 2017 - Detailed results

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United States

Results 2017

Joe Martin Stage Race 2017

United StatesUnited States - 30 March 2017 - 2 April 2017

General classification - 2 April 2017

1USARuth Winder (USA)United Health Care6:30:24
2USALauren Stephens (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:24
3GBRClaire Rose-Galloway (GBR)Visit Dallas - Dna0:41
4USAKathryn Buss (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:45
5CANSara Bergen (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:50
6USAKatie Hall (USA)United Health Care1:05
7MEXIngrid Drexel Clouthier (MEX)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:23
8USATayler Wiles (USA)United Health Care1:25
9CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)1:37
10COLDiana Carolina Peñuela Martinez (COL)United Health Care1:42
11AUSPeta Mullens (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:45
12USAErica Carney Allar (USA)Rally Cycling Women1:47
13USAKathryn Donovan (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna1:50
14USALauren Hall (USA)United Health Care1:55
15USAMandy Heintz (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna2:06
16AUSLizzie Williams (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint2:17
17USAKate Sherwin (USA)2:27
18USAStarla Teddergreen (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint2:35
19GUANicolle Bruderer Cofino (GUA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank2:36
20USACaitlin Laroche (USA)Rally Cycling Women2:56
21USAJanelle Cole (USA)United Health Care3:03
22USAJennifer Luebke (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna3:19
23USALaura Jorgensen (USA)3:24
24USALindsay Goldman-Bayer (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint3:36
25USALiza Rachetto (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint3:49
26AUSLauretta Hanson (AUS)United Health Care3:52
27CANKatherine Maine (CAN)Rally Cycling Women4:03
28NZLMadeleine Park (NZL)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank4:06
29USAStefanie Sydlik (USA)Usa National Team4:11
30USALeigh Ann Ganzar (USA)4:39
31USAMelinda McCutcheon (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna5:32
32USAAnna Sparks-Sanders (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna5:35
33USAEmily Newsom (USA)5:42
34USAHannah Shell (USA)5:43
35USAChristy Keely (USA)5:48
36USATabitha Sherwood (USA)6:02
37NZLCourteney Lowe (NZL)6:02
38USAFlora Yan (USA)6:02
39USAIvy Audrain (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint6:46
40USADanielle Clark (USA)7:20
41USAKatie Kantzes (USA)7:59
42USAKendall Cail Ryan (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank9:21
43VENDanielys del Valle García Buitriag (VEN)11:00
44USALily Williams (USA)13:21
45USAHolly Mathews (USA)16:51
46CANEmily Spence (CAN)17:59
47USALindsay Myers (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank19:15
48USAHeather Fischer (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank19:15
49USABri Kovac (USA)20:12
50USARegina Legge (USA)20:31
51USATarah Cole (USA)Usa National Team20:58
52USASarah Guilbert (USA)22:41
53USAVanessa Curtis (USA)26:17
54USAAmy McClintock (USA)26:46
55USASarah Matchett (USA)27:42
56USAJennifer Wagner (USA)28:04
57USAAshley Weaver (USA)34:14
58USAEmily Jordan (USA)35:15
59PURSolymar Rivera Torres (PUR)35:43
60MEXBelen Garza (MEX)35:50
61USADiedre Ribbens (USA)36:11
62USAEmily Houtchens (USA)39:43
63USAAliya Traficante (USA)40:48
64USACarlyn Jackson (USA)41:59
65USAJennifer Wakeman (USA)44:06

