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Cycling - Grand Prix cycliste de Gatineau - 2013 - Detailed results

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Results 2013

Grand Prix cycliste de Gatineau 2013

CanadaCanada - 18 May 2013

GP Cycliste de Gatineau - 18 May 2013

1USAShelley Olds-Evans (USA)Tibco - To The Top3:12:18
2CANJoëlle Numainville (CAN)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies+0
3POLKatarzyna Pawlowska (POL)GSD Gestion - Kallisto+0
4USALauren Hall (USA)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies+0
5CANLaura Brown (CAN)+0
6GUMLenore Pipes (GUM)+0
7NEDChantal Van Den Broek-Blaak (NED)Tibco - To The Top+0
8NZLJoanne Kiesanowski (NZL)Tibco - To The Top+0
9USALindsay Goldman-Bayer (USA)+0
10USAMorgan Patton Brown (USA)+0
11CANVeronique Labonte (CAN)+0
12CANAnne-Marie Morin (CAN)GSD Gestion - Kallisto+0
13CANJenny Lehmann (CAN)+0
14CANLex Albrecht (CAN)+0
15USAJamie Dinkins (USA)+0
16CANStephanie Roorda (CAN)GSD Gestion - Kallisto+0
17CANLeah Guloien (CAN)+0
18CANCandice Vermeulen (CAN)+0
19GERClaudia Lichtenberg-Häusler (GER)Tibco - To The Top+6
20CANKinley Gibson (CAN)+6
21CANAlizee Brien (CAN)GSD Gestion - Kallisto+6
22CANStephanie Bester (CAN)+6
23USAColleen Hayduk (USA)+6
24CANLaura Gazzola (CAN)+6
25CANJulia Bradley (CAN)+6
26CANCatherine Dessureault (CAN)+6
27USACheryl Fuller-Muller (USA)+6
28CANLeah Kirchmann (CAN)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies+6
29USADebbie Milne (USA)+6
30CANJennifer Stephenson (CAN)+6
31CANGabrielle Pilote-Fortin (CAN)+6
32CANElisabeth Albert (CAN)+6
33CANSarah Coney (CAN)+6
34CANVéronique Fortin (CAN)Pasta Zara - Cogeas+6
35CANDenise Ramsden (CAN)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies+6
36CANMyriam Gaudreault (CAN)+6
37NZLRushlee Buchanan (NZL)Tibco - To The Top+21
38CANKristine Brynjolfson (CAN)+26
39CANStephanie Skoreyko (CAN)+27
40CANAdriane Provost (CAN)+33
41USAJanel Holcomb (USA)Optum Health - Kelly Benefit Strategies+33
42CANMarie-Noel Labrecque (CAN)+2:45
43CANRhonda Stickle (CAN)+5:23
44CANEllen Watters (CAN)+13:00
45CANRachel Carbonneau (CAN)+13:00
46USANatalie Koch (USA)+13:35
47CANSarah Rasmussen (CAN)+13:35
48CANMarie-Soleil Blais (CAN)+13:38
49CANMarie-Hélène Carrier (CAN)+13:38
50CANJennifer Fawcette (CAN)+13:39
51CANSuzie Brown (CAN)+13:39



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