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Ice Hockey - Regular Season - 1985/1986 - Home

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United States
  • Boston Bruins
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Calgary Flames
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Hartford Whalers
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Minnesota North Stars
  • Montreal Canadiens
  • New Jersey Devils
  • New York Islanders
  • New York Rangers
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Quebec Nordiques
  • St Louis Blues
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Vancouver Canucks
  • Washington Capitals
  • Winnipeg Jets


Regular Season 1985/1986 - Home

United StatesUnited States - 10 October 1985 - 6 April 1986

WinnerEdmonton Oilers : Edmonton Oilers


Eastern Conference

Patrick Division

1Philadelphia Flyers (USA)1118049422335241+94
2Washington Capitals (USA)1078046723315272+43
3New York Islanders (USA)9180351228327284+43
4New York Rangers (USA)858036631280276+4
5Pittsburgh Penguins (USA)798031835313305+8
6New Jersey Devils (USA)628024346300374-74

Adams Division

1Montreal Canadiens (CAN)938039727330280+50
2Quebec Nordiques (CAN)938039630330289+41
3Boston Bruins (USA)8980351228311288+23
4Hartford Whalers (USA)868039434332302+30
5Buffalo Sabres (USA)828036635296291+5

Western Conference

Norris Division

1Minnesota North Stars (USA)878034931327305+22
2Chicago Blackhawks (USA)878036832351349+2
3St Louis Blues (USA)868032931302291+11
4Toronto Maple Leafs (CAN)638021742311386-75
5Detroit Red Wings (USA)458015652266415-149

Smythe Division

1Edmonton Oilers (CAN)1218051715426310+116
2Calgary Flames (CAN)918039929354315+39
3Vancouver Canucks (CAN)6180221342282333-51
4Winnipeg Jets (CAN)608026746295372-77
5Los Angeles Kings (USA)578020846284389-105
6 April 1986
Vancouver Canucks (CAN)Vancouver Canucks2 - 3Edmonton OilersEdmonton Oilers (CAN)
Boston Bruins (USA)Boston Bruins3 - 4Hartford WhalersHartford Whalers (USA)
Chicago Blackhawks (USA)Chicago Blackhawks3 - 1St Louis BluesSt Louis Blues (USA)
Winnipeg Jets (CAN)Winnipeg Jets4 - 6Calgary FlamesCalgary Flames (CAN)
New York Rangers (USA)New York Rangers4 - 5 otPittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh Penguins (USA)
Detroit Red Wings (USA)Detroit Red Wings4 - 2Toronto Maple LeafsToronto Maple Leafs (CAN)
Philadelphia Flyers (USA)Philadelphia Flyers5 - 3Washington CapitalsWashington Capitals (USA)
New Jersey Devils (USA)New Jersey Devils9 - 7New York IslandersNew York Islanders (USA)

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