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Basketball - Women's European Championships 3x3 - Qualifier II - 2018 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • Belarus 3x3
  • Czech Republic 3x3
  • France 3x3
  • Germany 3x3
  • Ireland 3x3
  • Poland 3x3
  • Sweden 3x3
  • Turkey 3x3
  • Ukraine 3x3


Women's European Championships 3x3 - Qualifier II - Home

FranceFrance - Poitiers - 29th June 2018 - 30th June 2018

Teams are restricted to the players of less than 3x3 years.

WinnerBelarus 3x3Belarus 3x3


Group A (France - 29/06/2018 - 30/06/2018)

1Ukraine 3x384407328+45
2Poland 3x374316949+20
3Germany 3x364224360-17
4Sweden 3x354134852-4
5Ireland 3x344043074-44
29th June 2018
Germany 3x3Germany 3x312 - 8Sweden 3x3Sweden 3x3
Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x317 - 4Germany 3x3Germany 3x3
Poland 3x3Poland 3x317 - 12Sweden 3x3Sweden 3x3
Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x321 - 3Ireland 3x3Ireland 3x3
Poland 3x3Poland 3x321 - 6Ireland 3x3Ireland 3x3
30th June 2018
Germany 3x3Germany 3x315 - 14Ireland 3x3Ireland 3x3
Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x316 - 11Sweden 3x3Sweden 3x3
Sweden 3x3Sweden 3x317 - 7Ireland 3x3Ireland 3x3
Ukraine 3x3Ukraine 3x319 - 10Poland 3x3Poland 3x3
Poland 3x3Poland 3x321 - 12Germany 3x3Germany 3x3

Detail of the results

Group B (France - 29/06/2018 - 30/06/2018)

1France 3x363305220+32
2Belarus 3x353213337-4
3Czech Republic 3x343124137+4
4Turkey 3x333032254-32
29th June 2018
Belarus 3x3Belarus 3x313 - 11Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x3
Belarus 3x3Belarus 3x313 - 9Turkey 3x3Turkey 3x3
France 3x3France 3x315 - 9Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x3
France 3x3France 3x320 - 4Turkey 3x3Turkey 3x3
30th June 2018
France 3x3France 3x317 - 7Belarus 3x3Belarus 3x3
Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x321 - 9Turkey 3x3Turkey 3x3

Detail of the results

Final Round (France - 30/06/2018)

30th June 2018
Poland 3x3Poland 3x314 - 15Czech Republic 3x3Czech Republic 3x3
Germany 3x3Germany 3x317 - 20Belarus 3x3Belarus 3x3

Detail of the results

Detailed results




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