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Rugby - European Challenge - 2022/2023 - Home

Rugby - European Challenge - 2022/2023 - Home

Choice of a season :

  • ASM Clermont Auvergne
  • Aviron Bayonnais
  • Bath Rugby
  • Benetton Treviso
  • Bristol Bears
  • CA Brive Correze
  • Cardiff RFC
  • Connacht Rugby
  • Emirates Lions Rugby
  • Free State Cheetahs
  • Glasgow Warriors
  • Llanelli Scarlets
  • Lyon OU
  • Newcastle Falcons
  • Newport Gwent Dragons
  • Racing 92
  • RC Toulonnais
  • Sale Sharks
  • Section paloise Béarn Pyrénées
  • Stade Français Paris
  • USA Perpignan
  • Zebre Parma Rugby


European Challenge 2022/2023 - Home

WinnerRC Toulonnais : RC Toulonnais

Pool A (09/12/2022 - 21/01/2023)


1Bristol Bears (ENG)193440012154+67
2RC Toulonnais (FRA)193440010256+46
3Glasgow Warriors (SCO)162431010782+25
4Cardiff RFC (GAL)153430115457+97
5Connacht Rugby (IRL)142430113572+63
6CA Brive Correze (FRA)62410366157-91
7Newcastle Falcons (ENG)51410363132-69
8Bath Rugby (ENG)31401368105-37
9USA Perpignan (FRA)11400468118-50
10Zebre Parma Rugby (ITA)11400456107-51

Last matches

9 December 2022
21h00USA Perpignan (FRA)USA Perpignan5 - 19Bristol BearsBristol Bears (ENG)
10 December 2022
14h00Bath Rugby (ENG)Bath Rugby19 - 22Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors (SCO)
18h30Connacht Rugby (IRL)Connacht Rugby22 - 8Newcastle FalconsNewcastle Falcons (ENG)
18h30Cardiff RFC (GAL)Cardiff RFC41 - 0CA Brive CorrezeCA Brive Correze (FRA)
21h00Zebre Parma Rugby (ITA)Zebre Parma Rugby21 - 24RC ToulonnaisRC Toulonnais (FRA)
16 December 2022
21h00CA Brive Correze (FRA)CA Brive Correze24 - 31Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby (IRL)
21h00Glasgow Warriors (SCO)Glasgow Warriors26 - 18USA PerpignanUSA Perpignan (FRA)
17 December 2022
14h00RC Toulonnais (FRA)RC Toulonnais29 - 7Bath RugbyBath Rugby (ENG)
18h30Newcastle Falcons (ENG)Newcastle Falcons10 - 47Cardiff RFCCardiff RFC (GAL)
18 December 2022
14h00Bristol Bears (ENG)Bristol Bears35 - 19Zebre Parma RugbyZebre Parma Rugby (ITA)
14 January 2023
18h30Connacht Rugby (IRL)Connacht Rugby61 - 5CA Brive CorrezeCA Brive Correze (FRA)
21h00Zebre Parma Rugby (ITA)Zebre Parma Rugby11 - 34Bristol BearsBristol Bears (ENG)
21h00USA Perpignan (FRA)USA Perpignan26 - 40Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors (SCO)
15 January 2023
14h00Cardiff RFC (GAL)Cardiff RFC42 - 10Newcastle FalconsNewcastle Falcons (ENG)
16h15Bath Rugby (ENG)Bath Rugby23 - 35RC ToulonnaisRC Toulonnais (FRA)
20 January 2023
21h00RC Toulonnais (FRA)RC Toulonnais14 - 5Zebre Parma RugbyZebre Parma Rugby (ITA)
21h00Glasgow Warriors (SCO)Glasgow Warriors19 - 19Bath RugbyBath Rugby (ENG)
21h00Bristol Bears (ENG)Bristol Bears33 - 19USA PerpignanUSA Perpignan (FRA)
21 January 2023
16h15CA Brive Correze (FRA)CA Brive Correze37 - 24Cardiff RFCCardiff RFC (GAL)
18h30Newcastle Falcons (ENG)Newcastle Falcons35 - 21Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby (IRL)

Detail of the results

Pool B (09/12/2022 - 22/01/2023)


1Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)182440012457+67
2Benetton Treviso (ITA)153430112070+50
3Emirates Lions Rugby (RSA)12242119885+13
4Stade Français Paris (FRA)10242028586-1
5Newport Gwent Dragons (GAL)104411298103-5
6Free State Cheetahs (RSA)10242027387-14
7Section paloise Béarn Pyrénées (FRA)7341036472-8
8Aviron Bayonnais (FRA)00400428130-102