Stage 1 - Fayetteville - Fayetteville - 4,82 km - 30 March 2017Time Trial

1USARuth Winder (USA)United Health Care10:56
2USALauren Stephens (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00
3USAKathryn Buss (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:05
4GBRClaire Rose-Galloway (GBR)Visit Dallas - Dna0:20
5USAKatie Hall (USA)United Health Care0:25
6USATayler Wiles (USA)United Health Care0:27
7CANSara Bergen (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:33
8MEXIngrid Drexel Clouthier (MEX)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:35
9USAEmma White (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:41
10USAStefanie Sydlik (USA)Usa National Team0:41
11USAMelinda McCutcheon (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:42
12AUSLauretta Hanson (AUS)United Health Care0:45
13USAScotti Lechuga (USA)0:46
14CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)0:49
15USALauren Hall (USA)United Health Care0:51
16USALindsay Goldman-Bayer (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:53
17USAKathryn Donovan (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:54
18USAAmy Benner (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:55
19USATarah Cole (USA)Usa National Team0:55
20GUANicolle Bruderer Cofino (GUA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:02
21USALily Williams (USA)1:04
22USAJennifer Luebke (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna1:05
23COLDiana Carolina Peñuela Martinez (COL)United Health Care1:05
24USACaitlin Laroche (USA)Rally Cycling Women1:09
25USAEmily Newsom (USA)1:13
26USAKate Sherwin (USA)1:13
27USAErica Carney Allar (USA)Rally Cycling Women1:13
28AUSPeta Mullens (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:14
29AUSLizzie Williams (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:14
30USABreanne Nalder (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna1:15
31USALindsay Myers (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:17
32USALeigh Ann Ganzar (USA)1:17
33CANKatherine Maine (CAN)Rally Cycling Women1:20
34NZLMadeleine Park (NZL)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:22
35USAHeather Fischer (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:22
36USAMandy Heintz (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna1:22
37USAKatie Kantzes (USA)1:23
38USAAnna Sparks-Sanders (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna1:26
39USABeth Ann Orton (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:30
40USAIvy Audrain (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:30
41USADanielle Clark (USA)1:37
42USALiza Rachetto (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:38
43USAKendall Cail Ryan (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:40
44USAEmily Jordan (USA)1:42
45CANEmily Spence (CAN)1:45
46USAHannah Shell (USA)1:45
47VENDanielys del Valle García Buitriag (VEN)1:49
48USAStarla Teddergreen (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:51
49USALaura Jorgensen (USA)1:53
50USAJennifer Hale (USA)1:54
51USAJanelle Cole (USA)United Health Care1:54
52NZLCourteney Lowe (NZL)1:55
53USARegina Legge (USA)1:56
54USAFlora Yan (USA)1:56
55USAHolly Mathews (USA)1:57
56USAChristy Keely (USA)2:01
57USABri Kovac (USA)2:02
58USAEmily Houtchens (USA)2:11
59USAGabrielle Russell (USA)2:12
60USASarah Matchett (USA)2:15
61USAAshley Weaver (USA)2:16
62USAVanessa Curtis (USA)2:18
63USATabitha Sherwood (USA)2:21
64SWICaroline Baur (SWI)2:22
65USAJennifer Wagner (USA)2:23
66USAAliya Traficante (USA)2:31
67USACarlyn Jackson (USA)2:32
68USAKate Kirkpatrick (USA)2:33
69USASarah Guilbert (USA)2:38
70MEXBelen Garza (MEX)2:45
71USAJudah Sencenbaugh (USA)2:52
72USAAmber Smolik (USA)2:54
73USAAmy McClintock (USA)2:54
74USAJennifer Wakeman (USA)3:02
75USAAllison Atkinson (USA)3:04
76USADiedre Ribbens (USA)3:05
77USAAlijah Beatty (USA)3:19
78USALindsey Durst (USA)3:22
79PURSolymar Rivera Torres (PUR)3:32
80USASara Youmans (USA)

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Stage 2 - Cedarville - Fayetteville - 99,6 km - 31 March 2017Escape

