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Basketball - Switzerland - LNA - 2018/2019 - Home

Basketball - Switzerland - LNA - 2018/2019 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Basket Massagno
  • BBC Monthey-Chablais
  • BC Boncourt
  • Fribourg Olympic
  • Lions de Genève
  • Lugano Tigers
  • Pully Lausanne Basket
  • Starwings Basket Regio Basel
  • Swiss Central Basket
  • Union Neuchâtel
  • Vevey Riviera Basket


Switzerland - LNA - Home


WinnerFribourg Olympic : Fribourg Olympic


Regular Season (Switzerland - 29/09/2018 - 16/03/2019)

1Lions de Genève342017317411473+268
2Fribourg Olympic322016417381468+270
3Basket Massagno282014615511468+83
4Union Neuchâtel282014615761447+129
5BBC Monthey-Chablais222011915801520+60
6Vevey Riviera Basket2020101016851712-27
7BC Boncourt182091116251645-20
8Lugano Tigers162081216561674-18
9Swiss Central Basket82041614271689-262
10Starwings Basket Regio Basel82041613811640-259
11Pully Lausanne Basket62031714331657-224
16th March 2019
17h00Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket76 - 65Pully Lausanne BasketPully Lausanne Basket
17h30Swiss Central BasketSwiss Central Basket66 - 83Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel
17h30BC BoncourtBC Boncourt74 - 62Starwings Basket Regio BaselStarwings Basket Regio Basel
17h30BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais75 - 73Lugano TigersLugano Tigers
17h30Lions de GenèveLions de Genève79 - 75Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic

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Relegation Round (Switzerland - 23/03/2019 - 17/04/2019)

1Lugano Tigers2424121219941976+18
2BC Boncourt  2224111320021981+21
3Pully Lausanne Basket  102451917712004-233
4Starwings Basket Regio Basel  102451917392015-276
5Swiss Central Basket  102451917462059-313
23th March 2019
17h00Lugano TigersLugano Tigers84 - 68Swiss Central BasketSwiss Central Basket
17h30Pully Lausanne BasketPully Lausanne Basket104 - 102 otBC BoncourtBC Boncourt
26th March 2019
20h00Swiss Central BasketSwiss Central Basket87 - 79Pully Lausanne BasketPully Lausanne Basket
30th March 2019
17h30BC BoncourtBC Boncourt82 - 94Lugano TigersLugano Tigers
31th March 2019
16h00Starwings Basket Regio BaselStarwings Basket Regio Basel85 - 89Pully Lausanne BasketPully Lausanne Basket
6th April 2019
17h00Lugano TigersLugano Tigers87 - 86Starwings Basket Regio BaselStarwings Basket Regio Basel
17h30BC BoncourtBC Boncourt98 - 60Swiss Central BasketSwiss Central Basket
13th April 2019
18h00Swiss Central BasketSwiss Central Basket104 - 109Starwings Basket Regio BaselStarwings Basket Regio Basel
14th April 2019
16h00Pully Lausanne BasketPully Lausanne Basket66 - 73Lugano TigersLugano Tigers
17th April 2019
19h30Starwings Basket Regio BaselStarwings Basket Regio Basel78 - 95BC BoncourtBC Boncourt

Detail of the results

Championship Round (Switzerland - 23/03/2019 - 20/04/2019)

1Fribourg Olympic422521422421821+421
2Lions de Genève  402520521771884+293
3Union Neuchâtel  322516919751878+97
4Basket Massagno  3025151019111937-26
5BBC Monthey-Chablais  2625131219971955+42
6Vevey Riviera Basket  2425121321342178-44
23th March 2019
17h30BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais87 - 98Lions de GenèveLions de Genève
17h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic91 - 47Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel
24th March 2019
16h00Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno93 - 85Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket
30th March 2019
16h00Lions de GenèveLions de Genève84 - 61Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno
17h30Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket97 - 102Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic
18h00Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel78 - 92BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
6th April 2019
17h30BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais83 - 89Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket
17h30Lions de GenèveLions de Genève86 - 95Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel
17h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic124 - 71Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno
13th April 2019
17h30Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket83 - 95Lions de GenèveLions de Genève
14th April 2019
16h00Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel86 - 67Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno
16h00Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic102 - 65BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
20th April 2019
17h30Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno68 - 90BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
17h30Lions de GenèveLions de Genève73 - 85Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic
17h30Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel93 - 95Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket

Detail of the results

Playoffs (Switzerland - 03/05/2019 - 08/06/2019)

Quarter-Finals (16/05/2019)
3rd May 2019
19h30Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel87 - 70Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket
4th May 2019
17h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic86 - 77BC BoncourtBC Boncourt
5th May 2019
16h00Lions de GenèveLions de Genève85 - 71Lugano TigersLugano Tigers
17h00Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno81 - 69BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
7th May 2019
19h30Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel79 - 82Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket
19h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic97 - 60BC BoncourtBC Boncourt
8th May 2019
19h30Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno77 - 85BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
19h30Lions de GenèveLions de Genève99 - 81Lugano TigersLugano Tigers
10th May 2019
20h00Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket92 - 89Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel
11th May 2019
16h00BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais84 - 71Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno
17h00Lugano TigersLugano Tigers86 - 92Lions de GenèveLions de Genève
17h30BC BoncourtBC Boncourt67 - 90Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic
14th May 2019
19h30BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais69 - 67Basket MassagnoBasket Massagno
19h30Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket71 - 84Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel
16th May 2019
19h30Union NeuchâtelUnion Neuchâtel69 - 86Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket

Semi-Finals (25/05/2019)
18th May 2019
17h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic89 - 71BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
18h00Lions de GenèveLions de Genève107 - 80Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket
21th May 2019
19h30Lions de GenèveLions de Genève88 - 73Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket
19h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic112 - 67BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais
25th May 2019
17h30Vevey Riviera BasketVevey Riviera Basket75 - 94Lions de GenèveLions de Genève
17h30BBC Monthey-ChablaisBBC Monthey-Chablais77 - 109Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic

Final (08/06/2019)
1st June 2019
17h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic83 - 72Lions de GenèveLions de Genève
5th June 2019
19h30Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic71 - 65Lions de GenèveLions de Genève
8th June 2019
17h30Lions de GenèveLions de Genève77 - 79Fribourg OlympicFribourg Olympic

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