Last matches

9 December 2022
21h00Stade Français Paris (FRA)Stade Français Paris24 - 14Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso (ITA)
10 December 2022
11h45Emirates Lions Rugby (RSA)Emirates Lions Rugby31 - 31Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons (GAL)
14h00Section paloise Béarn Pyrénées (FRA)Section paloise Béarn Pyrénées16 - 21Free State CheetahsFree State Cheetahs (RSA)
11 December 2022
16h15Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)Llanelli Scarlets39 - 7Aviron BayonnaisAviron Bayonnais (FRA)
16 December 2022
18h30Emirates Lions Rugby (RSA)Emirates Lions Rugby30 - 12Stade Français ParisStade Français Paris (FRA)
17 December 2022
16h15Free State Cheetahs (RSA)Free State Cheetahs26 - 45Llanelli ScarletsLlanelli Scarlets (GAL)
18h30Aviron Bayonnais (FRA)Aviron Bayonnais7 - 45Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso (ITA)
18h30Newport Gwent Dragons (GAL)Newport Gwent Dragons21 - 27Section paloise Béarn PyrénéesSection paloise Béarn Pyrénées (FRA)
13 January 2023
21h00Section paloise Béarn Pyrénées (FRA)Section paloise Béarn Pyrénées15 - 21Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons (GAL)
21h00Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)Llanelli Scarlets20 - 17Free State CheetahsFree State Cheetahs (RSA)
14 January 2023
14h00Stade Français Paris (FRA)Stade Français Paris17 - 7Emirates Lions RugbyEmirates Lions Rugby (RSA)
14h00Benetton Treviso (ITA)Benetton Treviso26 - 7Aviron BayonnaisAviron Bayonnais (FRA)
21 January 2023
14h00Aviron Bayonnais (FRA)Aviron Bayonnais7 - 20Llanelli ScarletsLlanelli Scarlets (GAL)
16h15Benetton Treviso (ITA)Benetton Treviso35 - 32Stade Français ParisStade Français Paris (FRA)
22 January 2023
14h00Newport Gwent Dragons (GAL)Newport Gwent Dragons25 - 30Emirates Lions RugbyEmirates Lions Rugby (RSA)
16h15Free State Cheetahs (RSA)Free State Cheetahs9 - 6Section paloise Béarn PyrénéesSection paloise Béarn Pyrénées (FRA)

Detail of the results

Playoffs (31/03/2023 - 19/05/2023)

Round of 16
31 March 2023
21h00Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)Llanelli Scarlets19 - 7CA Brive CorrezeCA Brive Correze (FRA)
21h00Bristol Bears (ENG)Bristol Bears26 - 33ASM Clermont AuvergneASM Clermont Auvergne (FRA)
1 April 2023
13h30RC Toulonnais (FRA)RC Toulonnais36 - 21Free State CheetahsFree State Cheetahs (RSA)
16h00Stade Français Paris (FRA)Stade Français Paris24 - 41Lyon OULyon OU (FRA)
16h00Benetton Treviso (ITA)Benetton Treviso41 - 19Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby (IRL)
18h30Emirates Lions Rugby (RSA)Emirates Lions Rugby51 - 28Racing 92Racing 92 (FRA)
18h30Glasgow Warriors (SCO)Glasgow Warriors73 - 33Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons (GAL)
21h00Cardiff RFC (GAL)Cardiff RFC28 - 27Sale SharksSale Sharks (ENG)

7 April 2023
21h00Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)Llanelli Scarlets32 - 30ASM Clermont AuvergneASM Clermont Auvergne (FRA)
8 April 2023
13h30RC Toulonnais (FRA)RC Toulonnais48 - 23Lyon OULyon OU (FRA)
16h00Benetton Treviso (ITA)Benetton Treviso27 - 23Cardiff RFCCardiff RFC (GAL)
21h00Glasgow Warriors (SCO)Glasgow Warriors31 - 21Emirates Lions RugbyEmirates Lions Rugby (RSA)

29 April 2023
18h30Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)Llanelli Scarlets17 - 35Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors (SCO)
30 April 2023
13h30RC Toulonnais (FRA)RC Toulonnais23 - 0Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso (ITA)

19 May 2023
21h00 in DublinRC Toulonnais (FRA)RC Toulonnais43 - 19Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors (SCO)Aviva Stadium

Detail of the results


  • General statistics
    • Number of events : 3
    • Number of rounds : 6
    • Matches : 51
    • Home victories : 31 (61 %)
    • Away victories : 18 (35 %)
    • Drawn matches : 2 (4 %)
    • Best round in points : 1st (2137 points)
    • Average points per match : 49.2
    • Average points scored at home : 27.45
    • Scoring average: away games : 21.75
    • Total number of points : 2509
    • Average points per round : 418.17
  • Various statistics

    1RC Toulonnais (FRA)7
    2Glasgow Warriors (SCO)6
    3Llanelli Scarlets (GAL)6
    4Benetton Treviso (ITA)5
    5Bristol Bears (ENG)4
    6Cardiff RFC (GAL)4
    Drawn matches
    1Bath Rugby (ENG)1
    2Emirates Lions Rugby (RSA)1
    3Glasgow Warriors (SCO)1
    4Newport Gwent Dragons (GAL.1
    5ASM Clermont Auvergne (FRA.0
    6Aviron Bayonnais (FRA)0
    1Aviron Bayonnais (FRA)4
    2CA Brive Correze (FRA)4
    3USA Perpignan (FRA)4
    4Zebre Parma Rugby (ITA)4
    5Bath Rugby (ENG)3
    6Free State Cheetahs (RSA)3






Prize list


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