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Basketball - 3x3 Women's European Championships - 2018 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Belarus 3x3
  • Belgium 3x3
  • Czech Republic 3x3
  • France 3x3
  • Hungary 3x3
  • Italy 3x3
  • Netherlands 3x3
  • Romania 3x3
  • Serbia 3x3
  • Spain 3x3
  • Switzerland 3x3
  • Ukraine 3x3


3x3 Women's European Championships - Home

RomaniaRomania - Bucuresti - 14th September 2018 - 16th September 2018

3x3 Women's European Championships 2018 is the 4th edition of this competition.
The competition takes place from 14th September till 16th September 2018 in Bucuresti in Romania.
Teams are restricted to the players of less than 3x3 years.

WinnerFrance 3x3France 3x3


Group A (Romania - 15/09/2018)

1Spain 3x342203828+10
2Ukraine 3x332113628+8
3Switzerland 3x322022442-18
15th September 2018
16h00Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x321 - 11Switzerland 3x3Switzerland 3x3
18h00Spain 3x3Spain 3x321 - 13Switzerland 3x3Switzerland 3x3
20h00Spain 3x3Spain 3x317 - 15Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x3

Detail of the results

Group B (Romania - 14/09/2018)

1France 3x342204415+29
2Czech Republic 3x332113041-11
3Belarus 3x322022442-18
14th September 2018
15h00France 3x3France 3x322 - 5Belarus 3x3Belarus 3x3
17h00Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x320 - 19Belarus 3x3Belarus 3x3
19h00France 3x3France 3x322 - 10Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x3

Detail of the results

Group C (Romania - 15/09/2018)

1Romania 3x342204022+18
2Netherlands 3x332112728-1
3Serbia 3x322021936-17
15th September 2018
16h25Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x314 - 10Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x3
18h25Romania 3x3Romania 3x322 - 9Serbia 3x3Serbia 3x3
20h25Romania 3x3Romania 3x318 - 13Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x3

Detail of the results

Group D (Romania - 14/09/2018)

1Italy 3x332113428+6
2Hungary 3x3321129290
3Belgium 3x332113238-6
14th September 2018
15h25Belgium 3x3Belgium 3x317 - 16Hungary 3x3Hungary 3x3
17h25Italy 3x3Italy 3x322 - 15Belgium 3x3Belgium 3x3
19h25Hungary 3x3Hungary 3x313 - 12Italy 3x3Italy 3x3

Detail of the results

Final Round (Romania - 16/09/2018)

Quarter-Finals (16/09/2018)
16th September 2018
11h50Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x313 - 11Spain 3x3Spain 3x3
12h15Italy 3x3Italy 3x321 - 5Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x3
13h50France 3x3France 3x320 - 11Belgium 3x3Belgium 3x3
14h15Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x320 - 18Romania 3x3Romania 3x3

Semi-Finals (16/09/2018)
16th September 2018
15h40Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x320 - 12Italy 3x3Italy 3x3
16h05France 3x3France 3x317 - 14Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x3

Third Place Match (16/09/2018)
16th September 2018
17h40Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x317 - 16 ot (15-15,2-1)Italy 3x3Italy 3x3

Final (16/09/2018)
16th September 2018
18h40France 3x3France 3x321 - 5Netherlands 3x3Netherlands 3x3

Detail of the results

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