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  • Australia 7s
  • Brazil 7s
  • Canada 7s
  • Colombia 7s
  • Fiji 7s
  • France 7s
  • Great Britain 7s
  • Japan 7s
  • Kenya 7s
  • New Zealand 7s
  • Spain 7s
  • United States 7s


Women's Olympic Games - Home

BrazilBrazil - Rio de Janeiro - 6th August 2016 - 9th August 2016

Women's Olympic Games 2016 is the 1st edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 6th August till 9th August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 7s years.

WinnerAustralia 7sAustralia 7s

Pool A (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - 06/08/2016 - 07/08/2016)

1Australia 7s8321010112+89
2Fiji 7s732014843+5
3United States 7s631116724+43
4Colombia 7s330030137-137
6th August 2016
18h00Fiji 7sFiji 7s12 - 7United States 7sUnited States 7s
18h30Australia 7sAustralia 7s53 - 0Colombia 7sColombia 7s
23h00United States 7sUnited States 7s48 - 0Colombia 7sColombia 7s
23h30Australia 7sAustralia 7s36 - 0Fiji 7sFiji 7s
7th August 2016
18h00Fiji 7sFiji 7s36 - 0Colombia 7sColombia 7s
18h30Australia 7sAustralia 7s12 - 12United States 7sUnited States 7s

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Pool B (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - 06/08/2016 - 07/08/2016)

1New Zealand 7s9330010912+97
2France 7s732017140+31
3Spain 7s531023165-34
4Kenya 7s3300317111-94
6th August 2016
16h00France 7sFrance 7s24 - 7Spain 7sSpain 7s
16h30New Zealand 7sNew Zealand 7s52 - 0Kenya 7sKenya 7s
21h00France 7sFrance 7s40 - 7Kenya 7sKenya 7s
21h30New Zealand 7sNew Zealand 7s31 - 5Spain 7sSpain 7s
7th August 2016
16h00Spain 7sSpain 7s19 - 10Kenya 7sKenya 7s
16h30New Zealand 7sNew Zealand 7s26 - 7France 7sFrance 7s

Detail of the results

Pool C (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - 06/08/2016 - 07/08/2016)

1Great Britain 7s93300913+88
2Canada 7s732018322+61
3Brazil 7s531022977-48
4Japan 7s3300310111-101
6th August 2016
17h00Great Britain 7sGreat Britain 7s29 - 3Brazil 7sBrazil 7s
17h30Canada 7sCanada 7s45 - 0Japan 7sJapan 7s
22h00Great Britain 7sGreat Britain 7s40 - 0Japan 7sJapan 7s
22h30Canada 7sCanada 7s38 - 0Brazil 7sBrazil 7s
7th August 2016
17h00Brazil 7sBrazil 7s26 - 10Japan 7sJapan 7s
17h30Great Britain 7sGreat Britain 7s22 - 0Canada 7sCanada 7s

Detail of the results

Final Round (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - 07/08/2016 - 09/08/2016)

Quarter-Finals (07/08/2016)
7th August 2016
22h00Australia 7sAustralia 7s24 - 0Spain 7sSpain 7s
22h30Canada 7sCanada 7s15 - 5France 7sFrance 7s
23h00Great Britain 7sGreat Britain 7s26 - 7Fiji 7sFiji 7s
23h30New Zealand 7sNew Zealand 7s5 - 0United States 7sUnited States 7s

Places 9-12 (07/08/2016)
7th August 2016
21h00Brazil 7sBrazil 7s24 - 0Colombia 7sColombia 7s
21h30Japan 7sJapan 7s24 - 0Kenya 7sKenya 7s

Places 5-8 (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
18h30France 7sFrance 7s24 - 12Spain 7sSpain 7s
19h00Fiji 7sFiji 7s12 - 7United States 7sUnited States 7s

Semi-Finals (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
19h30Australia 7sAustralia 7s17 - 5Canada 7sCanada 7s
20h00New Zealand 7sNew Zealand 7s25 - 7Great Britain 7sGreat Britain 7s

Place 11 (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
17h30Kenya 7sKenya 7s22 - 10Colombia 7sColombia 7s

Place 9 (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
18h00Brazil 7sBrazil 7s33 - 5Japan 7sJapan 7s

Place 7 (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
22h30Spain 7sSpain 7s21 - 0Fiji 7sFiji 7s

Place 5 (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
22h30United States 7sUnited States 7s19 - 5France 7sFrance 7s

Third Place Match (08/08/2016)
8th August 2016
23h30Canada 7sCanada 7s33 - 10Great Britain 7sGreat Britain 7s

Final (09/08/2016)
9th August 2016
00h00Australia 7sAustralia 7s24 - 17New Zealand 7sNew Zealand 7s

Detail of the results

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