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United StatesUnited States - 24th March 1931 - 14th April 1931

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Stanley Cup 1st Round
24th March 1931
Toronto Maple Leafs (CAN)Toronto Maple Leafs2 - 2Chicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
New York Rangers (USA)New York Rangers5 - 1Montreal MaroonsMontreal Maroons (CAN)
26th March 1931
Montreal Maroons (CAN)Montreal Maroons0 - 3New York RangersNew York Rangers (USA)
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks2 - 1 otToronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple Leafs (CAN)

Stanley Cup Semifinals
24th March 1931
Boston Bruins (USA)Boston Bruins5 - 4 otMontreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
26th March 1931
Boston Bruins (USA)Boston Bruins0 - 1Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
28th March 1931
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens4 - 3 otBoston BruinsBoston Bruins (USA)
29th March 1931
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks2 - 0New York RangersNew York Rangers (USA)
30th March 1931
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens1 - 3Boston BruinsBoston Bruins (USA)
31th March 1931
New York Rangers (USA)New York Rangers0 - 1Chicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
1st April 1931
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens3 - 2 otBoston BruinsBoston Bruins (USA)

Stanley Cup Finals
3rd April 1931
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks1 - 2Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
5th April 1931
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks2 - 1 otMontreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
9th April 1931
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens2 - 3 otChicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
11th April 1931
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens4 - 2Chicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)
14th April 1931
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens2 - 0Chicago BlackhawksChicago Blackhawks (USA)

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