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Rowing - Olympic Games - 1900

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Olympic Games - Results Men 1900

FranceFrance - Paris - 26th August 1900

Men's Single sculls (M1x) - 26th August 1900

Men's Pair with coxswain (M2+) - 26th August 1900

1NED Netherlands (Hermanus Brockmann, Roelof Klein, François Brandt)7:34.2
2FRA France ( Waleff, Lucien Martinet)7:34.4
3FRA France II (Raoul Paoli, Antoine Védrenne, Carlos Deltour)7:57.2
4FRA France III (Jean-Baptiste Mathieu, Pierre Ferlin)8:01.0

Brockmann was the coxswain for the Dutch team in the semifinal, but not in the final. He is considered a gold medallist by the IOC.

Men's Four with coxswain (M4 ) (Second final) - 26th August 1900

1GER Germany (Carl Gossler, Gustav Gossler, Waldemar Tietgens, Walther Katzenstein, Oscar Gossler)5:59.0
2NED Netherlands (Hermanus Brockmann, Johan Terwogt, Paul Lotsy, Coenraad Hiebendaal, Gerhard Lotsy)6:03.0
3RUS Germany II (Franz Kröwerath, Otto Fickeisen, Hermann Wilker, Ernst Feller, Carl Lehle)6:05.0

Two finals were held for that competition. Both finals are considered Olympic championships by the International Olympic Committee.

Men's Four with coxswain (M4+) - 26th August 1900

Men's Eight with coxswain (M8+) - 26th August 1900




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