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United StatesUnited States - 23th February 1919 - 30th March 1919

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NHL Championship (06/03/1919)
23th February 1919
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens8 - 4Ottawa Hockey ClubOttawa Hockey Club (CAN)
27th February 1919
Ottawa Hockey Club (CAN)Ottawa Hockey Club3 - 5Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
2nd March 1919
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens6 - 3Ottawa Hockey ClubOttawa Hockey Club (CAN)
3rd March 1919
Ottawa Hockey Club (CAN)Ottawa Hockey Club6 - 3Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
6th March 1919
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens4 - 2Ottawa Hockey ClubOttawa Hockey Club (CAN)

Stanley Cup Finals (30/03/1919)
19th March 1919
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens0 - 7Seattle MetropolitansSeattle Metropolitans (USA)
22th March 1919
Seattle Metropolitans (USA)Seattle Metropolitans2 - 4Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
24th March 1919
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens2 - 7Seattle MetropolitansSeattle Metropolitans (USA)
26th March 1919
Seattle Metropolitans (USA)Seattle Metropolitans0 - 0 otMontreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens (CAN)
30th March 1919
Montreal Canadiens (CAN)Montreal Canadiens4 - 3 otSeattle MetropolitansSeattle Metropolitans (USA)

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