1USARuth Winder (USA)United Health Care2:41:19
2CANSara Bergen (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:02
3USALauren Stephens (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:02
4GBRClaire Rose-Galloway (GBR)Visit Dallas - Dna0:02
5AUSPeta Mullens (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:02
6AUSLizzie Williams (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:05
7COLDiana Carolina Peñuela Martinez (COL)United Health Care0:05
8USAErica Carney Allar (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:05
9USAStarla Teddergreen (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:05
10USAEmma White (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:05
11USAKathryn Buss (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:05
12USAKatie Hall (USA)United Health Care0:05
13USAMandy Heintz (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:05
14USALeigh Ann Ganzar (USA)0:05
15USAKathryn Donovan (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:11
16USAJanelle Cole (USA)United Health Care0:11
17USAJennifer Luebke (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:11
18CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)0:13
19USAHannah Shell (USA)0:13
20USAScotti Lechuga (USA)0:13
21USAChristy Keely (USA)0:13
22USAIvy Audrain (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:13
23USAHolly Mathews (USA)0:13
24USADanielle Clark (USA)0:13
25MEXIngrid Drexel Clouthier (MEX)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:13
26USATayler Wiles (USA)United Health Care0:13
27USAEmily Newsom (USA)0:13
28USATabitha Sherwood (USA)0:13
29USALaura Jorgensen (USA)0:13
30USAStefanie Sydlik (USA)Usa National Team0:13
31USAFlora Yan (USA)0:13
32USAKatie Kantzes (USA)0:13
33USABeth Ann Orton (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:24
34USAAnna Sparks-Sanders (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:24
35USAMelinda McCutcheon (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:24
36GUANicolle Bruderer Cofino (GUA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:24
37NZLCourteney Lowe (NZL)0:24
38USABreanne Nalder (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:28
39USAVanessa Curtis (USA)0:30
40USALauren Hall (USA)United Health Care0:31
41USAKate Sherwin (USA)0:31
42USABri Kovac (USA)0:31
43USASarah Matchett (USA)0:31
44CANEmily Spence (CAN)0:31
45USATarah Cole (USA)Usa National Team0:31
46AUSLauretta Hanson (AUS)United Health Care0:31
47USASarah Guilbert (USA)0:31
48USAAmy McClintock (USA)0:31
49NZLMadeleine Park (NZL)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:31
50USALindsay Goldman-Bayer (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:31
51USALindsay Myers (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:39
52USAJennifer Wagner (USA)0:40
53USAHeather Fischer (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:43
54SWICaroline Baur (SWI)0:47
55USARegina Legge (USA)0:47
56USAKendall Cail Ryan (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:00
57USACaitlin Laroche (USA)Rally Cycling Women1:02
58CANKatherine Maine (CAN)Rally Cycling Women1:09
59USAAmy Benner (USA)Rally Cycling Women1:14
60USALiza Rachetto (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:17
61USAEmily Houtchens (USA)8:13
62USALily Williams (USA)8:13
63VENDanielys del Valle García Buitriag (VEN)8:13
64PURSolymar Rivera Torres (PUR)8:18
65USAJudah Sencenbaugh (USA)8:21
66USAAshley Weaver (USA)8:29
67MEXBelen Garza (MEX)8:29
68USADiedre Ribbens (USA)8:40
69USAEmily Jordan (USA)10:04
70USACarlyn Jackson (USA)15:21
71USAKate Kirkpatrick (USA)15:23
72USAJennifer Wakeman (USA)15:28
73USAAlijah Beatty (USA)15:45
74USAAliya Traficante (USA)18:50
75USAAllison Atkinson (USA)20:41
76USALindsey Durst (USA)21:41
77USAAmber Smolik (USA)
78USAGabrielle Russell (USA)
79USAJennifer Hale (USA)

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Stage 3 - Fayetteville - Fayetteville - 72,7 km - 1 April 2017Sprint

1USALily Williams (USA)2:47:26
2USALauren Hall (USA)United Health Care0:00
3CANSara Bergen (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:00
4AUSPeta Mullens (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:00
5AUSLizzie Williams (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:00
6USAMandy Heintz (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:00
7USATabitha Sherwood (USA)0:00
8USARuth Winder (USA)United Health Care0:00
9USALauren Stephens (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00
10USAJanelle Cole (USA)United Health Care0:00
11COLDiana Carolina Peñuela Martinez (COL)United Health Care0:00
12USAKate Sherwin (USA)0:00
13GBRClaire Rose-Galloway (GBR)Visit Dallas - Dna0:00
14USAFlora Yan (USA)0:00
15USAChristy Keely (USA)0:00
16USALeigh Ann Ganzar (USA)0:00
17USAStarla Teddergreen (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:00
18USAHannah Shell (USA)0:00
19USALaura Jorgensen (USA)0:00
20VENDanielys del Valle García Buitriag (VEN)0:00
21MEXIngrid Drexel Clouthier (MEX)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00
22CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)0:00
23NZLCourteney Lowe (NZL)0:00
24GUANicolle Bruderer Cofino (GUA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00
25USADanielle Clark (USA)0:00
26USACaitlin Laroche (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:00
27USAKathryn Buss (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00
28USAKatie Hall (USA)United Health Care0:00
29USAErica Carney Allar (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:00
30USAKathryn Donovan (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:00
31USAStefanie Sydlik (USA)Usa National Team0:00
32USAKatie Kantzes (USA)0:00
33USALiza Rachetto (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:00
34USATayler Wiles (USA)United Health Care0:00
35USAAnna Sparks-Sanders (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:00
36USAEmily Newsom (USA)0:00
37USAMelinda McCutcheon (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:10
38USAEmma White (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:37
39CANKatherine Maine (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:55
40USALindsay Goldman-Bayer (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:02
41USAIvy Audrain (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:18
42USAJennifer Luebke (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna1:18
43NZLMadeleine Park (NZL)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank1:28
44AUSLauretta Hanson (AUS)United Health Care1:28
45USABeth Ann Orton (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint1:28
46USAAmy Benner (USA)Rally Cycling Women2:28
47USAKendall Cail Ryan (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank5:25
48USAHeather Fischer (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank13:34
49USALindsay Myers (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank13:34
50USAHolly Mathews (USA)13:43
51CANEmily Spence (CAN)13:44
52USARegina Legge (USA)13:44
53USASarah Guilbert (USA)13:46
54USATarah Cole (USA)Usa National Team13:46
55USABreanne Nalder (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna13:48
56USAAliya Traficante (USA)13:51
57USABri Kovac (USA)13:54
58USAAshley Weaver (USA)17:43
59USAJennifer Wagner (USA)17:43
60USAAmy McClintock (USA)17:43
61USAJudah Sencenbaugh (USA)17:43
62USAVanessa Curtis (USA)17:43
63MEXBelen Garza (MEX)17:43
64PURSolymar Rivera Torres (PUR)17:43
65USAAllison Atkinson (USA)17:43
66USAEmily Jordan (USA)17:43
67USACarlyn Jackson (USA)17:43
68USADiedre Ribbens (USA)17:47
69USASarah Matchett (USA)17:51
70USAJennifer Wakeman (USA)17:52
71USAEmily Houtchens (USA)21:35
72USALindsey Durst (USA)
73USAKate Kirkpatrick (USA)
74SWICaroline Baur (SWI)
75USAAlijah Beatty (USA)
76USAScotti Lechuga (USA)

