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Rowing - Lucerne - 2024

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Lucerne - Results Women 2024

SwitzerlandSwitzerland - Luzern - 24 May 2024 - 26 May 2024

Women's Lightweight single sculls (LW1x) - 25 May 2024

Women's PR2 W1x - 25 May 2024

Women's Single sculls (W1x) - 26 May 2024

Women's Double sculls (W2x) - 26 May 2024

1USA United States (Sophia Vitas, Kristina Wagner)06:53.15
2AUS Australia (Amanda Bateman, Harriet Hudson)06:53.93
3NOR Norway (Thea Helseth, Inger Seim Kavlie)06:55.54
4IRL Ireland (Zoe Hyde , Alison Bergin)06:58.43
5NZL New Zealand (Brooke Francis, Lucy Spoors)07:00.51
6CHN China (Shiyu Lu, Shuangmei Shen)07:01.32

Women's Lightweight double sculls (LW2x) - 26 May 2024

1GBR Great Britain (Emily Craig, Imogen Grant)06:54.83
2NZL New Zealand (Shannon Cox, Jackie Kiddle)06:57.68
3USA United States (Michelle Sechser, Molly Reckford)07:01.37
4CAN Canada (Jill Moffatt, Jennifer Casson)07:03.43
5IRL Ireland (Aoife Casey, Margaret Cremen)07:04.03
6CHN China (Jiaqi Zhou, Xiuping Qiu)07:09.65

Women's Pair without coxswain (W2-) - 26 May 2024

1NED Netherlands (Ymkje Clevering, Veronique Meester)07:07.37
2AUS Australia (Jessica Morrison, Annabelle Mcintyre)07:11.10
3IRL Ireland (Aifric Keogh, Fiona Murtagh)07:16.41
4GRE Greece (Evangelia Anastasiadou, Christina Bourmpou)07:20.50
5NED Netherlands II (Ilse Kolkman, Willemijn Mulder)07:20.60
6USA United States (Azja Czajkowski, Jessica Thoennes)07:21.22

Women's Four without coxswain (W4-) - 26 May 2024

Women's Quadruple sculls without coxswain (W4x) - 26 May 2024

Women's Eight with coxswain (W8+) - 26 May 2024

Women's Adaptive single sculls arms and shoulders (PR1W1x) - 26 May 2024

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