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Stage 4 - Fayetteville - Fayetteville - 2 April 2017Medium mountain

1USARuth Winder (USA)United Health Care51:12
2GBRClaire Rose-Galloway (GBR)Visit Dallas - Dna0:00
3CANSara Bergen (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:00
4USALauren Stephens (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:00
5AUSPeta Mullens (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:00
6USAErica Carney Allar (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:00
7CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)0:06
8MEXIngrid Drexel Clouthier (MEX)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:06
9USAKathryn Buss (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:06
10COLDiana Carolina Peñuela Martinez (COL)United Health Care0:06
11CANKatherine Maine (CAN)Rally Cycling Women0:10
12USAMandy Heintz (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:10
13USALauren Hall (USA)United Health Care0:10
14USAKatie Hall (USA)United Health Care0:10
15USAStarla Teddergreen (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:10
16USAKate Sherwin (USA)0:14
17USACaitlin Laroche (USA)Rally Cycling Women0:16
18USATayler Wiles (USA)United Health Care0:16
19USAKathryn Donovan (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:16
20NZLMadeleine Park (NZL)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:16
21USAJennifer Luebke (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna0:16
22USALiza Rachetto (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:25
23USAHolly Mathews (USA)0:29
24AUSLizzie Williams (AUS)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:29
25USAJanelle Cole (USA)United Health Care0:29
26VENDanielys del Valle García Buitriag (VEN)0:29
27GUANicolle Bruderer Cofino (GUA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:41
28USALindsay Goldman-Bayer (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint0:41
29AUSLauretta Hanson (AUS)United Health Care0:41
30USAKendall Cail Ryan (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank0:49
31USALaura Jorgensen (USA)0:49
32CANEmily Spence (CAN)1:30
33USALeigh Ann Ganzar (USA)2:48
34USAStefanie Sydlik (USA)Usa National Team2:48
35USATabitha Sherwood (USA)2:59
36USAChristy Keely (USA)3:05
37USAHeather Fischer (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank3:07
38NZLCourteney Lowe (NZL)3:14
39USAHannah Shell (USA)3:16
40USAAnna Sparks-Sanders (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna3:16
41USAIvy Audrain (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint3:16
42USABri Kovac (USA)3:16
43USALindsay Myers (USA)Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank3:16
44USAFlora Yan (USA)3:24
45USARegina Legge (USA)3:35
46USALily Williams (USA)3:45
47USAEmily Newsom (USA)3:50
48USAMelinda McCutcheon (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna3:50
49USADanielle Clark (USA)5:01
50USAAliya Traficante (USA)5:07
51USAAmy McClintock (USA)5:09
52USAAshley Weaver (USA)5:17
53USATarah Cole (USA)Usa National Team5:17
54USAVanessa Curtis (USA)5:17
55USASarah Guilbert (USA)5:17
56USAEmily Jordan (USA)5:17
57PURSolymar Rivera Torres (PUR)5:41
58USAKatie Kantzes (USA)5:54
59USACarlyn Jackson (USA)5:54
60USADiedre Ribbens (USA)6:10
61MEXBelen Garza (MEX)6:24
62USASarah Matchett (USA)6:36
63USAJennifer Wagner (USA)6:49
64USAJennifer Wakeman (USA)7:15
65USAEmily Houtchens (USA)7:15
66USABeth Ann Orton (USA)Hagens Berman - Supermint
67USAAmy Benner (USA)Rally Cycling Women
68USAAllison Atkinson (USA)
69USABreanne Nalder (USA)Visit Dallas - Dna
70USAEmma White (USA)Rally Cycling Women
71USAJudah Sencenbaugh (USA)

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